Lateral view of Odontobunus armatus, from Roewer (1923).

Belongs within: Palpatores.
Contains: Platybunus, Opilio, Egaenus, Homolophus, Odiellus, Gyinae, Phalangium, Rhampsinitus, Dasylobus, Zachaeus, Metaphalangium, Cristina, Rilaena, Metaplatybunus.

The Phalangiidae is a diverse group of long-legged harvestmen found in Eurasia, North America and Africa (with some species introduced to Australasia). Members of this group are mostly leathery-bodied, with spiny legs and a characteristic penis morphology with the glans bent dorsally from the shaft (Tsurusaki 2007).

Members of the subfamily Gyinae, recently placed in Phalangiidae by molecular phylogenetic analysis (Hedin et al. 2012), possess well-developed lateral wings on the penis close behind the shaft-glans junction. Oligolophinae are typically characterised by the presence of a ventral spur on the basal cheliceral segment (Martens 1978). Members of the Platybuninae have a broad base to the penis and distomesal apophyses on the pedipalpal patella and tibia (Zhang & Zhang 2012). The pedipalpal femur is ventrally spinose in Platybuninae but not in Phalangiinae or Opilioninae.

Characters (from Tsurusaki 2007): Body generally soft and leathery, rarely sclerotised; coloration often forming medial ‘saddle’ marking. Ocularium relatively high, usually covered dorsally with several tubercles. Ozopores situated near bases of legs I, visible from above. Leg coxae without marginal rows of denticles, with only sparse setae; genital operculum and opisthosomal sternites also with only sparse setae; lateral opisthosomal sclerites absent. Pedipalps with claw usually smooth, rarely slightly toothed. Legs cylindrical, often pentagonal or hexagonal in cross section, with rows of spines or setae on edges; femora without nodules; tibiae with two accessory spiracles, one near proximal and one near apical end. Penis with glans movable, articulated, bent dorsally in resting position (usually at acute angle at base); stylus well delimited and movable. Ovipositor long and segmented with bifurcated tip.

<==Phalangiidae [Phalangidae]
    |    |  i. s.: Gricenkovia Snegovaya 2018S18
    |    |           `--*G. potanini (Gricenko 1979) (see below for synonymy)S18
    |    |--ScleropilioniniSS19
    |    |    |--Redikorcevia Snegovaya & Staręga 2008SS19
    |    |    |    |--R. platybunoides Snegovaya & Staręga 2008SS19
    |    |    |    `--R. shokhini Snegovaya & Staręga 2019SS19
    |    |    `--Scleropilio Roewer 1911S03 [incl. Scutopilio Roewer 1956TTL00b, Udezatus Nakatsudi 1943TTL00b]
    |    |         |--*S. coriaceus Roewer 1911TTL00b, S03
    |    |         |--S. armatus (Roewer 1911) (see below for synonymy)CL02
    |    |         |--S. insolens (Simon 1895)S03 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |         `--S. tibialis (Roewer 1956)CL02 [=*Scutopilio tibialisTTL00b]
    |    `--OpilioniniSS19
    |         |--OpilioS03
    |         |--EgaenusSS19
    |         |--HomolophusSS19
    |         |--Bidentolophus Roewer 1912SS19
    |         |    |--*B. bidens (Simon 1880)C92, MDP15 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |    `--B. adungius (Roewer 1956) [=Opilio adungius; incl. O. birmanicus Roewer 1956]S03
    |         `--Himalphalangium Martens 1973S19
    |              |--*H. palpale (Roewer 1956)C92 [=Opilio palpalisS03]
    |              |--H. curvatum Martens 2018M18a
    |              |--H. dolpoense Martens 1973S03
