Pedicularis rhinanthoides ssp. labellata, from here.

Belongs within: Orobanchaceae.
Contains: Pedicularis section Phanerantha, Pedicularis section Nothosigmantha.

Pedicularis, louseworts, are a genus of hemiparasitic herbs with hooded flowers.

Characters (from Flora of China): Herbs perennial or annual, rarely biennial, hemiparasitic. Leaves alternate, opposite, or whorled, usually pinnatifid to 1- or 2-pinnatisect, rarely entire or dentate. Lower leaves usually long petiolate; upper leaves often more or less sessile. Inflorescences terminal or flowers axillary; bracts usually leaflike. Calyx tubular to campanulate, often more or less bilabiate, usually deeply cleft anteriorly, (2-)5-lobed. Corolla purple, red, yellow, or white, strongly bilabiate; upper lip (galea) hooded, enclosing anthers, laterally compressed, rounded or truncate, or terminating in teeth or in a beak; lower lip 3-lobed, usually spreading, external to upper lip in bud. Stamens 4, didynamous; filaments glabrous or pubescent; anthers mucronate or not. Stigma capitate. Capsule moderately compressed or not, loculicidal. Seeds numerous, reticulate or costate.

<==Pedicularis Linnaeus 1753Y88
    |--P. group Allophyllum Li 1948 [incl. P. group Poeophyllum Li 1949]Y88
    |    |--P. sect. PedicularisY88
    |    |    |--P. ser. Carnosae Prain 1890Y88
    |    |    |    `--P. bifida (Buchanan-Ham.) Pennell 1943 (see below for synonymy)Y88
    |    |    `--P. ser. Furfuraceae Prain 1891Y88
    |    |         |--P. furfuracea Wallich ex Bentham 1835Y88
    |    |         |--P. microcalyx Hooker 1884Y88
    |    |         `--P. pantlingii Prain 1889 [incl. P. furfuracea var. integrifolia Hooker 1884]Y88
    |    |--P. sect. Botryantha Li 1949Y88
    |    |    `--P. ser. Rhinanthoises Prain 1890Y88
    |    |         `--P. rhinanthoidesY88
    |    |              |--P. r. ssp. rhinanthoidesY88
    |    |              `--P. r. ssp. labellata (Jacquem.) Prain ex Pennell 1943 (see below for synonymy)Y88
    |    |--P. sect. Dolichomischus Li 1949Y88
    |    |    |--P. ser. Corydaloides Li 1949Y88
    |    |    |    |--P. breviscaposa Yamazaki 1954Y88
    |    |    |    `--P. cryptanthaY88
    |    |    `--P. ser. Regelianae Yamazaki in Hara et al. 1982Y88
    |    |         `--P. (ser. *Regelianae) regeliana Prain 1889Y88
    |    |--P. sect. Lasioglossa Li 1949Y88
    |    |    |--P. ser. Craspedotrichae Li 1949Y88
    |    |    |    |--P. anserantha Yamazaki 1963 [incl. P. ingentoides Yamazaki 1970]Y88
    |    |    |    |    |--P. a. var. anseranthaY88
    |    |    |    |    `--P. a. var. elevatogaleata (Yamazaki) Yamazaki 1988 [=P. elevatogaleata Yamazaki 1970]Y88
    |    |    |    `--P. clarkei Hooker 1884Y88
    |    |    |--P. ser. Lachnoglossae Prain 1949Y88
    |    |    |    `--P. lachnoglossa Hooker 1884Y88
    |    |    `--P. ser. Trichoglossae Li 1949Y88
    |    |         `--P. trichoglossa Hooker 1884Y88
    |    |--P. sect. Leptochilus Yamazaki 1988 [=P. ser. Excelsae Maximowicz 1888]Y88
    |    |    `--P. (sect. *Leptochilus) excelsa Hooker 1884Y88
    |    |--P. sect. Leptocladus Yamazaki 1988 [=P. ser. Muscicolae Maximowicz 1888]Y88
    |    |    |--P. (sect. *Leptocladus) muscicolaY88
    |    |    `--P. terrenoflora Yamazaki in Ohashi 1975Y88
    |    |--P. sect. PhaneranthaY88
    |    |--P. sect. Rhizophyllastrum (Tsoong) Yamazaki 1988 [=Grex Rhizophyllum subgrex Rhizophyllastrum Tsoong 1963]Y88
    |    |    |--P. ser. Asplenifoliae Prain 1890 [incl. P. ser. Albiflorae Tsoong 1963]Y88
    |    |    |    |--P. albiflora (Hooker) Prain 1889 [=P. asplenifolia var. albiflora Hooker 1884]Y88
    |    |    |    `--P. sikkimensis Bonati ex Smith 1913 [incl. P. lamjungensis Yamazaki 1970]Y88
    |    |    |--P. ser. Filiculae Li 1949Y88
    |    |    |    |--P. trichodonta Yamazaki 1978Y88
    |    |    |    `--P. wallichii Bunge ex Walpers 1844-1845 [incl. P. wallichoides Yamazaki 1971]Y88
    |    |    `--P. ser. Perpusillae Yamazaki 1986Y88
    |    |         |--P. pseudoregeliana Tsoong 1955Y88
    |    |         `--P. yalungensis Yamazaki 1986Y88
    |    |--P. sect. Rhizophyllum Li 1949Y88
    |    |    `--P. ser. Flammeae Prain 1890Y88
    |    |         |--P. muscoidesY88
    |    |         |    |--P. m. ssp. muscoidesY88
    |    |         |    `--P. m. ssp. himalayca Yamazaki 1986Y88
    |    |         `--P. oederiY88
