Fore wing and face of Paracaecilius jilinicus, from Li (2002).

Belongs within: Caeciliusidae.

Paracaecilius is a genus of barklice widely distributed in the Old World (New & Lienhard 2007).

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Lacinial apex bicuspid, no intermediate denticles between tines, lateral cusp not acuminate; seven distal inner labral sensilla present, labral stylets absent; fore wing without banding pattern; male with endophallus bilobed; female with dorsal and external gonapophysis valves fused to produce broad composite valve with one long seta, spermatheca with short broad neck, with internal villi in region of junction with duct.

<==Paracaecilius Badonnel 1931SN08 [incl. Badonnelipsocus Li 1993L02, Caecilioidus Badonnel 1955L02, Eocaecilius Badonnel 1959L02]
|--*P. berlandi Badonnel 1931SN08
|--P. altus Li 2002L02
|--P. alutaceus Li 2002L02
|--P. beijingicus Li 2002L02
|--P. cardaleae Smithers 1995S95
|--P. chebalinganus (Li 1993)L02 [=*Badonnelipsocus chebalinganusNL07]
|--P. cinnamomus (Li 1999) [=Badonnelipsocus cinnamomus]L02
|--P. gulingicus Li 2002L02
|--P. hallae Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989NL07
|--P. hilli (Smithers 1979) [=Enderleinella hilli]SN08
|--P. jilinicus Li 2002L02
|--P. lacteus Li 2002L02
|--P. lativalvis (Li 1999)L03, L02 [=Badonnelipsocus lativalvusL02, P. lativalvus (l. c.)L03]
|--P. lemuris Smithers 1994L02
|--P. lingnanensis Li 2002L02
|--P. longicellus (Li 1999) [=Badonnelipsocus longicellus]L02
|--P. macrops (Enderlein 1903)NL07
|--P. megistus Li 2002L02
|--P. meniscoides Li 2002 [=P. miniscoides]L03
|--P. montserratensis Badonnel 1986B86
|--P. niumatus (Thornton 1981) [=Caecilius niumatus]S95
|--P. novoguineensis (Enderlein 1903)NL07 [=Caecilius novoguineensisS95]
|--‘Caecilius’ oxystigma Badonnel 1949 [=*Caecilioidus oxystigma]B55
|--P. papillatus Mockford 2003M03
|--P. parviareola (Enderlein 1926)NL07 [=Caecilius parviareolaS95]
|--P. pygmaeus (Enderlein 1903)NL07
|--P. seltus (Schmidt & Thornton 1993) [=Enderleinella selta]SN08
|--P. socialis Li 2002L02
|--P. sphaericus Li 2002L02
|--P. translucidus (Li 1993) [=Badonnelipsocus translucidus]L02
|--P. tripetatus (Li 1999) [=Badonnelipsocus tripetatus]L02
|--P. wittei [=*Eocaecilius wittei]NL07
`--P. zelandicus [=Enderleinella zelandica]SN08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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