Garden angelica Angelica archangelica, copyright Richard Hoare.

Belongs within: Apioideae.

The Peucedaneae are a group of umbelliferous plants characterised by the production of fruits with lateral ribs produced into broad wings (Allan 1961).

Characters (from Allan 1961): Flowers pedicelled in umbels; styles arising from stylopodia; fruits with distinct, unarmed ribs, lateral ribs broad, winged; seeds narrow in section, flattened on commissural surface.

    |--Peucedanum Linnaeus 1753PC85
    |    |--P. arenariumGR98
    |    |    |--P. a. ssp. arenariumGR98
    |    |    `--P. a. ssp. neumayeriGR98
    |    |--P. caucasicumDK-DW00
    |    |--P. coriaceumBGS05
    |    |--P. decursivumDK-DW00
    |    |--P. gallicumR89
    |    |--P. graveolensI92
    |    |--P. japonicumL13
    |    |--P. latifoliumBGS05
    |    |--P. morisoniiDK-DW00
    |    |--P. officinaleBGS05
    |    |--P. paniculatumBGS05
    |    `--P. sativumC06
    |--Aethusa Linnaeus 1753DK-DW00, PC85 [Aethuseae, Aethusinae]
    |    `--A. cynapiumDK-DW00
    |--Exoacantha heterophyllaDK-DW00
    `--Angelica Linnaeus 1753 [Angelicaceae, Angeliceae, Angelicidae]A61
         |--A. archangelicaBB-L86
         |--A. argutaH93
         |--A. breweriH93
         |--A. californica [=A. tomentosa var. californica]H93
         |--A. calliiH93
         |--A. decipiens Hooker 1864 [=Aciphylla decipiens Benth. & Hooker 1867, Ligusticum decipiens Kirk 1899]A61
         |--A. geniculata (Forster) Hooker 1864A61 (see below for synonymy)
         |--A. genuflexaH93
         |--A. hendersonii [=A. tomentosa var. hendersonii]H93
         |--A. kingiiH93
         |--A. lineariloba [incl. A. lineariloba var. culbertsonii]H93
         |--A. lucidaH93
         |--A. lyalliC52
         |--A. montana (Forster & Forster) Cockayne 1915 (see below for synonymy)A61
         |--A. sylvestrisJ89
         |--A. tomentosaH93
         `--A. trifoliolata (Hooker) Cockayne 1899 (see below for synonymy)A61

Angelica geniculata (Forster) Hooker 1864A61 [=Peucedanum geniculatum Forster 1786A61, Anisotome geniculata Hooker 1853A61, Bowlesia geniculataC06]

Angelica montana (Forster & Forster) Cockayne 1915 [=Gingidium montanum Forster & Forster 1776; incl. Ligusticum gingidium Forster 1786, Angelica gingidium Hooker 1864, Anisotome gingidium Hooker 1853]A61

Angelica trifoliolata (Hooker) Cockayne 1899 [=Ligusticum trifoliolatum Hooker 1864; incl. Anisotome enysii var. tennysonianum Laing 1912]A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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