Phyllota stink bug Ocirrhoe dallasi, from Brisbane Insects.

Belongs within: Pentatomoidea.
Contains: Myrocharia, Edessa, Diemeniini, Eysarcoris, Menida, Poecilometis, Tarisini, Phyllocephalinae, Cephaloplatus, Dictyotus, Euschistus, Strachiaria, Antestiaria, Pentatoma, Nezara, Cuspicona.

The Pentatominae are a highly diverse group of stink bugs, the exact definition of which remains debated. Members of the group combine a head extending well in front of the eyes with spiracles on the second abdominal segment concealed by the metapleura. The scutellum is usually triangular and smaller than the pronotum but in some members, such as the Ippatha group and the Tarisini and related taxa, it is greatly enlarged to cover most of the abdomen and/or semielliptical in shape. The Ippatha group of Australia includes broad-headed species that are shining black and/or yellow in coloration (Gross 1975).

Most pentatomines are plant feeders but one group of genera (including Oechalia, Cermatulus and relatives) are predatory.

Characters (from Gross 1975): Head always extended well in front of eyes; scutellum usually triangular, if enlarged then corium anteriorly concealing some anterior laterotergites; posterolateral margin of pronotum straight or shallowly excavated, meso- and metanota not visible.

<==Pentatominae [Amyotinae, Graphosomatinae]
    |--Mycoolona atricornisG75, G76
    |--+--Mecidea [Mecideinae, Mecideini]G75
    |  `--DiemeniiniG75
    |--Eysarcoris groupG75
    |    |--EysarcorisG76
    |    |--NeostolliaG76
    |    `--SpermatodesG76
    |--Poecilotoma Dallas 1851 [incl. Allportia Schoutenden 1906]G75
    |    |--*P. grandicornis (Erichson 1842) [=Atelocerus grandicornis]G75
    |    |--P. callosa Gross 1975G75
    |    |--P. perconfusa Gross 1975G75
    |    `--P. scutellata (Van Duzee 1905) [=Platycoris scutellatus]G75
    |--Kapunda groupG75
    |    |--Adelaidena reginaG76
    |    `--Kapunda Distant 1911G76
    |         |--K. troughtoni (Distant 1910) (see below for synonymy)G76
    |         `--K. tepperi Gross 1976G76
    |--Ippatha groupG75
    |    |--Bachesua Gross 1975G75
    |    |    `--*B. enigmatica Gross 1975G75
    |    `--Ippatha Distant 1910G75
    |         |--*I. australiensis Distant 1910G75
    |         `--I. angustilinea Musgrave 1930G75
    |--Podopini [Podopinae]G75
    |    |--Coracanthella geophilaG75, CGW91
    |    |--WedaG75
    |    |--AmaurochrousG75
    |    `--ScotinopharaG75
    |         |--S. allanaeG75
    |         `--S. geophila (Montr. 1858) [=Scutellera geophila]D14
    |--Menida groupG75
    |    |--MenidaG76
    |    |--Sciomenida Gross 1976G76
    |    |    `--*S. mcfarlandi Gross 1976G76
    |    `--LathraedoeusG76
    |         |--*L. speculatorG76
    |         |--L. inconstans [=Menida inconstans]G76
    |         `--L. leucophaeus (Walk. 1867)G76, D00a [=Antestia leucophaeaG76, Menida leucophaeaG76]
    |--Piezodorus groupG75
    |    |--AnaximenesG76
    |    `--Piezodorus Fieber 1861G76
    |         |--P. lituratus (Fabricius 1794)G76 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--P. guildiniiH91
    |         |--P. hybneri (Gmelin 1790)G76 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--P. incarnatus [=Cimex incarnatus; incl. Rhaphigaster parilis Walker 1867]D00b
    |         |--P. inexpertus (Walker 1867) [=Rhaphigaster inexpertus]D00b
    |         |--P. pallescens (Walker 1868)K08, D00b [=Rhaphigaster pallescensD00b]
