Distorsio decipiens, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Tonnoidea.

The Personidae are a small group of marine gastropods with a characteristically distorted coiling, found at moderate depths in warm waters. Past classifications included them among the Ranellidae but more recent authors have argued that many of the common features of the two families evolved in parallel. Within the Personidae, members of the genus Distorsio are generally larger than species of Personopsis.

Characters (from here): Whorls knobbed, with distorted coiling; operculum small, black; radula with spiny crescent-shaped teeth.

    |--Personopsis purpurata Beu 1998S11
    |--Calcarella Souleyet 1850 [Calcarellidae]BR05
    |    `--*C. spinosa Souleyet 1850BR17
    `--Distorsio Röding 1798BR05 (see below for synonymy)
         |  i. s.: D. constricta (Broderip 1833)W93 [=Persona constrictusC64]
         |         D. euconstricta Beu 1986BC01
         |         D. graceiellae Parth 1989BC01
         |         D. habei Lewis 1972 [=D. constricta habei]W93
         |         D. minoruohnishii Parth 1989BC01
         |         D. perdistorta Fulton 1938ES90
         |         D. smithi von Maltzan 1844ES90
         |         D. ventricosa Kronenberg 1994BC01
         |         D. (Personella Conrad 1865)C75
         |           |--D. (*P.) septemdentata Gabb 1860C75
         |           |--D. (P.) beui Maxwell 1968C75
         |           `--D. (P.) pusilla Pease 1861 [=Persona pusilla]C75
         |--D. (Rhysema Clench & Turner 1957)C75, W93
         |    |--D. (*R.) clathrata (Lamarck 1816)S11, W93, S11 (see below for synonymy)
         |    `--D. (R.) reticulata (Linnaeus 1758)C75, W93
         `--+--+--D. decipiens (Reeve 1844)S11 [=Triton decipiensH09, Distortrix decipiensH09]
            |  `--D. reticularis (Linné 1758)S11 (see below for synonymy)
            `--D. (Distorsio)BC01
                 |--*D. (D.) anus (Linnaeus 1758)BR17, S11 (see below for synonymy)
                 |--D. (D.) decussata (Valenciennes 1832) [=Tritonium decussatum]BC01
                 `--D. (D.) jenniernestae Emerson & Piech 1992BC01

Distorsio Röding 1798BR05 [=Distortrix Link 1807W93, Distorta Perry 1811W93, Persona Montfort 1810BR05; Distorsiinae, Distorsioninae, Personina, Personinae]

Distorsio reticularis (Linné 1758)S11 [=Persona reticularisG79; incl. Murex cancellinus de Roissy 1805ES90, D. cancellinusES90, D. reticulata (Röding 1798)ES90]

*Distorsio (Distorsio) anus (Linnaeus 1758)BR17, S11 [=Murex anusBR17, *Distortrix anusW93, *Distorta anusW93, *Persona anusBR17]

Distorsio (*Rhysema) clathrata (Lamarck 1816)S11, W93, S11 [=Triton clathratusES90; incl. T. ridens Reeve 1844ES90, Distorsio ridensES90, Persona ridensC64, D. robinsoni Petuch 1987ES90]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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