Peripsocus madescens, copyright Tom Murray.

Belongs within: Peripsocoidea.

The Peripsocidae are a group of barklice that are most common on bark or dead foliage, more rarely on low vegetation (New & Lienhard 2007). Genera of Peripsocidae are very similar in appearance and can often be distinguished only by genitalic features.

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Fore wing length ca 1.8–2.4 mm. Lacinial apex slender, bicuspid, outer cusp usually broader than inner. Vertex smooth or with few small setae. Tarsi two-segmented; claws with subapical tooth, pulvillus slender. Fore wing lacking areola postica; pterostigma of normal form, more or less expanded in central region. Wing setation usually reduced or absent, occasionally more conspicuous; hind wing glabrous, veins Rs and M fused for a length. Male with hypandrium simple; phallosome a closed frame, with pair of poriferous parameres; aedeagal arch usually with distinct apical constriction or process; endophallus with symmetrical sclerites. Female subgenital plate often with distinct, commonly bilobed, apical region; gonapophyses complete; dorsal valve large, usually setose at apex; external valve large, setose.

<==Peripsocidae [Peripsocinae]
    |--Orbiperipsocus Li 2002 [=Orbiperipaocus]L03
    |    `--*O. fractiflexus Li 2002L03
    |--Campanulatus Li 2002 [=Canpanulatus]L03
    |    |--*C. jaculatorius Li 2002 [=C. jaculotoria, C. jaculotorius]L03
    |    |--C. lagenarius Li 2002L02
    |    `--C. pictus (Thornton 1962) [=Peripsocus pictus]L02
    |--Bicuspidatus Li 1993L02
    |    |--*B. pulchipunctatus Li 1993L02
    |    |--B. guangdongensis Li 1993L02
    |    `--B. sigillatus Li 1993L02
    |--Properipsocus Li 1995L02
    |    |--*P. gracilis Li 1995L02
    |    |--P. bicornis (Thornton 1962) [=Peripsocus bicornis, Periterminalis bicornis]L02
    |    `--P. quadartus Li 2002 [=P. qradartus]L03
    |--Kaestneriella Roesler 1943M93
    |    |--*K. pilosaM93
    |    |--K. fumosa (Banks 1903) [=Peripsocus fumosus]M93
    |    |--K. guatemalensisY02
    |    `--K. tenebrosa Mockford & Sullivan 1990M93
    |--Pericupsocus Li 2002L02
    |    |--*P. cuspidatus Li 2002L02
    |    |--P. alboguttatus (Dalman 1823)L02
    |    |--P. crenulatus (Thornton & Wong 1968)L02
    |    `--P. digitalis Li 2002L02
    |--Cycloperipsocus Li 1993SN08 [=Cycloperopsocus (l. c.)L03]
    |    |--*C. pangi Li 1993SN08
    |    |--C. diplocyclus Li 2002L02
    |    |--C. edwardsi (New 1973) [=Peripsocus edwardsi]SN08
    |    `--C. plurimaculatus (Li 1992) [=Peripsocus plurimaculatus]L02
    |--Periterminalis Li 1997L02 [=Periteriminalis (l. c.)L03]
    |    |--*P. crytomeriae Li 1997L02
    |    |--P. hiatus (Thornton & Wong 1968) [=Peripsocus hiatus]NL07
    |    |--P. lata Li 2002 [=P. latus]L03
    |    |--P. longicuspis Li 2002L02
    |    `--P. shanxiensis Li 2002L02
    |--Turriperipsocus Li 1997L02
    |    |--*T. cunninghamiae Li 1997L02, L03, L02 [=Peripsocus cunninghamiusL02, T. cunninghamius (l. c.)L03]
    |    |--T. chiangensis (New 1973) [=Peripsocus chiangensis]NL07
    |    |--T. cupressisugus Li 2002L02
    |    |--T. decimidentatus Li 1997L02
    |    |--T. hypsodontus Li 2002L02
    |    `--T. leshanensis Li 2002L02
    |--Coniperipsocus Li 1997L02 [=Comiperipsocus (l. c.)L03]
    |    |--*C. yuae Li 1997L02
    |    |--C. jindingensis Li 2002L03
    |    |--C. melanolomus Li 2002L02
    |    |--C. minutissimus Li 2002L02
    |    |--C. proceridentalis Li 2002L02
    |    |--C. quadrangulus (Li 1992) [=Diplopsocus quadrangulus]L03
    |    `--C. quadrifascius (Li & Mockford 1993) [=Diplopsocus quadrifascius]L02
    |--Diplopsocus Li & Mockford 1993L03
    |    |--*D. cupressicolus Li & Mockford 1993L02 [=D. cupressicola (l. c.)L03]
    |    |--D. albostigmus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. anoplus (Thornton & Wong 1968)NL07
    |    |--D. chebalingicus Li 1993L02
    |    |--D. circularis (New & Thornton 1976)NL07
    |    |--D. fasciatus (Thornton 1959)NL07
    |    |--D. fujianicus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. hainanensis Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. huananensis Li 2002L02
    |    |--D. irregularis Li 1995L02
    |    |--D. jiangxiensis Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. liupanshanensis Li 2002 [=D. liupenshanensis]L03
    |    |--D. lophacanthus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. magniocellatus Li 1993L03
    |    |--D. melanostictus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. ningmingicus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. oblongus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. palmiformis Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. parabolicus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. parviocellatus Li 1993L02
    |    |--D. phaeophlebicus Li 2002 [=D. phaeophlebius]L03
    |    |--D. phagococcus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. philopinnus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. porosus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. resupinatus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. rhombeus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. scrobiculatus Li 2002L02
    |    |--D. selene (Thornton & Wong 1968)NL07
    |    |--D. shanxiensis Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. sichuanicus Li 1997L02
    |    |--D. sylvaticus Li 2002L02
    |    |--D. tibeticus Li & Mockford 1993L02