    |         `--P. punctiventris (Dall. 1851) [=Rhaphigaster punctiventris, Antestia punctiventris]D00b
    |--Halyini [Halyinae]G76
    |    |--PoecilometisG76
    |    |--Atelias variegatusG76
    |    |--Coctoteris Stål 1858G76
    |    |--Tinganina Bergroth 1909G76
    |    |--Neosurenus Distant 1920G76
    |    |--Elemana Distant 1912G76
    |    |--Baracellus Distant 1903G76
    |    |--Austromalaya Kirkaldy 1908G76
    |    |--Bathrus Dallas 1851G76
    |    |--Dalpada Amyot & Serville 1843G76
    |    |--Acanthidiellum Kirkaldy 1904 [incl. Bromocoris Horvarth 1915]G76
    |    |--Ectenus Dallas 1851G76
    |    |--Accarana Distant 1888G76
    |    |--Auxentius Horvarth 1915G76
    |    |--Neoptolemus Horvarth 1915G76
    |    |--Babylas Horvarth 1915G76
    |    |--Brizica Walker 1867G76
    |    |--Dippilana Distant 1910G76
    |    |    `--*D. membranacea Distant 1910 [incl. Poecilometis gibbiceps Bergroth 1916]G76
    |    |--Dictyometis Gross 1976G76
    |    |    `--*D. spriggi Gross 1976G76
    |    |--Parapoecilometis Gross 1976G76
    |    |    `--*P. campbelli Gross 1976G76
    |    |--Polycarmes Stål 1867G76
    |    |    `--P. punctatissimus (Montr. 1858) [=Acanthidium punctatissimum]D14
    |    |--Anchises Stål 1867G76
    |    |    `--A. parvulus (Westwood 1837) [=Halys parvulus, Theseus parvulus]G76
    |    |--Theseus Stål 1867G76
    |    |    |--*T. modestus (Stål 1865) (see below for synonymy)G76
    |    |    `--T. distanti Gross 1972 [=T. scutellatus Distant 1910 non Poecilometis scutellatus Distant 1899]G76
    |    |--Aglaophon Stål 1876G76
    |    |    |--*A. varius Stål 1876G76
    |    |    `--A. variegatus Gross 1976G76
    |    |--Paragenor Gross 1976G76
    |    |    |--*P. halei Gross 1976G76
    |    |    |--P. atomicus Gross 1976G76
    |    |    `--P. robustus Gross 1976G76
    |    |--Alcaeus Dallas 1851 [incl. Muritha]G76
    |    |    |--*A. varicornis (Westwood 1837) [=Atelocerus varicornis; incl. Al. subspinosus]G76
    |    |    |--A. hermannsburgi (Distant 1910) [=*Muritha hermannsburgi]G76
    |    |    |--A. lignicolor Walker 1867G76
    |    |    `--A. unifornis Gross 1976G76
    |    |--Neagenor Bergroth 1891 [=Agenor Dallas 1851 non Risso 1826]G76
    |    |    |--*N. spinosus (Dallas 1851) [=*Agenor spinosus]G76
    |    |    |--N. anteaureus Gross 1976G76
    |    |    |--N. minor Gross 1976G76
    |    |    `--N. transcontinentalis Gross 1976G76
    |    `--Omyta Spinola 1850G76
    |         |--O. centrolineata (Westwood 1837)G76 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |    |--O. c. centrolineataG76
    |         |    `--O. c. siccior Gross 1976G76
    |         |--O. delineataG76
    |         `--O. spinosa (Dallas 1851)G75 [=Poecilotoma spinosaG75; incl. Platycoris rufescensG76]
    |--+--Menestheus groupG75
    |  |    |--Menestheus cuneatusG75
    |  |    |--NeomenestheusG75
    |  |    |--Hillieria Distant 1910G75
    |  |    |    `--*H. acuminata Distant 1910G75
    |  |    |--Paramenestheus Breddin 1900G75
    |  |    |    |--*P. terricolor Breddin 1900 (see below for synonymy)G75
    |  |    |    `--P. nercivus (Dallas 1851) [=Sciocoris nercivus]G75
    |  |    |--Pseudaelia Distant 1910G75
    |  |    |    |--*P. clementi Distant 1910G75
    |  |    |    |--P. gnielae Gross 1975G75
    |  |    |    `--P. rectimargo Gross 1975G75
    |  |    `--Eribotes Stål 1867G75
    |  |         |--*E. australis (Dallas 1852) [=Sciocoris australis]G75
    |  |         |--E. bicuspisG75
