White bass Morone chrysops, from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Belongs within: Acanthomorphata.
Contains: Gerreidae, Labridae, Uranoscopiformes, Centrarchiformes, Serraniformes, Pempheridae, Epigonidae, Pentacerotidae, Ephippiformes, Spariformes, Malacanthidae, Pomacanthidae, Haemulidae, Caesionidae, Lutjanidae, Sillago, Emmelichthyidae, Lobotidae, Sciaenidae, Leiognathidae, Chaetodontidae, Monodactylidae, Acanthuriformes, Tetraodontiformes, Lophiiformes, Priacanthidae, Cepolidae, Siganidae.

The Percomorpharia are a major clade of acanthomorph fishes united by molecular data (Betancur-R. et al. 2013).

<==Percomorpharia [Epigonoidei]B-RB13
| i. s.: DinopercidaeB-RB13
| |--Centrarchops chapiniSC07
| `--Dinoperca petersiSC07
| Rhenanoperca minuta Gaudant & Micklich 1990M09
| `--Labriformes [Labroidea, Labroidei]B-RB13
| | i. s.: Pseudosphaerodon antiquus Casier 1966P93
| |--LabridaeND13
| |--Tortonesia [Tortonesidae]P93
| | `--T. esilis Sorbini 1983P93
| `--OdacidaeB-RB13
| |--Odax cyanomelasCC98
| |--OlistheropsR13
| `--CoridodaxR13
| `--Centrogenys [Centrogeniidae]ND13
| `--C. vaigiensis (Quoy & Gaimard 1824)M58 (see below for synonymy)
| `--+--SerraniformesND13
| `--+--+--PempheriformesB-RB13
| | | |--PempheridaeND13
| | | `--Glaucosoma [Glaucosomatidae, Glaucosomidae]ND13
| | | |--G. buergeri Richardson 1845 [incl. G. fauvelii Sauvage 1881, G. taeniatus Fowler 1934]M01
| | | |--G. hebraicumND13
| | | |--G. magnificum (Ogilby 1915)M01
| | | `--G. scapulare Ramsay 1881M01
| | `--+--PercophidaeND13
| | | |--Hemerocoetinarum apertus (Schwarzhans 1980)P93
| | | `--AcanthaphritisND13 [incl. PteropsaronR13]
| | | `--A. unoorumND13
| | `--Creediidae [Limnichthyidae]ND13
| | |--Limnichthys nitidus Smith 1958MM14
| | |--Chalixodytes chameleontoculusLM13
| | |--Creedia clathrisquamis Ogilby 1898R13
| | |--SchizochirusR13
| | `--Squamicreedia obtusa Rendahl 1921H90
| `--+--+--Howella Ogilby 1899ND13, P93 [Howellidae]
| | | |--H. brodiei (Ogilby 1899)LD09
| | | |--H. parinaLM13
| | | `--H. zinaND13
| | `--+--EpigonidaeB-RB13
| | |--Ostracoberyx [Ostracoberycidae]ND13
| | | |--O. dorygenysND13
| | | `--O. pattersoni Nolf 1988P93
| | `--Acropomatidae [Acropomidae]ND13
| | |--Neoscombrops pacificusLM13
| | |--AcropomaND13
| | | |--A. antiqua Schwarzhans 1985P93
| | | |--A. japonicaND13
| | | `--A. lepidotus (Agassiz 1833)P93 [=Labrax lepidotusB80]
| | `--Labrax schizurus Agassiz 1833–1844B80
| `--+--+--PentacerotidaeND13
| | `--Banjos [Banjosidae]ND13
| | `--B. banjosND13
| `--+--MalakichthysND13
| | |--M. elegansND13
| | |--M. griseusSC07
| | `--M. wakiyaeI00
| |--+--Avitolabrax denticulatus Takai 1942P93
| | `--Lateolabrax Bleeker 1857LD09, P93 [LateolabracidaeB-RB13]
| | `--L. japonicus (Cuvier 1828)LD09
| `--PolyprionidaeND13
| |--Stereolepis Ayres 1859ND13, P93
| | |--S. doederleiniI00
| | `--S. gigasND13
| `--Polyprion Oken 1817P93
| |--P. americanus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)K-M02b
| `--P. oxygeneiosSC07
| |--Dicentrarchus labrax (Linnaeus 1758)LD09
| |--Palaeoperca proxima Nicklich 1985P93
| `--MoroneND13 [incl. RoccusK-M02a]
| | i. s.: M. americana (Gmelin 1789)K-M02a [incl. Labrax mucronatusP61]
| | M. eschmeyeri Nolf & Lapierre 1979P93
| | M. vogdtii (Bogatshov 1942)P93
| |--M. saxatilis (Walbaum 1792)ND13, K-M02a [=Roccus saxatilisK-M02a]
| `--+--M. chrysopsND13
| `--M. mississippiensisND13
| | `--+--MalacanthidaeND13
| | `--+--PomacanthidaeND13
| | `--+--HaemulidaeND13
| | `--+--CaesionidaeND13
| | `--LutjanidaeND13
| `--+--+--SillagoND13
| | `--EmmelichthyidaeND13
| `--CallanthiidaeND13
| |--GrammatonotusND13
| | |--G. macrophthalmusI00
| | `--G. surugaensisND13
| `--Callanthias Lowe 1839S61
| |--C. ruber (Rafinesque 1810) [incl. *C. paradiseus Lowe 1839]S61
| |--C. allporti Gunther 1876S61
| `--C. legras Smith 1947S61
| | `--SciaenidaeND13
| `--+--+--LeiognathidaeND13
| | `--ChaetodontidaeND13
| `--MonodactylidaeND13
| | `--LophiiformesND13
| `--Caproidae [Caproidei]ND13
| |--Capros aper (Linnaeus 1758)LD09 [incl. Zeus childreniiL43]
| `--Antigonia Lowe 1843L43
| |--*A. capros Lowe 1843L43
| |--A. combatiaMK-M02
| |--A. rubescensND13
| `--A. veronensis Sorbini 1983P93
| `--CepolidaeND13
| |--S. argus (Linnaeus 1766)KC-L22 [=Chaetodon argusM58]
| `--S. frontalis Agassiz 1835P93
|--S. multifasciata (Richardson 1846)LD09 (see below for synonymy)
`--S. papuensis Fraser-Brunner 1938M58

Centrogenys vaigiensis (Quoy & Gaimard 1824)M58 [=Scorpaena vaigiensisM58, Centrogenys (Myriodon) waigiensisM58; incl. Centropristes scorpaenoides Cuvier & Valenciennes 1829M58, Gennadius stoliczaeJR10, Sebastes stoliczaeJR10]

Selenotoca multifasciata (Richardson 1846)LD09 [=Scatophagus multifasciatusM58; incl. Se. multifasciata aetatevariansG75, Sc. tetracanthus Fowler 1928M58]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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