    |    |--D. xilingxiaensis Li 1997L02
    |    `--D. yangi Li & Mockford 1993L02
    `--Peripsocus Hagen 1866SN08 [incl. Peripsocopsis Tillyard 1923L98]
         |  i. s.: P. africanus Enderlein 1902E07
         |         P. ammonus Li 2002L02
         |         P. annectens Li 2002L02
         |         P. anura Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991NL07
         |         P. apicatus Vaugan, Thornton & New 1989NL07 [=Properipsocus apicatusL02]
         |         P. apiculatus Li 2002L02
         |         P. attenuatus Li 2002L02
         |         P. badimaculatus Li 1993L02
         |         P. baishanzuicus Li 1995L02
         |         P. baiyunshanicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. barunus Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991NL07
         |         P. beijingensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. biacanthus Li & Yang 1988L02
         |         P. bifasciarius Li 2002L02
         |         P. bifasciatusSN08
         |         P. bifidus Thornton 1984NL07
         |         P. bivari Baz 1988L98
         |         P. brachyura Thornton & Wong 1968NL07
         |         P. brinchangensis New & Lee 1991NL07
         |         P. bucephalus Li 1992L02
         |         P. bucerus Li 1992L02
         |         P. bulbus Li 2002L02
         |         P. camerunusB55
         |         P. cassideus Li 1999L02
         |         P. caudatus Li 1997L02
         |         P. changbaishanicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. circinus Thornton & Wong 1968NL07
         |         P. cochleus Schmidt & New 2008SN08
         |         P. conoidalis Li 2002L02
         |         P. consobrinus Pearman 1951L98
         |         P. constrictus Thornton & Wong 1968NL07
         |         P. corollaris Li 2002L02
         |         P. crassicosta New & Lee 1991NL07
         |         P. crenulatus Thornton & Wong 1968NL07
         |         P. cylindratus Li 2002L02
         |         P. decurvatus Li 1995L02
         |         P. denticulatus Thornton & Wong 1968NL07
         |         P. disdentus Li 1997L03, L02 [=P. distentus (l. c.)L03]
         |         P. dongbeiensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. duodecimidentus Li 2002L02
         |         P. elongatus New & Thornton 1976NL07
         |         P. equispineus Li 2002 [=P. eguispineus]L03
         |         P. exilis Li 1997L02
         |         P. falsipictus Li 2002L02
         |         P. ferrugineus Thornton & Wong 1968NL07
         |         P. fici Smithers 1984T13
         |         P. forcipatus Li 1993L02
         |         P. forficatus Li 2002L02
         |         P. fornicalis Li 1999L02
         |         P. frimensis New & Lee 1991NL07
         |         P. fulvescens Navás 1920NL07
         |         P. furcellatus Li 2002L02
         |         P. grandispineus Li 2002L02
         |         P. guandishanicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. hainanensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. haplacanthus Li 1993L02
         |         P. hedinianus Enderlein 1936L02
         |         P. hickmaniSN08
         |         P. hongkongensis Thornton & Wong 1968NL07
         |         P. huashanensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. ignis Okamoto 1910NL07
         |         P. jianfenglingicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. jiangxiensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. jilinicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. jinggangshanicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. jinshaanensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. jinxiuensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. kunmingiensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. laoshanicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. laricis Li 2002L02
         |         P. latispineus Li 2002L02
         |         P. leleupi Badonnel 1976L98
         |         P. leptorrhizus Li 1997L02
         |         P. lifashengi Lienhard 2003 [=P. orientalis Li 2002 non Garcia Aldrete 1999]L03
         |         P. limi New & Thornton 1976NL07
         |         P. longifurcus Li 2002L02
         |         P. louguantaiensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. lunaris Li 1993L02
         |         P. luotongshanicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. machadoi Badonnel 1955B55
         |         P. macrosiphus Li 1993L02
         |         P. magnimammus Li 2002L02
         |         P. maoricus (Tillyard 1923)SN08 (see below for synonymy)
         |         P. medifasciarius Li 2002 [=P. medifaciarius]L03
         |         P. medimacularis Li 1995L02
         |         P. medispineus Li 2002L02
         |         P. megalophus Li 1995L02
         |         P. melaleucae New 1971SN08
         |         P. meridionalis Li 1999L02
         |         P. microcheilus Li 1993 [=P. microcheilius]L03
         |         P. milleri (Tillyard 1923) [=Peripsocopsis milleri; incl. Peripsocus eucalypti Edwards 1950]SN08
         |         P. mingshanicus Li 1997L02
         |         P. mirabilis Li 1995L02
         |         P. morulops (Tillyard 1923) [=Peripsocopsis morulops]SN08
         |         P. mutilatus Badonnel 1986B86
         |         P. nanjingensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. nanus Navás 1922NL07
         |         P. nasutusB86