    |  |         |--E. challengeriG75
    |  |         |--E. delitescensG75
    |  |         |--E. hobartensis Distant 1910G75
    |  |         |--E. indicator (Walker 1868) [=Sciocoris indicator]G75
    |  |         `--E. reconditus Bergroth 1920G75
    |  `--+--TarisiniG75
    |     |--Kitsonia Gross 1975G75
    |     |    `--*K. rubrocoriosa Gross 1975G75
    |     |--Macrocarenus groupG75
    |     |    |--Macrocarenus Stål 1873G75
    |     |    |    `--*M. acuminatus (Dallas 1851) [=Eurygaster acuminatus]G75
    |     |    `--Macrocarenoides Gross 1975G75
    |     |         `--*M. scutellatus (Distant 1899) [=Macrocarenus scutellatus]G75
    |     |--Ochisme groupG75
    |     |    |--Ochisme Kirkaldy 1904G75
    |     |    |    `--*O. australis (Dallas 1851) [=*Trachyops australis; incl. Hypolcus apricus Bergroth 1916]G75
    |     |    |--Dysnoetus Bergroth 1918G75
    |     |    |    `--D. rugulosus (Horvarth 1902) [=Dictyotus rugulosus; incl. *Dy. anceps Bergroth 1918]G75
    |     |    |--Turrubulana Distant 1910G75
    |     |    |    `--*T. plana Distant 1910G75
    |     |    `--Amphidexius Bergroth 1918G75
    |     |         `--*A. suspensus Bergroth 1918G75
    |     `--Kumbutha groupG75
    |          |--Kumbutha quadrinotataG75
    |          |--Cooperocoris Gross 1975G75
    |          |    `--*C. australis Gross 1975G75
    |          |--Ooldeon Gross 1975G75
    |          |    `--*O. maculipes Gross 1975G75
    |          |--Brizocoris Gross 1975G75
    |          |    `--*B. dimorphicus Gross 1975G75
    |          |--Thryptomenecoris Gross 1975G75
    |          |    `--*T. officeri Gross 1975G75
    |          |--Eremophilacoris Gross 1975G75
    |          |    `--*E. aridicolus Gross 1975G75
    |          |--Pirricoris Gross 1975G75
    |          |    `--*P. annectans Gross 1975G75
    |          |--Tepperocoris Gross 1975G75
    |          |    |--*T. lofteyensis Gross 1975G75
    |          |    `--T. vandijki Gross 1975G75
    |          `--Buthumka Gross 1975G75
    |               |--*B. orthoscutellata Gross 1975G75
    |               |--B. reducta Gross 1975G75
    |               `--B. transitionalis Gross 1975G75
    `--Pentatomini [Strachiini]R74
         |  i. s.: SibariaR74
         |         AgroecusR74
         |         Tibraca limbativentris Stål 1858R74, D00a [incl. Mormidea walkeri Leth. & Sev. 1893D00a]
         |         Menecles incertusR74, E66
         |         BerecynthusR74
         |         GaledantaR74
         |         DichelopsR74
         |           |--D. divisus (Walker 1867) [=Diceraeus divisus]D00b
         |           |--D. mutabilis (Walker 1867) [=Diceraeus mutabilis]D00b
         |           `--D. pulchricornis (Walker 1867) [=Diceraeus pulchricornis]D00b
         |         Padaeus Stål 1862R74
         |           |--*P. viduus (Vollenhoven 1868) [=Mormidea viduus]R74
         |           |--P. teapensis (Distant 1890) [=Euschistus teapensis]R74
         |           |--P. trivittatusR74
         |           `--P. verrucifer Stål 1862 [=Euschistus verrucifer]R74
         |  `--Cephaloplatus groupG75
         |       |--CephaloplatusWEE70
         |       `--CaystrusG76 [incl. NeodiusG75]
         |--+--Tholosanus groupG75
         |  |    |--Arniscus Distant 1899G75
         |  |    |    `--A. humeralisG75
         |  |    `--Tholosanus Distant 1899G75
         |  |         |--*T. proximus (Dallas 1851) (see below for synonymy)G75