    |              |--H. nepalense (Suzuki 1972)S03
    |              |--H. spinulatum (Roewer 1911)ZZ12 (see below for synonymy)
    |              |--H. suzukii Martens 1973S03
    |              `--H. unistriatum Martens 1973S03
    `--+--Oligolophinae [Oligolophini]T07
       |    |  i. s.: ‘Phalangium’ bilineatum Fabricius 1779 (n. d.)R23
       |    |         ‘Phalangium’ conigerum Sørensen 1912 (n. d.)R23
       |    |         ‘Phalangium’ crassum Dufour 1831 (n. d.)R23
       |    |         ‘Phalangium’ cristatum Olivier 1791 (n. d.)R23
       |    |         ‘Phalangium’ lineola Dufour 1831 (n. d.)R23
       |    |         ‘Phalangium’ lupatum Eichwald 1830 (n. d.)R23
       |    |         ‘Phalangium’ mucronatum Müller 1776 (n. d.)R23
       |    |         ‘Phalangium’ muscorum Latreille 1798 (n. d.)R23, L98
       |    |         ‘Phalangium’ rubens Hermann 1804 (n. d.)R23 [=P. rubicundum Hermann 1804G00]
       |    |         ‘Phalangium’ tricuspidatum Dufour 1831 (n. d.)R23
       |    |         ‘Acantholophus’ aculeatus Koch 1839 (n. d.)R23
       |    |         ‘Opilio’ acanthopus Rossi 1847 (n. d.)R23
       |    |--OdiellusHT12
       |    |--Mitopiella Banks 1930C92
       |    |    `--*M. cinctipes Banks 1930C92
       |    |--Paralacinius Morin 1934C92
       |    |    `--*P. podoliensis Morin 1934C92
       |    |--Roeweritta Šilhavý 1965C92
       |    |    `--*R. carpentieri (Roewer 1953) [=Lacinius carpentieri]C92
       |    |--Paroligolophus Lohmander 1945C92
       |    |    |--*P. agrestis (Meade 1855)C92 (see below for synonymy)
       |    |    `--‘Opilio’ laevis Roewer 1956S03
       |    |--Oligolophus Koch 1871CH18
       |    |    |--*O. tridens (Koch 1836)C92, K08 (see below for synonymy)
       |    |    |--O. aspersus Karsch 1881ZZ12 (see below for synonymy)
       |    |    |--O. hanseni (Kraepelin 1896)ZZ12 (see below for synonymy)
       |    |    |--O. mollis Koch 1871 (n. d.)R23
       |    |    `--O. tienmushanensis Wang 1941ZZ12
       |    |--Mitopus Thorell 1876CH18 [incl. Parodiellus Roewer 1923C92, Strandibunus Roewer 1912C92]
       |    |    |--*M. morio (Fabricius 1779)C92 (see below for synonymy)
       |    |    |--M. glacialis (Heer 1845)D04 (see below for synonymy)
       |    |    |--M. koreanus (Roewer 1957) [=Leptobunus koreanus]C84
       |    |    |--M. mongolicus Roewer 1912T00
       |    |    |    |--M. m. mongolicusS65
       |    |    |    `--M. m. tschosenensis Charitonov 1957S65
       |    |    |--M. scaber Roewer 1912 [=M. bosnicus Roewer 1912 (n. n.)]R23
       |    |    `--‘Parodiellus’ signatus Roewer 1957R57
       |    |--Lacinius Thorell 1876S84, MDP15 [incl. Acantholophus Koch 1839 non Boisduval 1835C92]
       |    |    |--*L. horridus (Panzer 1794)C92 (see below for synonymy)
       |    |    |--L. angulifer (Simon 1878)MDP15 [=Acantholophus anguliferS84]
       |    |    |--L. bizleyi Mitov, Dunlop & Penney 2015MDP15
       |    |    |--L. dentiger (Koch 1848)MDP15 (see below for synonymy)
       |    |    |--L. ephippiatus (Koch 1835)MDP15 (see below for synonymy)
       |    |    |--L. erinaceus Staręga 1966MDP15
       |    |    |--L. insularis Roewer 1923MDP15
       |    |    `--L. longisetus (Thorell 1876) [=Acantholophus longisetus]R23
       |    `--Dicranopalpus Doleschall 1852R57 (see below for synonymy)
       |         |--*D. gasteinensis Doleschall 1852C92 (see below for synonymy)