         |         P. nitens Thornton & Wong 1968NL07, L98
         |         P. octoidentus Li 2002L02
         |         P. oculatus Enderlein 1926NL07
         |         P. ‘oculatus’ Badonnel 1955 non Enderlein 1926 [=P. ocuatus]B55
         |         P. oculimacularis Li 2002L02
         |         P. odontopetalus Li 2002 [=P. codntopetalus]L03
         |         P. oligodontus Li 2002L02
         |         P. optimalis Li 1997L02
         |         P. orbiculatus Li 1993L02
         |         P. orebius Li 2002L02
         |         P. orientalis Garcia Aldrete 1999NL07
         |         P. oxydontus Li 2002L02
         |         P. pamae Schmidt & New 2008SN08
         |         P. papillatus Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989NL07
         |         P. parareicherti Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989NL07
         |         P. paraspinosus New & Lee 1991NL07
         |         P. parvulus Kolbe 1880 [=P. alboguttatus var. parvulus; incl. P. parvulus f. longipennis Roesler 1939]L98
         |         P. parvus Li 1995L02
         |         P. phaeochilus Li 2002L02
         |         P. plagiotropus Li 2002L02
         |         P. platyopterus Li 1997L02
         |         P. plstypus Li 1995L03, L02 [=L. platylpus (l. c.)L03, L. platypus (l. c.)L03]
         |         P. polygonalis Li 1995L02
         |         P. polyoacanthus Li 1993L02
         |         P. pseudoquercicolus Thornton 1962L02
         |         P. qingchengshanicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. qingdaoensis Li 1993L02
         |         P. quadratidentalis Li 2002L02
         |         P. quadratiprocessus Li 1993L02
         |         P. quadripunctatus Badonnel 1955L02 [incl. P. quadripunctatus f. brachypterus Badonnel 1955B55]
         |         P. quattuordecimus Li 1995L02
         |         P. quercicola Enderlein 1906NL07
         |         P. reduncus Li 2002L02
         |         P. reflexibilis Li 2002L02
         |         P. reicherti Enderlein 1903NL07
         |         P. rhombicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. rhomboacanthus Li 2002 [=P. rhombocanthus]L03
         |         P. scalpratus Li 2002L02
         |         P. scapiformis Li 2002L02
         |         P. sedcimidentalis Li 1997 [=P. sedecimidentalis]L03
         |         P. sexidentus Li 2002L02
         |         P. shilinensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. siculiformis Li 2002L02
         |         P. ‘similis’ Enderlein 1903 non P. phaeopterus var. similis Kolbe 1880NL07
         |         P. ‘similis’ Badonnel 1955 nec Kolbe 1880 nec Enderlein 1903B55
         |         P. singularis Banks 1937L02
         |         P. spinosus Thornton 1959L02
         |         P. stenopterus Thornton & Wong 1964L02
         |         P. stigmatus Thornton & Wong 1968NL07
         |         P. stigmostigmus Li 2002L02
         |         P. stipiatus Li 1993L02
         |         P. suffitus Enderlein 1903NL07
         |         P. suoxiyuicus Li 2002L02
         |         P. taipingensis New & Lee 1991NL07
         |         P. terricolis Badonnel 1986L02
         |         P. tillyardi New 1973SN08
         |         P. tinctus Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989NL07
         |         P. transivenus Li 2002L02
         |         P. tredecimus Li 1997L02
         |         P. trigonoispineus Li 2002L02
         |         P. umbrosus Navás 1911 (n. d.)L98
         |         P. undecimidentus Li 2002L02
         |         P. undulatus Li 2002L02
         |         P. uniformis New & Thornton 1976NL07
         |         P. valvulus Thornton & Wong 1968NL07
         |         P. variatus Soehardjan & Hamann 1959NL07 [=Cycloperipsocus variatusL02]
         |         P. varidentatus Li 2002 [=P. septemidentus Li 2001 (n. n.), P. varidentus]L03
         |         P. vescus Li 1997L02
         |         P. viriosus Li 1995L02
         |         P. wuhoi Li 2002L02
         |         P. wuyishanicus Li 1999L02
         |         P. xanthochilus Li 2002L02
         |         P. xihuensis Li 2002L02
         |         P. yongi New & Lee 1991NL07
         |         P. yuleki Galil in Galil & Halperin 1983L98
         |         P. zhangispineus Li 2002L02
         |         P. zhangliani Li 2002 [=P. zhangliangi, P. zhengliangi]L03
         |         P. ziguiensis Li 1997L02
         |--Group IIIM93
         |    |--P. stagnivagus Chapman 1930M93
         |    `--Subgroup BM93
         |         |--*P. phaeopterus (Stephens 1836)M93 (see below for synonymy)
         |         `--P. didymus Roesler 1939M93, L98 (see below for synonymy)
         `--Group IM93
              |--Subgroup AM93
              |    |--P. madidus (Hagen 1861) [=Psocus madidus; incl. Ps. permadidus Walsh 1863, Caecilius permadidus]M93
              |    |--P. nigrescensM93
              |    |--P. pauliani Badonnel 1949M93
              |    |--P. quadrifasciatus (Harris 1869)M93 (see below for synonymy)
              |    `--P. reductus Badonnel 1943M93
              `--Subgroup BM93
                   |--P. alachuae Mockford 1971M93
                   |--P. alboguttatus (Dalman 1823)M93 (see below for synonymy)
                   |--P. maculosus Mockford 1971M93
                   |--P. madescens (Walsh 1863) [=Psocus madescens]M93
                   |--P. minimus Mockford 1971M93
                   |--P. potosi Mockford 1971M93
                   `--P. teutonicusM93