         |  |         `--T. colligatus (Walker 1867) [=Pentatoma colligata]G75
         |  `--Dictyotus groupG75
         |       |--DictyotusWEE70
         |       |--Utheria Gross 1975G75
         |       |    `--*U. dixoni Gross 1975G75
         |       `--Paradictyotus Gross 1975G75
         |            `--*P. fuscus Gross 1975G75
         |--Carpocoris groupG75
         |    |--CodophilaG76
         |    |--ProxysG76
         |    |--EuschistusR74
         |    |--Hyparete vitiensis Distant 1901G76, K08
         |    |--MacromolusG76
         |    |--LubentiusG76
         |    |--Hypsithocus Bergroth 1927G76, B27
         |    |    `--*H. hudsonae Bergroth 1927B27
         |    |--Dolycoris Mulsant & Rey 1866G76, L-SSY04
         |    |    `--D. baccarum [incl. Pentatoma inconcisa Walker 1867]D00b
         |    |--Monteithiella Gross 1976G76
         |    |    `--*M. humeralis (Walker 1868)G76 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--Pseudapines Bergroth 1912G76
         |    |    `--*P. geminata (Van Duzee 1905) [=Apines geminata]G76
         |    |--Notius Dallas 1851G76
         |    |    |--*N. depressus Dallas 1851G76
         |    |    `--N. consputusG76
         |    |--Agonoscelis Spinola 1837G76
         |    |    |--*A. nubila (Fabricius 1775) [=Cimex nubilus]G76
         |    |    `--A. rutila (Fabricius 1775)G76 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--AnaxarchusG76
         |    |    |--A. pardalinusD14
         |    |    `--A. reyi (Montr. 1858) [=Pentatoma reyi]D14
         |    |--EurinomeG76
         |    |    |--E. inconspicua (Montrouz. 1858)D14 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |    `--E. submarginalis (Tryon 1892)G75, D00a (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--Carpocoris Kolenati 1846L-SSY04
         |    |    |--C. fuscispinusH01
         |    |    |--C. lunulatusH01
         |    |    `--C. purpureipennis [incl. C. nigricornis]H01
         |    `--Hypogomphus Spinola 1850G76
         |         |--*H. rugosus Spinola 1850G76
         |         |--H. bipunctatus (Guérin-Méneville 1838) [=Platycoris bipunctata]G76
         |         |--H. bufoWEE70
         |         `--H. rotundatus (Dallas 1851) [=Mazium rotundatum]G76
               `--+--Pentatoma groupG75
                  |    |--Alciphron glaucusG76
                  |    |--Chlorocoris subrugosusG76
                  |    |--Acrosternum hilareG76, H91
                  |    |--PentatomaG76
                  |    |--NezaraG76
                  |    |--GlauciasG76
                  |    |    |--G. amyotiCGW91
                  |    |    |--G. imparG76
                  |    |    `--G. sulcataG76
                  |    `--PlautiaG76
                  |         |--P. affinisG76
                  |         |--P. brunnipennis (Montr. 1861) [=Pentatoma brunnipennis]D14
                  |         |--P. discolor (Walker 1867) [=Pentatoma discolor]D00a
                  |         |--P. fimbriata (Fabr. 1794) [=Cimex fimbriatus; incl. Rhaphigaster rufoviridis Walker 1867]D00a
                  |         |--P. grossepunctata (Kirby in Andrews 1900) [=Pentatoma grossepunctata]D00a
                  |         `--P. prolata (Walker 1867) [=Pentatoma prolata]D00a
                  `--Rhynchocoris groupG75
                       |--Biprorulus bibaxWEE70
                       |--Petalaspis Bergroth 1916G76
                       |    `--*P. tescorum Bergroth 1916G76
                       |--Everardia Gross 1975G76