       |         |--D. bolivari (Dresco 1949) [=*Fagea bolivari; incl. *Egaenasser extraordinarius Roewer 1953]C92
       |         |--D. insignipalpis (Simon 1879) [=Prosalpia insignipalpis]D04
       |         |--D. larvatus (Canestrini 1874) [=Liodes larvatus, Prosalpia larvata]D04
       |         |--D. martini (Simon 1878) [=Prosalpia martini]R23
       |         |--D. pyrenaeus Dresco 1948D04
       |         |--D. ramiger (Koch & Berendt 1854)S02 (see below for synonymy)
       |         `--D. ramosus (Simon 1909)D04 [=*Dichranochirus ramosusC92; incl. Dicr. caudatus Dresco 1948D04]
          `--Phalangiinae [Dentizacheinae, Leptobuninae, Leptobunini, Phalangiini]SS08
               |--Camerobunus Staręga & Snegovaya 2008SS08
               |    `--*C. okucola Staręga & Snegovaya 2008SS08
               |--Coptophalangium Staręga 1984SS08
               |    `--*C. bunigerum (Roewer 1956)S84 [=Opilio bunigerS03]
               |--Liropilio Gritsenko 1979C92
               |    `--*L. przhevalskii Gritsenko 1979C92
               |--Parascleropilio Rambla 1975SS08
               |    `--*P. fernandezi Rambla 1975S84
               |--Tchapinius Roewer 1929 [=Tschapinius (l. c.)]C92
               |    `--*T. malaisei Roewer 1929C92
               |--Ramblinus Staręga 1984SS08
               |    `--*R. spinipalpis (Roewer 1911) [=Dasylobus spinipalpis]S84
               |--Mizozatus Nakatsudi 1937N37
               |    `--*M. flavidus Nakatsudi 1937N37
               |--Taurolaena Snegovaya & Staręga 2009SS09
               |    `--*T. crimeana (Chemeris & Kovblyuk 2005) [=Rilaena crimeana]SS09
               |--Kalliste Martens 2018M18b
               |    `--*K. pavonum Martens 2018M18b
               |--Lophopilio Hadži 1931M18b [incl. Emonia Hadži 1973C92]
               |    `--L. palpinalis (Herbst 1799)N05 (see below for synonymy)
               |--Liopilio Schenkel 1951C92
               |    |--*L. glaber Schenkel 1951C92
               |    `--L. yukon Cokendolpher 1981BH09
               |--Toragrella Roewer 1955C92
               |    |--*T. longipes Roewer 1955C92
               |    `--T. normalis (Banks 1930) [=Hologagrella normalis]R55
               |--Bunochelis Roewer 1923SS08 [=Bunostomum Roewer 1911 non Railliet 1902C92]
               |    |--B. spinifera (Lucas 1839)S84 (see below for synonymy)
               |    `--B. canariana (Strand 1911)S03 (see below for synonymy)
               |--Platybunoides Šilhavý 1955ZZ12
               |    |--*P. argaea Šilhavý 1955ZZ12 [=P. argaeusC92]
               |    `--P. songi Zhang & Zhang 2012ZZ12
               |--Hindreus Kauri 1985SS08
               |    |--*H. leleupi (Roewer 1961)C92 [=Cheops leleupiC92, Odontobunus leleupiS84]
               |    |--H. crucifer Kauri 1985K85
               |    `--H. elegans Kauri 1985K85
               |--Megistobunus Hansen 1921SS08
               |    |--*M. longipes Hansen 1921 [incl. M. minutus Roewer 1956]S84
               |    |--M. funereus Lawrence 1962S84
               |    `--M. lamottei (Roewer 1959) [=Dasylobus lamottei]S84
               |--Metadasylobus Roewer 1911SS08 [incl. Dentizacheus Rambla 1956C92]
               |    |--*M. fuscoannulatus (Simon 1883)C92 (see below for synonymy)
               |    |--M. echinifrons (Simon 1879)D04 (see below for synonymy)
               |    `--‘Dentizacheus’ ibericus Rambla 1967S73
               |--Dacnopilio Roewer 1911SS08