Peripsocus alboguttatus (Dalman 1823)M93 [=Psocus alboguttatusL98; incl. Ps. pupillatus Walker 1853L98, Peripsocus pupillatusM93, Ps. quadrimaculatus Stephens 1836 non Latreille 1794L98]

Peripsocus didymus Roesler 1939M93, L98 [incl. P. didymus silesiaca Obr 1948L98, P. didymus truncatus Badonnel 1943L98]

Peripsocus maoricus (Tillyard 1923)SN08 [=*Peripsocopsis maoricusNL07, SN08; incl. Peripsocus macropterus Edwards 1950SN08]

*Peripsocus phaeopterus (Stephens 1836)M93 [=Psocus phaeopterusSN08; incl. Pe. fortunatus Navás 1916L98, Ps. nigricornis Stephens 1836L98, Ps. obscurus Rambur 1842L98, Peripsocus phaeopterus var. similis Kolbe 1880G74]

Peripsocus quadrifasciatus (Harris 1869)M93 [=Psocus quadrifasciatusL98; incl. Pe. subpupillatus ab. quadriramosus Enderlein 1901L98, Ps. subfasciatus Rambur 1842 non Zetterstedt 1840L98, Pe. subfasciatusL98, Pe. subpupillatus McLachlan 1883L98]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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