Kauri snail Paryphanta bushyi, copyright Shelley Langton-Myers.
Belongs within: Rhytidoidea.

Paryphanta is a New Zealand genus of large snails with a widely umbilicate shell, dark olive green or spirally or radially patterned, with a protoconch of two whorls.

<==Paryphanta Albers 1850 [Paryphantinae] BR05
|  i. s.: P. atramentaria [=Helix atramentaria] L79
|         P. compacta K64
|         P. edwardi C01
|–*P. (Paryphanta) bushyi (Gray 1840) BR17 [=Helix bushyi BR17, Nanina busbyi P61]
|    |–P. b. bushyi P61
|    `–P. b. watti Powell 1946 P61
`–P. (Powelliphanta O’Connor 1945) P61
|–P. (*P.) hochstetteri (Pfeiffer 1862) [=Helix hochstetteri] P61
|    |–P. h. hochstetteri P61
|    |–P. h. anatokiensis Powell 1938 P61
|    |–P. h. bicolor Powell 1930 P61
|    |–P. h. consobrina Powell 1936 P61
|    `–P. h. obscura Beutler 1901 P61
|–P. (P.) gilliesi Smith 1880 P61
|    |–P. g. gilliesi P61
|    |–P. g. aurea Powell 1946 P61
|    |–P. g. brunnea Powell 1938 P61
|    |–P. g. compta Powell 1930 P61
|    |–P. g. fallax Powell 1930 P61
|    |–P. g. jamesoni Powell 1936 P61
|    |–P. g. kahurangica Powell 1936 P61
|    |–P. g. montana Powell 1936 P61
|    `–P. g. subfusca Powell 1930 P61
|–P. (P.) lignaria Hutton 1888 P61
|    |–P. l. lignaria P61
|    |–P. l. annectens Powell 1936 P61
|    |–P. l. johnstoni Powell 1946 P61
|    |–P. l. lusca Powell 1949 P61
|    |–P. l. oconnori Powell 1938 P61
|    |–P. l. rotella Powell 1938 P61
|    |–P. l. ruforadiata Powell 1949 P61
|    `–P. l. unicolorata Powell 1930 P61
|–P. (P.) rossiana Powell 1930 P61
|    |–P. r. rossiana P61
|    |–P. r. fletcheri Powell 1938 P61
|    |–P. r. gagei Powell 1938 P61
|    `–P. r. patrickensis Powell 1949 P61
|–P. (P.) spedeni Powell 1932 P61
|    |–P. s. spedeni P61
|    `–P. s. lateumbilicata Powell 1946 P61
|–P. (P.) superba Powell 1930 P61
|    |–P. s. superba P61
|    |–P. s. harveyi Powell 1946 P61
|    |–P. s. mouatae Powell 1936 P61
|    |–P. s. prouseorum Powell 1946 P61
|    `–P. s. richardsoni Powell 1946 P61
`–P. (P.) traversi Powell 1930 P61
|–P. t. traversi P61
|–P. t. florida Powell 1946 P61
|–P. t. koputaroa Powell 1946 P61
|–P. t. latizona Powell 1949 P61
|–P. t. marchanti Powell 1932 P61
|–P. t. otakia Powell 1946 P61
`–P. t. tararuaensis Powell 1938 P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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