    |    |              |--P. o. ssp. oederiY88
    |    |              `--P. o. ssp. heteroglossa (Prain) Pennell 1943 [=P. oederi var. heteroglossa Prain 1889]Y88
    |    `--P. sect. Saccochilus Yamazaki 1988 [=P. ser. Megalanthae Prain 1890]Y88
    |         |--P. (sect. *Saccochilus) megalantha Don 1846Y88
    |         |--P. cornigera Yamazaki 1980Y88
    |         |--P. hoffmeisteri Klotzsch in Klotzsch & Garke 1862 (see below for synonymy)Y88
    |         `--P. pauciflora (Prain) Pennell 1943 (see below for synonymy)Y88
    `--P. group Cyclophyllum Li 1948Y88
         |--P. sect. Astenocaulus (Tsoong) Yamazaki 1988 [=Grex Cyclocladus subgrex Astenocaulus Tsoong 1963]Y88
         |    |--P. ser. Flexuosae Prain 1890Y88
         |    |    |--P. annapurnensis Yamazaki 1970Y88
         |    |    |--P. flexuosa Hooker 1884Y88
         |    |    |--P. oxyrhyncha Yamazaki 1986Y88
         |    |    `--P. porrecta Wallich ex Bentham 1835Y88
         |    `--P. ser. Pectinatae Prain 1891Y88
         |         `--P. pectinataY88
         |              |--P. p. ssp. pectinataY88
         |              `--P. p. ssp. palans (Prain) Pennell 1943 [=P. pectinata var. palans Prain 1891]Y88
         |--P. sect. Brachystachys (Tsoong) Yamazaki 1988 [=Grex Dolichophyllum subgrex Brachystachys Tsoong 1963]Y88
         |    |--P. ser. Collatae Prain 1890Y88
         |    |    `--P. collata Prain 1889Y88
         |    `--P. ser. Ophiocephalae Prain 1890Y88
         |         `--P. ophiocephala Maximowicz 1888Y88
         |--P. sect. Cryptorhynchus Yamazaki 1988 [=P. ser. Ludlowianae Tsoong 1954]Y88
         |    |--P. (sect. *Cryptorhynchus) ludlowianaY88
         |    `--P. tamurensis Yamazaki 1970Y88
         |--P. sect. Elephanticeps Yamazaki 1988 [=P. ser. Integrifoliae Prain 1890]Y88
         |    `--P. (sect. *Elephanticeps) integrifolia Hooker 1884Y88
         |--P. sect. NothosigmanthaY88
         |--P. sect. Orthorrrhynchus (Prain) Yamazaki 1988 [=Orthorrhynchae B. Euorthorrhynchae Prain 1890]Y88
         |    |--P. ser. Debiles Prain 1890Y88
         |    |    |--P. confertiflora Prain 1889 [incl. P. sectifolia Yamazaki 1982]Y88
         |    |    |--P. heydei Prain 1889Y88
         |    |    |--P. paradoxa (Prain) Yamazaki 1986 [=P. instar var. paradoxa Prain 1889]Y88
         |    |    `--P. poluninii Tsoong 1955Y88
         |    |--P. ser. Pseudo-asplenifoliae Prain 1891 [incl. P. ser. Pseudorostratae Limpricht 1924]Y88
         |    |    `--P. schizorrhyncha Prain 1889Y88
         |    `--P. ser. Remotilobae Tsoong 1963Y88
         |         `--P. odontoloma Yamazaki 1978Y88
         |--P. sect. Orthosiphonia Li 1948Y88
         |    |--P. ser. Denudatae Prain 1890Y88
         |    |    `--P. denudata Hooker 1884Y88
         |    |--P. ser. Gibberae Prain 1891Y88
         |    |    `--P. gibbera Prain 1889Y88
         |    `--P. ser. Molles Tsoong 1963Y88
         |         `--P. mollis Wallich ex Bentham 1835Y88
         `--P. sect. Sigmantha Li 1948Y88
              `--P. ser. Verticillatae Maximowicz 1877Y88
                   |--P. diffusa Prain 1893Y88
                   |--P. kansuensis Maximowicz 1881 [incl. P. verticillata var. chinensis Maximowicz 1877]Y88
                   |--P. muguensis Yamazaki 1988Y88
                   |--P. nana Fischer 1940Y88
                   |--P. nodosa Pennell 1943Y88
                   `--P. roylei Maximowicz 1881Y88
                        |--P. r. var. royleiY88
                        `--P. r. var. speciosa (Prain) Yamazaki 1988 (see below for synonymy)Y88
Pedicularis incertae sedis:
  P. aspleniifoliaC55b
  P. attollensH93
  P. bracteosaH93
    |--P. b. var. bracteosaH93
    `--P. b. var. flavidaH93
  P. canadensisV72
  P. capitataC55a
  P. centrantheraH93
  P. contortaH93
  P. crenulata [incl. P. crenulata f. candida]H93
  P. densiflora [incl. P. densiflora ssp. aurantiaca]H93
  P. dudleyiH93
  P. euphrasioidesC55a
  P. flammeaC55a
  P. foliosaOP01
  P. groenlandica [incl. P. groenlandica var. surrecta]H93
  P. hirsutaC55a
  P. howelliiH93
  P. jacquiniC55a
  P. langsdorffiiC55a
  P. lapponicaC55a
  P. palustrisC55a
  P. racemosa [incl. P. racemosa ssp. alba]H93
  P. recutitaC55a
  P. rostrataC55a
  P. sceptrum-carolinumRS99
  P. semibarbata [incl. P. semibarbata ssp. charlestonensis]H93
  P. sudeticaC55a
  P. versicolorC55a
  P. verticillataC55a

