Reconstruction of microsporangiate organs of Eucommiitheca hirsuta, from Friis & Pedersen (1996).

Belongs within: Spermatophyta.
Contains: Gnetophyta.

The Erdtmanithecales are a group of Cretaceous plants known from reproductive structures and seeds associated with Eucommiidites pollen; vegetative structures have not yet been identified for the group.

The Bennettitales were a group of superficially cycad-like plants that lived during the Mesozoic. Bennettitales had superficially flower-like reproductive structures, but debate continues on whether they were closely related to flowering plants.

<==Pan-Gnetophyta [Gnetopsida]CD07
    |    |--Erdtmanispermum balticumFC07
    |    |--Erdtmanitheca texensisFC07
    |    |--Eucommiitheca hirsutaFC07
    |    |--Bayeritheca hughesiiFC07
    |    |--EucommiiditesFC07
    |    |    |--E. minor Groot & Penny 1960I02
    |    |    `--E. troedsonii Erdtmann 1948I02
    |    `--SpermatitesFC07
    |         |--S. pattensisFC07
    |         `--S. patuxensisFC07
    |  `--GnetalesFC07
    |       |  i. s.: Ephedrites Goeppert & Berendt in Berendt 1845KDD98
    |       |           `--E. sinensisKDD98
    |       |         GurvanellaZBH03
    |       |         Chaoyangia liangii Duan 1998ZBH03
    |       |         BaisianthusZ02
    |       |         Problematospermum ovaleRL09
    |       |         Leongathia Krassilov, Dilcher & Douglas 1998KDD98
    |       |           `--*L. elegans Krassilov, Dilcher & Douglas 1998KDD98
    |       |         EoanthaKDD98
    |       |         HeeralaKDD98
    |       |         Aegianthus sibiricumPL12
    |       |         Schilderia adamanica Daugherty 1934CA04
    |       |--Dechellyia gormanii Ash 1972D98, C93
    |       `--GnetophytaCD07
         |  i. s.: Weltrichia regalisG10
         |         SturiellaZ02
         |         ZamitesGT02
         |         Vardekloeftia sulcata [incl. V. conica]FC07
         |         Cycadeoidella japonicaFC07
         |         WilliamsoniellaPL12
         |           |--W. coronataPL12
         |           `--W. karataviensisG10
         `--Bennettitaceae [Cycadeoidaceae, Williamsoniaceae]C93
              |--Bennettites crossospermusFC07
              |--Haitingeria krasseri (Schuster) Krasser 1919C93
              |--Leguminanthus siliquosus (Leuthardt) Kräusel & Schaarschmidt 1966C93
              |--Westersheimia pramelreuthensis Krasser 1919C93
              |--Sturianthus langeri Kräusel 1949C93
              |--Bennetticarpus wettsteinii (Krasser) Kräusel 1949C93
              |--Leuthardtia ovalis Kräusel & Schaarschmidt 1966C93
              |--Monanthesia magnifica Wieland ex Delevoryas 1959C93
              |    |--P. carbonicumG31
              |    `--P. nathorsti [=Dioonites nathorsti]T30
              |    |--W. bockiiFC07
              |    |--W. himasFC07
              |    |--W. scoticaFC07
              |    `--W. sewardianaFC07
                   |--C. albiana [=Bennettites albianus]FC07
                   |--C. dacotensisFC07
                   |--C. dartoniFC07
                   |--C. gibsonianaFC07
                   |--C. maccafferyiFC07
                   `--C. morierei [=Williamsonia morierei, Bennettites morierei]FC07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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