Pennatula phosphorea, copyright B. E. Picton.

Belongs within: Calcaxonia.

The Pennatulacea, sea pens, are octocorals in which the colony is organised around a central axis anchored in soft sediment.

Characters (from Daly et al. 2007): Colonies developing from anaxial polyp (oozooid) differentiated into bulbous peduncle, and distal rachis bearing secondary polyps. Colony usually supported by internal, rod-like axis of non-scleritic calcite. Secondary polyps usually dimorphic, consisting of tentaculate autozooids and siphonozooids that lack or have greatly reduced tentacles.

Pennatulacea [Pennatulae, Pennatularia, Pennatulida]
| i. s.: StylatulaH04
| |--S. elegansH04
| |--S. elongataCH97
| |--S. finmarchicaH04
| `--S. kinbergiiH04
| Ptilosarcus gurneyiN10
|--ProtoptilumBP14 [ProtoptilidaeDB07]
|--EchinoptilumMG-H11 [EchinoptilidaeDB07]
| `--E. macintoshi Hubrecht 1885MG-H11
|--HalipterisOHO04 [HalipteridaeDB07]
| `--H. californica (Moroff 1902)OHO04
|--VeretillumS79 [VeretillidaeDB07]
| |--V. cynomoriumS79
| `--V. phalloidesG20
|--KophobelemnonPP64 [KophobelemnidaeDB07]
| |--K. leuckartiPP64
| `--K. stelliferumPP64
|--UmbellulaMG-H11 [UmbellulidaeDB07]
| |--U. encrinusH04
| `--U. huxleyi Koelliker 1880MG-H11
|--RenillaBP14 [RenillidaeDB07]
| |--R. americanaG20 [incl. Pennatula reniformisG20, R. reniformisH04]
| |--R. koellikeriS79
| `--R. muelleriBP14
|--FuniculinaMG-H11 [FuniculinidaeDB07]
| |--F. mediterranea Risso 1826R26
| |--F. quadrangularis (Pallas 1766)MG-H11
| `--F. tetragona [=Veretillum tetragonum]G20
| |--AcanthoptilumMG-H11
| |--Scytalium sarsii Herklots 1858MG-H11
| `--VirgulariaC-SC03
| |--V. glacialisH04
| |--V. gustavianaC-SC03
| |--V. leuckartiH04
| |--V. mirabilisH04
| `--V. rumphiiH04
`--Pennatulidae [Pteroeididae]DB07
|--Pennatula Linnaeus 1758L58
| |--P. encrinus [incl. Umbellularia groenlandica]BS-V28
| |--P. filosa Linnaeus 1758L58
| |--P. granulosaR26
| |--P. juncea [=Virgularia juncea]G20
| |--P. mirabilis Linnaeus 1758L58
| |--P. phosphorea Linnaeus 1758L58
| |--P. rubraG20
| |--P. sagitta Linnaeus 1758L58
| `--P. spinosaH04
`--Pteroeides dofleini (Balss 1909)MG-H11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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