Ishige okamurae, copyright Yukihiko Serisawa.
Belongs within: Chrysista.
Contains: Dictyotaceae, Sphacelariales, Fucophycidae.

The Phaeophyceae, brown algae, are a group of marine, multicellular algae with thalli containing pigments that give them an olive-green to black-brown coloration.

Characters (from Adl et al. 2012): Filamentous, syntagmatic, parenchymatous or ciliated; swimming cells with two cilia usually inserted laterally—one anteriorly directed and one posteriorly directed; usually four microtubular kinetosomal roots but no striated kinetosomal root or rhizoplast; ciliary transitional helix typically with six gyres located above the major transitional plate; no paraciliary rod; little to no substantial tissue differentiation occurring in parenchymatous forms; cell wall present, containing alginate compounds and cellulose; plasmodesmata or pores between cells in parenchymatous forms; chloroplasts with girdle lamella; outer chloroplast endoplasmic reticulum membrane with direct membrane connection to the outer nuclear envelope membrane; plastid DNA with ring-type genophore; eyespots present or absent; plastid pigments include chlorophylls a and c1,2, fucoxanthin, and violaxanthin.

<==Phaeophyceae [Cyclindaceae, Fuci, Fucophyceae, Melanophyceae, Melanophycidae, Phaeophycophyta, Phaeophyta]
|  i. s.: Polyides durvillaei Bory de Saint-Vincent 1828 BS-V28
|–Discosporangiales [Discosporangiophycidae] SRR14
|    |–Choristocarpus Zanardini 1860 [Choristocarpaceae] SRR14
|    |    `–C. tenellus (Kützing) Zanardini 1860 [=Ectocarpus tenellus] DPR01
|    `–Discosporangium Falkenberg 1878 [Discosporangiaceae] SRR14
|         `–D. mesarthrocarpum (Meneghini) Hauck 1885 DPR01
`–+–Ishigeales [Ishigeophycidae] SRR14
|    |–Diplura Hollenberg 1969 non Koch 1850 (ICZN) SRR14, N10
|    |    `–D. simplex K98
|    `–+–Ishige Yendo 1907 N10 [Ishigeaceae SRR14]
|       |    |–I. foliacea Okamura in Segawa 1935 SRR14, N10
|       |    `–+–I. okamurae Yendo 1907 SRR14, N10 [=I. okamurai N10]
|       |       `–I. sinicola (Setchell & Gardner) Chihara 1969 SRR14, N10 (see below for synonymy)
|       `–Petroderma Kuckuck 1897 N10 [Petrodermataceae SRR14]
|            `–P. maculiforme SRR14
`–+–Dictyotophycidae SRR14
|    |–Onslowia Searles in Searles & Leister 1980 DPR01 [Onslowiaceae, Onslowiales SRR14]
|    |    |–*O. endophytica Searles in Searles & Leister 1980 DPR01
|    |    `–O. bahamensis Henry 1987 DPR01
|    `–+–Dictyotaceae SRR14
|       `–+–Sphacelariales SRR14
|          `–Syringodermataceae [Syringodermatales] SRR14
|               |–Syringoderma Levring 1940 SRR14
|               |    |–S. abyssicola (Setchell & Gardner) Levring 1940 [=Chlanidophora abyssicola] S57
|               |    `–S. phinneyi KM03
|               `–Microzonia Agardh 1894 SRR14
`–Fucophycidae SRR14

Ishige sinicola (Setchell & Gardner) Chihara 1969 SRR14, N10 [=Polyopes sinicola Setchell & Gardner 1924 N10, Carpopeltis sinicola (Setchell & Gardner) Kylin 1956 N10]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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