                       |    `--*E. picta Gross 1975G76
                       |    |--R. humeralisC96
                       |    `--R. plagiatus (Walker 1867) [=Cuspicona plagiata; incl. R. taprobanensis Bergr. 1891]D00b
                       |--Morna Stål 1867G76
                       |    |--M. florens (Walker 1867) [=Cuspicona florens; incl. *M. cornuta Haglund 1868]G76
                       |    |--M. aggressor (Fabr. 1775) [=Cimex aggressor, Hoffmanseggiella aggressor]D00b
                       |    `--M. leucospila (Walker 1867) [=Cuspicona leucospila]D00b
                       |--Diaphyta Bergroth 1891 (see below for synonymy)G76
                       |    |--D. fulvescens (Dallas 1851)G76 (see below for synonymy)
                       |    |--D. pulchra (Dallas 1851) [=Cuspicona pulchra]G76
                       |    |--D. rosea Bergroth 1912G76
                       |    `--D. tasmani (Distant 1910) [=Vandiemenia tasmani]G76
                       |    |--V. forficuloides (Walker 1867) [=Cuspicona forficuloides]D00b
                       |    |--V. insularis Stal 1876K08
                       |    |--V. propinquus (Walker 1867) [=Cuspicona propinqua]D00b
                       |    |--V. ‘proximus’ (Walker 1868 non Walker 1867) [=Cuspicona proxima]D00b
                       |    |--V. strenuus (Walker 1868) [=Cuspicona strenua]D00b
                       |    `--V. transversus (Walker 1867) [=Cuspicona transversa]D00b
                       `--Ocirrhoe Stål 1867G76
                            |--O. australis (Westwood 1837) (see below for synonymy)G76
                            |--O. coronata Gross 1975G76
                            |--O. dallasi Gross 1975G76
                            |--O. inconspicua (Dallas 1851) [=Cuspicona inconspicua]D00b
                            |--O. lutescens Distant 1900G76
                            |--O. prasinata (Stål 1859) [=Cuspicona prasinata]G76
                            |--O. unimaculata (Westwood 1837)G76 (see below for synonymy)
                            `--O. wilsoni Gross 1975G76
Pentatominae incertae sedis:
    |--H. canalana Distant 1914D14
    `--H. picusH01
  Ambybelus elegans Montr. 1864D14
    |--C. carrenoi (Le Guillon 1841)D14 [=Raphigaster carrenoiD14; incl. Cermatulus pulcherG75]
    |--C. incarnatusG76
    |--C. nigripesC91
    |--C. punctusG76
    `--C. viridicatus Distant 1881K08
  Bathycoelia Amyot & Serville 1843 [incl. Furtina Stal 1867, Gastraulax Herr. 1844]D14
    `--B. longirostris Montr. 1861 [=Furtina longirostris, Gastraulax longirostris]D14
    |--C. bimaculataE66
    `--C. ingressa [=Eysarcoris ingressus]G76
  Amblycara gladiatoraG76
  Hyrmine Stål 1876G76
    |--*H. sexpunctata (Linnaeus 1758)G76 [=Cimex sexpunctatusG76; incl. Rhaphigaster nigrifascia Walker 1867D00b]
    `--H. dispar (Westwood 1837)G76
  Aeliini [Aeptini, Dymantaria]G75
         |--A. acuminataH01
         |--A. americanaG75
         `--A. sibiricaH01
  Galgacus labidus (Erichson 1842) [incl. Dictyotus macer Walker 1867]G75
  Oechalia Stål 1862CGW91, G75
    `--*O. schellenbergii (Guérin-Méneville 1831) [=Pentatoma schellenbergii; incl. O. consocialis]G75
  Platynopus melacanthus (Boisduval 1835)CGW91, D14 [=Pentatoma melacanthumD14]
  Cermatulus Dallas 1851CGW91, G75
    `--*C. nasalis (Westwood 1837) [=Aelia nasalis]G75
  Jalloides Schouteden 1907CGW91, G75
    `--*J. rubricosus (Stål 1870) [=Jalla rubricosa]G75
  SciocorisG76 [Sciocorinae, SciocoriniWEE70]
