Larca lata, copyright John Hallmén.

Belongs within: Iocheirata.
Contains: Olpioidea, Elassommatina.

The Panctenata are a clade of pseudoscorpions characterised by features of the chelicerae, including the presence of a velum (though this is absent in some olpioids) and lamina exterior (Harvey 1992).

Synapomorphies (from Harvey 1992): Velum present; lamina exterior present; movable cheliceral finger with one or two distal teeth or lobes; seta gs of movable cheliceral finger subdistal; serrula exterior completely fused to movable cheliceral finger.

Panctenata [Cheliferoidae, Diplochelonthi]
    |  `--ElassommatinaMHG08
    `--Garypinidae [Garypininae]MHG08
         |  i. s.: Neominniza Beier 1930HL08
         |         Oreolpium Benedict & Malcolm 1978HL08
         |           `--O. nymphumM90
         |         Teratolpium Beier 1959HL08
         |         Thaumatolpium Beier 1931HL08
         |         Amblyolpium Simon 1898HL08
         |           |--A. birmanicum (With 1906) [=Olpium birmanicum]J97
         |           |--A. burmiticum (Cockerell 1917) [=Garypus burmiticus]J97
         |           `--A. salomonense Beier 1970J97
         |         Neoamblyolpium Hoff 1956HL08
         |           |--N. alienumM90
         |           `--N. giulianiiM90
         |         Serianus Chamberlin 1930H09
         |           |--S. bolivianus (Beier 1939) [=Paraserianus bolivianus]J97
         |           `--S. carolinensisM90
         |         Solinellus Muchmore 1979CH21
         |           `--S. simberloffiM90
         |         GarypinusS93
         |           |--G. dimidiatus (Koch 1873) [=Olpium dimidiatum]J97
         |           |--G. electri Beier 1937S93
         |           |--G. mirabilis With 1907J97
         |           `--G. nobilis With 1906J97
         |         Aldabrinus Chamberlin 1930CH21
         |           |--A. aldabrinus Chamberlin 1930J97
         |           `--A. floridanusM90
         |         Galapagodinus Beier 1978CH21
         |         Nelsoninus Beier 1967CH21
         |         Paraldabrinus Beier 1966CH21
         |--+--Syarinus [Syarininae]MHG08
         |  `--PseudogarypinusMHG08
         |       |--P. cooperiMHG08
         |       `--P. frontalisM90
            |  `--Protogarypinus Beier 1954MHG08, ML08
            |       `--P. giganteusMHG08
            `--Larca [Larcidae]MHG08
                 |--L. fortunata Zaragoza 2005F05
                 |--L. granulataM90
                 |--L. lata (Hansen 1884) [=Garypus latus]J97
                 |--L. lucentina Zaragoza 2005F05
                 `--L. nothaM90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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