Culture of Pasteurella multocida on Columbia Horse Blood Agar, copyright Nathan Reading.

Belongs within: Chromatibacteria.

The Pasteurellaceae are a group of facultatively anaerobic bacteria that commonly live as commensals or pathogens on the mucosal membranes of birds and mammals.

<==Pasteurellaceae [Pasteurellales]
    |--Lonepinella koalarumCB03
    |--Phocoenobacter uteriCB03
    |--Gallibacterium Christensen, Bisgaard et al. 2003CB03
    |    `--*G. anatis (Mutters et al.) Christensen, Bisgaard et al. 2003 [=Pasteurella anatis Mutters et al. 1985]CB03
    |    |--M. glucosidaBL02
    |    |--M. granulomatisBL02
    |    |--M. haemolytica [=Pasteurella haemolytica]CB03
    |    |--M. succiniproducensWK13
    |    `--M. varigenaBL02
    |    |--A. actinomycetemcomitansBL02 [=Haemophilus actinomycetemcomitansS92]
    |    |--A. capsulatusBL02
    |    |--A. delphinicolaBL02
    |    |--A. equuliBL02
    |    |--A. hominisBL02
    |    |--A. indolicusBL02
    |    |--A. lignieresiiBL02
    |    |--A. minorBL02
    |    |--A. pleuropneumoniaeBL02
    |    |--A. porcinusBL02
    |    |--A. scotiaeBL02
    |    |--A. seminisBL02
    |    `--A. suisBL02
    |    |--H. aegyptiusBL02
    |    |--H. aphrophilusBL02
    |    |--H. ducreyiBL02
    |    |--H. haemoglobinophilusBL02
    |    |--H. haemolyticusBL02
    |    |--H. influenzaeBL02
    |    |--H. paracuniculusBL02
    |    |--H. paragallinarumBL02
    |    |--H. parahaemolyticusBL02
    |    |--H. parainfluenzaeBL02
    |    |--H. paraphrophilusBL02
    |    |--H. parasuisBL02
    |    |--H. segnisBL02
    |    `--H. somnusBL02
         |--P. aerogenesBL02
         |--P. anatipestiferRN72
         |--P. avisepticaRN72
         |--P. aviumCB03
         |--P. bettyaeBL02
         |--P. canisCB03
         |--P. dagmatisCB03
         |--P. gallinarumCB03
         |--P. langaaensisCB03
         |--P. mairiiBL02
         |--P. multocidaCB03
         |--P. pneumotropicaBL02
         |--P. pseudotuberculosisRN72
         |--P. skyensis Birkbeck, Laidler et al. 2002BL02
         |--P. stomatisCB03
         |--P. testudinisBL02
         |--P. trehalosiCB03
         `--P. volantiumCB03
Nomina nuda: Pasteurella phocoenarumBL02
             Pasteurella salpingitidis [=Actinobacillus salpingitidis]CB03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BL02] Birkbeck, T. H., L. A. Laidler, A. N. Grant & D. I. Cox. 2002. Pasteurella skyensis sp. nov., isolated from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 52: 699–704.

[CB03] Christensen, H., M. Bisgaard, A. M. Bojesen, R. Mutters & J. E. Olsen. 2003. Genetic relationships among avian isolates classified as Pasteurella haemolytica, ‘Actinobacillus salpingitidis’ or Pasteurella anatis with proposal of Gallibacterium anatis gen. nov., comb. nov. and description of additional genomospecies with Gallibacterium gen. nov. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 275–287.

[RN72] Rutgers, A., & K. A. Norris (eds) 1972. Encyclopaedia of Aviculture vol. 1. London, Blandford Press.

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[WK13] Williams, K. P., & D. P. Kelly. 2013. Proposal for a new class within the phylum Proteobacteria, Acidithiobacillia classis nov., with the type order Acidithiobacillales, and emended description of the class Gammaproteobacteria. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 63 (8): 2901–2906.

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