Perrinites hilli, from the Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Belongs within: Neoglyphiocerataceae.

The Perrinitidae are a group of ammonoids with ammonitic sutures known from the Lower and Middle Permian (Miller et al. 1957).

Characters (from Miller et al. 1957): Conch thickly subdiscoidal to subglobular and involute, umbilicus small. Sutures ammonitic with five pairs of distinctly V-shaped lateral lobes both externally and internally.

Perrinitidae [Paraperrinitinae]
| |--P. bakeri (Plummer & Scott 1937)HK93
| |--P. boesei (Plummer & Scott 1937)ZL04
| |--P. denhamiRR79
| |--P. mooreaeRR79
| `--P. nevadensisRR79
`--+--Metaperrinites Ruzhencev 1950 (see below for synonymy)ZL04
| |--*M. vicinus (Miller & Furnish 1940) [=Properrinites cumminsi vicinus]ZL04
| |--M. involutus (Liang 1982)ZL04
| `--M. ishibashii Zhou & Liengjarren 2004ZL04
`--Perrinites Böse 1917 [incl. Perrimetanites Leonova 1983]ZL04
|--*P. vidriensis Böse 1917ZL04
|--P. gouldi Miller & Furnish 1940 [=P. hilli gouldi]ZL04
|--P. hilli (Smith 1903)ZL04
`--P. tardus Miller & Furnish 1940 (see below for synonymy)ZL04

Metaperrinites Ruzhencev 1950 [incl. Mapirites Leonova 1983, Nepirrites Leonova 1983, Ripernites Leonova 1983, Shuangyangites Liang 1982, Shyndoceras Leonova 1983]ZL04

Perrinites tardus Miller & Furnish 1940 [=Perrinites hilli tardus, Paraperrinites tardus; incl. Perrimetanites progressus Leonova 1983]ZL04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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