    |--S. microphthalmusH01
    |--S. obscurus Dallas 1851G76
    `--S. umbrinusH01
  Crollius Distant 1901D01
    `--*C. conspersus (Walker 1867) [=Podops conspersus]D01
  Microdeuterus aequalis Walker 1867D01
    |--‘Eysarcoris’ alienus Walker 1867 (n. d.)D00b
    |--B. discolor (Walk. 1867) [=Ochlerus discolor; incl. B. marginifer Walker 1868]D00b
    |--B. fulvicornis (Walker 1867) (see below for synonymy)D00b
    `--B. piceolus Walker 1867D01
  Ochrophara corinna (Kirby 1891) [=Pentatoma corinna]D00a
  Brachymna Stål 1861 [incl. Balsa Walker 1867 non Walker 1860]D00a
    `--B. tenuis Stål 1861 [incl. Balsa extenuata Walker 1867]D00a
    |--P. affinis Distant 1900D00a
    `--P. fulvescens (Dallas 1851)D00a [=Rhaphigaster fulvescensD00a, R. flavescens (l. c.)D00b]
    |--P. abbreviatus (Uhler 1872) [=Holcostethus abbreviatus]D00a
    |--P. dubius (Dall. 1851) [=Pentatoma dubia]D00a
    `--P. vernalisH01
    |--T. aeola (Dall. 1851) [=Pentatoma aeola]D00a
    |--T. basalis [incl. Pentatoma inobtrusa Walker 1867]D00b
    `--T. latipes [incl. Pentatoma contingens Walker 1867, P. trispila Walker 1867]D00b
  Brachynema biplaga (Walker 1867) [=Rhaphigaster biplaga]D00a
    |--T. custatorE66
    |--T. parvula (Dall. 1851) [=Rhaphigaster parvulus]D00a
    |--T. pallidovirensWS04
    |    |--T. p. pallidovirensE66
    |    `--T. p. accerraE66
    `--T. perditor [incl. Euschistus adjunctor Walker 1867, E. fasciatus Walker 1867]D00b
  Afrania Stål 1864 [incl. Sala Walk. 1867]D00a
    |--A. exigua (Walker 1868) [=Sala exigua]D00a
    `--A. wahlbergi (Stål 1853) [=Strachia wahlbergi; incl. Sala colorata Walker 1867]D00a
    |--A. apta (Walker 1967) [=Strachia apta]D00b
    |--A. nigropicta (Walker 1867) [=Strachia nigropicta]D00b
    `--A. placens (Walker 1867) [=Strachia placens]D00a
  Vulsirea violacea (Fabr. 1803)D00a (see below for synonymy)
    |--B. imbuta (Walker 1867) [=Rhaphigaster imbutus]D00b
    |--B. inopinata (Walker 1867) [=Rhaphigaster inopinatus]D00a
    `--B. varians Stål 1872D00a (see below for synonymy)
  Pallantia macula (Dall. 1851) [=Rhaphigaster macula; incl. Pentatoma diffusa Walker 1867]D00a
    |--S. humeralis (Dall. 1851) [=Rhaphigaster humeralis; incl. Cuspicona smaragdina Walker 1867]D00a
    `--S. spinosus (Dall. 1851) [=Rhaphigaster spinosus; incl. Mormidea ductor Walker 1867]D00a
    |--H. fasciatus Distant 1900D00a
    `--H. florens (Walker 1867) [=Mormidea florens]D00b
    |--Z. impar (Walker 1867) [=Rhaphigaster impar; incl. R. ludekingii Voll. 1868]D00a
    |--Z. subpunctata (Walker 1867) [=Pentatoma subpunctata; incl. Rhaphigaster melanostictus Voll. 1868]D00a
    `--Z. varicornis (Dall. 1851) [=Rhaphigaster varicornis]D00a
  Astyanax subactus (Walk. 1867) [=Hoplistodera subacta]D00a
  Brachycoris insignis Distant 1900D00b
  Thoreyella concolor (Walker 1867) [=Mormidea concolor]D00b
  Utana Distant 1900D00b
    `--*U. suprema (Walker 1867) [=Cuspicona suprema]D00b
    |--H. defensor (Fabr. 1775) [=Cimex defensor; incl. Cuspicona vigens Walker 1867]D00b
    `--H. hamata (Walker 1867) [=Cuspicona hamata; incl. C. contraria Walker 1867]D00b
  Priassus exemptus (Walker 1868) [=Prionaca exempta; incl. Priassus carinatus Horv. 1889]D00b
  Amyntor Stål 1867 [incl. Bolaca Walker 1867]D00b
    `--A. unicolor (Walker 1867) [=Bolaca unicolor; incl. Oestopis terra Dist. 1879, Amyntor terra]D00b
  Compastes obtusus (Walker 1868) (see below for synonymy)D00b
  Prionochilus [incl. Lelia Walker 1867]D00b