Pedicularis bifida (Buchanan-Ham.) Pennell 1943 [=Rhinanthus bifidus Buchanan-Ham. ex Don 1825; incl. P. carnosa Wallich 1831]Y88

Pedicularis hoffmeisteri Klotzsch in Klotzsch & Garke 1862 [=P. megalantha var. hoffmeisteri (Klotzsch) Sealy 1939]Y88

Pedicularis pauciflora (Prain) Pennell 1943 [=P. megalantha var. pauciflora Prain ex Maximowicz 1888; incl. P. megalochila ssp. longituba Yamazaki 1980]Y88

Pedicularis rhinanthoides ssp. labellata (Jacquem.) Prain ex Pennell 1943 [=P. labellata Jacquem. 1835, P. rhinanthoides var. labellata (Jacquem.) Prain 1889; incl. P. rhinanthoides var. tibetica Bonati 1913 non P. anas var. tibetica Bonati 1907, P. rhinanthoides ssp. tibetica (Bonati) Tsoong 1963]Y88

Pedicularis roylei var. speciosa (Prain) Yamazaki 1988 [=P. roylei subvar. speciosa Prain 1891; incl. P. roylei ssp. megalantha Tsoong 1963 non P. megalantha Don 1825, P. rupicoloides Yamazaki 1954, P. saipalensis Yamazaki 1970]Y88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[C55b] Candolle, A. de. 1855b. Géographie Botanique Raisonée: Ou exposition des faits principaux et des lois concernant la distribution géographique des plantes de l’époque actuelle vol. 2. Librairie de Victor Masson: Paris.

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