Palmatolepis (Palmatolepis)

Apparatus elements of Palmatolepis schindewolfi, from Dzik (2015).

Belongs within: Palmatolepis.

The type subgenus of Palmatolepis includes those Famennian species in which the S3–4 elements have a reduced bipennate morphology (Donoghue 2001).

<==Palmatolepis Ulrich & Bassler 1926 (Palmatolepis)M62
    |  i. s.: P. (P.) cymbulaM62
    |         P. (P.) humboldtiM62
    |         P. (P.) wolskae Ovnatanova 1969D01
    |--+--P. (P.) crepidaS88
    |  `--P. (P.) terminiS88
    `--+--+--P. grossi [=P. perlobata grossi]S88
       |  `--P. (P.) rugosa Branson & Mehl 1934D01
       |       |--P. r. rugosaS88
       |       |--P. r. amplaS88
       |       `--P. r. trachyteraS88
       `--+--*P. (P.) perlobata Ulrich & Bassler 1926D02, D01
          |    |--P. p. perlobataD01
          |    |--P. p. maxima Müller 1956D01
          |    |--P. p. posteraS88
          |    `--P. p. sigmoideaS88
          |--P. helmsi Ziegler 1962KU04 [=P. perlobata helmsiS88]
          `--P. (P.) schindewolfi Müller 1956D01 [=P. perlobata schindewolfiS88]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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