    `--P. decempunctatus (Motsch. 1859) [=Tropicoris decempunctatus; incl. Lelia porrigens Walker 1867]D00b
  Leovitius Distant 1900D00b
    `--*L. macranthus (Dall. 1851) [=Rhaphigaster macranthus]D00b
  Prionaca tortuosa Walker 1867 [incl. P. tauricornis Walker 1867]D00b
  Araducta Walker 1867D00b
    |--A. bella Distant 1900D00b
    |--A. glabrata Walker 1867D00b
    |--A. malayana Distant 1900D00b
    |--A. repellens (Kirby 1892) [=Rhaphigaster repellens]D00b
    `--A. sordida (Kirby 1892) [=Rhaphigaster sordida]D00b
  Asyla Walker 1867D00b
    `--A. indicatrix Walker 1867D00b
  Boea Walker 1867D00b
    |--B. auriflura Walker 1867D00b
    |--B. postica Walker 1867D00b
    `--B. purpurascens Walker 1867D00b
  Taurocerus [incl. Canaca Walker 1867]D00b
    |--T. abruptus (Walker 1867) [=Canaca abrupta]D00b
    `--T. achilles [incl. T. divergens Walker 1867]D00b
    |--M. croceipes [incl. M. compta Walker 1867]D00b
    |--M. integella [=Euschistus (Paraschistus) integellus]R74
    |--M. lugensE66
    |--M. nigriceps Walker 1868 (n. d.)D00b
    |--M. pedestris Walker 1867 (n. d.)D00b
    |--M. pulchella Walker 1868D00b
    |--M. punctifera (Walker 1867) [=Eysarcoris punctifer]D00b
    `--M. tetra Walker 1868D00b
  Alcimus lineosus Walker 1867D00b
  Fecelia nigridens (Walker 1867) [=Loxa nigridens]D00b
    |--A. hastatorD00b
    `--A. infivita (Walker 1867) [=Mormidea infivita]D00b
    |--C. contigua (Walker 1867) [=Mormidea contigua]D00b
    |--C. insocia (Walker 1868) [=Eysarcoris insocius]D00b
    |--C. lateralis (Walker 1867) [=Mormidea lateralis]D00b
    `--C. socia (Walker 1867) [=Mormidea socia]D00b
  Aeschrocoris testudinarius (Walker 1867) [=Aeschrus testudinarius]D00b
    |--C. punctipes Walker 1868 (n. d.)D00b
    |--C. subvittatus Walker 1868 (n. d.)D00b
    `--C. varicornis (Walker 1867) [=Pentatoma varicornis]D00b
  Tropicorypha placida (Walker 1867) [=Pentatoma placida; incl. P. immunis Walker 1868]D00b
    |--H. apicalis [incl. Pentatoma confinis Walker 1867]D00b
    `--H. heterocerus (Walker 1867) [=Pentatoma heterocera]D00b
    |--R. alligata (Walker 1867) [=Strachia alligata]D00b
    |--R. euopta (Walker 1867) [=Strachia euopta]D00b
    `--R. perspicua [incl. Strachia eucosma Walker 1867]D00b
    |--C. callideoides (Walker 1867) [=Strachia callideoides]D00b
    `--C. calliphoroides (Walker 1867) [=Strachia calliphoroides]D00b
  Jurtina chlorospila (Walker 1867) [=Bathycoelia chlorospila]D00b
    |--L. affinis [incl. L. invaria Walker 1867]D00b
    `--L. flavicollis [incl. L. deducta Walker 1867]D00b
  Herda punctata [incl. Mormidea unisignata Walker 1867]D00b
  Niphe subferruginea [incl. Pentatoma lateralis Walker 1867]D00b
  Adria parvula [incl. Pentatoma brevittata Walker 1867]D00b
  Paryphia pulchella [incl. Strachia notabilis Walker 1867]D00b
  Dismegistus fimbriatus [incl. Strachia aenescens Walker 1867]D00b
  Dinocoris tripterus [incl. Cataulax centralis Walker 1868]D00b
  Pharypia nitidiventris [incl. Vulsirea transducta Walker 1867]D00b
    |--R. nebulosa (Poda 1761)L-SSY04 [incl. R. griseaH01]
    |--R. obliquus Walker 1867D00b
    |--R. patulus Walker 1867 (n. d.)D00b
    |--R. quinquemaculatus Walker 1868D00b
    |--R. venustulus Walker 1867D00b
    `--R. viridipes Walker 1867D00b
  Arvelius mormideoides Walker 1868 (n. d.)D00b
  Diceraeus piceus Walker 1868D00b
  Pantochlora [Pantochlorini]K69
    `--P. vividaK69
  Kahlamba typicaK69
  Janeirona Distant 1911K69
    `--*J. insignis Distant 1911K69

