?Epicyliosoma sp., copyright Imbala.

Belongs within: Diplopoda.

The Pentazonia are a clade including the pill millipedes and related taxa. Members of this clade are united by the presence of telopods and divided sternites. Most are included in a subclade Oniscomorpha characterised by enlargement of the second tergite (Sierwald et al 2003).

<==Pentazonia [Opisthandria]
    |--GlomeridesmusP92 [GlomeridesmidaSS03, Glomeridesmidae, Limacomorpha]
         |    |  i. s.: Paraglomeris carbonaria Schlechtendal 1912RHV04
         |    |--Amynilyspes Scudder 1882 [Acroglomeridae, Amynilyspedidae]RHV04
         |    |    |--*A. wortheni Scudder 1882RHV04
         |    |    |--A. crescens Fritsch 1899RHV04
         |    |    |--A. fatimae Racheboeuf, Hannibal & Vannier 2004RHV04
         |    |    `--A. typicus Fritsch 1899RHV04
         |    `--+--Palaeosphaeridium Peach 1914RHV04
         |       |--Glomeropsis Fritsch 1899 [Sphaerherpestidae]RHV04
         |       |    `--G. ovalis Fritsch 1899RB93
         |       `--Archiscudderia Fritsch 1899 [Proglomeridae]RHV04
         |            `--A. paupera Fritsch 1899RB93
         |--Glomerida [Plesiocerata]RHV04
         |    |  i. s.: Corsikomeris remyi Verhoeff 1943RHV04
         |    `--Glomeridae [Glomerididae]TKM93
         |         |--Onomeris underwoodiH90
         |         |--GlomeroidesH90
         |         `--Glomeris Latreille 1802L02
         |              |--G. castaneusR26
         |              |--G. connexaL89
         |              |--G. denticulata Menge 1854RB93
         |              |--G. distichellaA99
         |              |--G. guttatus Risso 1826R26
         |              |--G. helveticaA99
         |              |--G. inferorum Latzel 1889L89
         |              |--G. marginataKAA-W00
         |              |--G. ovalisG20 [=Julus ovatusL02]
         |              `--G. pustulata Latreille 1804TKM93 [=Oniscus pustulatusL02]
              |--Sphaeropoeus [Sphaeropoeidae]B13
                   |--Cycliosomella furcipatum [=Sechelliosoma furcipatum]H02
                   |--Arthrosphaera brandti Humbert 1865RHV04
                   |--Procyliosoma Silvestri 1917MH08
                   |--Cynotelopus Jeekel 1986MH08
                   |    `--C. notabilis Jeekel 1986MH08
                   |    |--S. convexum Koch 1847MH08
                   |    `--S. libidinosumB13
                   |--Epicyliosoma Silvestri 1917MH08
                   |    |  i. s.: E. penrithense (Brölemann 1913)MH08
                   |    |         E. sennae (Silvestri 1898)MH08
                   |    |--E. (Epicyliosoma)MH08
                   |    |    |--*E. (E.) albertisii (Silvestri 1895) [=Zephronia albertisii]MH08
                   |    |    `--E. (E.) sarahae Moir & Harvey 2008MH08
                   |    `--E. (Paracyliosoma Verhoeff 1928)MH08
                   `--Cyliosoma Pocock 1895B13
                        |--*C. angulatum (Butler 1878) [=Sphaerotherium angulatum]B13
                        |--C. delacyi (White 1859) [=Zephronia delacyi]B13
                        |--C. leiosomum [=Sphaerotherium leiosomum]B13
                        |--C. penrithensis Brölemann 1913B13
                        |--C. queenslandiae Brölemann 1913B13
                        |--C. sennae Silvestri 1898B13
                        |--C. striolatum Pocock 1895B13
                        |--C. targionii Silvestri 1898B13
                        `--C. unicolor Silvestri 1897B13

*Type species of generic name indicated


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