Agonoscelis rutila (Fabricius 1775)G76 [=Cimex rutilusG76; incl. Strachia aspersa Walker 1867D00b, S. tetragona Walker 1867D00b]

Banasa varians Stål 1872D00a [incl. Pentatoma basalis Walker 1867D00b, Rhaphigaster derivatus Walker 1867D00b, R. dimidiatus Stål 1858D00a, Banasa dimidiataE66, P. subrufescens Walker 1867D00a]

Brachystethus fulvicornis (Walker 1867) [=Rhaphigaster fulvicornis; incl. B. biguttatus Walker 1868, B. parvus Dist. 1889]D00b

Compastes obtusus (Walker 1868) [=Pentatoma obtusa; incl. Homalogonia maculata Jakowl. 1876, Compastes minor Atkins 1889]D00b

Diaphyta Bergroth 1891 [=Periboea Stål 1867 (preoc.) non Kunth 1843 (ICBN); incl. Vandiemenia Distant 1910]G76

Diaphyta fulvescens (Dallas 1851)G76 [=Cuspicona fulvescensG76, Periboea fulvescensD00b; incl. C. longiceps Walker 1867D00b, C. pulchra Stål 1867 non Dallas 1851G76, *Diaphyta pulchraG76, *Periboea pulchraG76]

Eurinome inconspicua (Montrouz. 1858)D14 [=Pentatoma inconspicuaD14; incl. P. basiventris Sign. 1861D14, P. circumdata Walker 1867D00a]

Eurinome submarginalis (Tryon 1892)G75, D00a [=Pentatoma submarginalisD00a; incl. P. marginalis Walker 1867 non P. marginale Herr.-Schäff. 1836D00a, Eurinome marginalisD00a]

Kapunda troughtoni (Distant 1910) [=Sciocoris troughtoni; incl. S. herrmansi Distant 1910, S. rubens Distant 1910, *Kapunda typica Distant 1911]G76

*Monteithiella humeralis (Walker 1868)G76 [=Strachia humeralisG76; incl. Antestia orbonaG76, Pentatoma pallipes Dallas 1851 non Westwood 1837G76, Antestia pallipesD00a]

Ocirrhoe australis (Westwood 1837) [=Rhynchocoris australis; incl. Cuspicona inconspicua Stål 1867 non Dallas 1851, *Ocirrhoe inconspicua]G76

Ocirrhoe unimaculata (Westwood 1837)G76 [=Rhynchocoris unimaculataG76; incl. Acanthosoma chlorophila Walker 1867G76, Cuspicona fasciata Dallas 1851D00b]

Omyta centrolineata (Westwood 1837)G76 [=Atelocerus centrolineatusG76, Poecilotoma centrolineataG75; incl. *O. deyrollei Spinola 1850G76]

*Paramenestheus terricolor Breddin 1900 [incl. P. abditus Bergroth 1916, P. brevis (Van Duzee 1905), P. semoni (Horvarth 1900)]G75

Piezodorus hybneri (Gmelin 1790)G76 [=Cimex hybneriG76; incl. Rhaphigaster extenuatus Walker 1867D00b, C. rubrofasciatus Fabricius 1787 non De Geer 1783G76, Piezodorus rubrofasciatusG76]

Piezodorus lituratus (Fabricius 1794)G76 [=Cimex lituratusG76; incl. P. lituratus var. alliaceusH01, *P. degeeri Fieber 1861G76]

*Theseus modestus (Stål 1865) [=Poecilometis modestus; incl. Spudeus lyricus Distant 1899, Theseus lyricus, T. nigrescens Distant 1910, Poecilometis plenus Walker 1869, P. scutellatus Distant 1899, Theseus turneri Distant 1910]G76

*Tholosanus proximus (Dallas 1851) [=Sciocoris proximus; incl. Pentatoma laticeps Walker 1867, Dictyotus laticeps, T. piceatus Distant 1910]G75

Vulsirea violacea (Fabr. 1803)D00a [=Cimex violaceusD00a; incl. V. lativentris Walker 1867D00b, V. superba Walker 1867D00a]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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