               |    |--*D. armatus Roewer 1911S84 (see below for synonymy)
               |    |--D. insularis Hansen 1921S84
               |    |--D. kraepelini (Roewer 1911) [=Egaenus kraepelini]S84
               |    `--D. scopulatus Lawrence 1962S84
               |--Guruia Loman 1902SS08
               |    |--G. africana (Karsch 1878) (see below for synonymy)S84
               |    |--G. longipes Roewer 1911S84
               |    |--G. quadrispina Roewer 1911S84
               |    |--G. talboti Roewer 1911S84
               |    `--G. ultima Caporiacco 1949S84
               |--Megabunus Meade 1885M18b
               |    |--M. diadema (Fabricius 1779)DM10 (see below for synonymy)
               |    |--M. armatus (Kulczyński 1887) [=Platybunus armatus]M78
               |    |--M. lesserti Schenkel 1927DM10 [incl. Platybunus femoralis Roewer 1956M78, Metaplatybunus femoralisM78]
               |    |--M. rhinoceros (Canestrini 1872) [=Platylophus rhinoceros]D04
               |    `--M. vignai Martens 1978M78
               |--Leptobunus Banks 1893 [=Leptobrunus (l. c.); incl. Liomitopus Schenkel 1951]C84
               |    |  i. s.: L. pallidus Cokendolpher 1984C84
               |    |--L. (Leptobunus)CH18
               |    |    |--*L. (L.) californicus Banks 1893C84 (see below for synonymy)
               |    |    `--L. (L.) borealis Banks 1898CH18
               |    `--L. (Slimlepto Cokendolpher & Holmberg 2018)CH18
               |         |--L. (*S.) parvulus (Banks 1894) [=Liobunum parvulum, Leuronychus parvulus]CH18
               |         `--L. (S.) aureus Cokendolpher 1984CH18
               |--Graecophalangium Roewer 1923C92
               |    |--*G. atticum Roewer 1923M15
               |    |--G. anatolicum Kurt 2022K22
               |    |--G. antalicum Tchemeris 2021K22
               |    |--G. cretaeum Martens 1966M15
               |    |--G. drenskii Mitov 1995M15
               |    |--G. marenzelleri (Nosek 1905) [=Egaenus marenzelleri]M15
               |    |--G. militare (Koch 1839) [=Opilio militaris, Phalangium militare]M15
               |    |--G. punicum Staręga 1973M15
               |    `--G. turcicum Mitov 2009K14
               `--Odontobunus Roewer 1910SS08 (see below for synonymy)
                    |--*O. africanus Roewer 1910 [incl. Chelibunus furciger Roewer 1956, C. ruwenzorius Roewer 1956]S84
                    |--O. armatus (Sørensen 1910)S84 (see below for synonymy)
                    |--O. elegans (Roewer 1956) [=Megistobunus elegans]S84
                    |--O. kenianus Roewer 1957S84
                    |--O. longipes (Lawrence 1962) [=Cheops longipes]S84
                    |--O. niger (Roewer 1956)S84 [=Ruandella nigraS84; incl. *R. coronata Roewer 1956C92]
                    |--O. punctatus (Roewer 1956) (see below for synonymy)S84
                    `--O. pupillaris (Lawrence 1962) [=Chelibunus pupillaris]S84
Phalangiidae incertae sedis:
  Cheiromachus Menge in Koch & Berendt 1854S02, C92
    `--*C. coriaceus Menge in Koch & Berendt 1854C92
    |--Bolea Hadži 1973ZZ12
    |    `--*B. ephippiata Hadži 1973C92
    |--Stankiella Hadži 1973ZZ12
    |    `--*S. montana Hadži 1973C92
    |--Acanthomegabunus Tsurusaki, Tchemeris & Logunov 2000ZZ12
    |    `--*A. sibiricus Tsurusaki, Tchemeris & Logunov 2000TTL00a
    |--Buresilia Šilhavý 1965ZZ12
    |    |--*B. nigerrima (Roewer 1956)C92, KKG22 [=Metadasylobus nigerrimusC92]
    |    |--B. kibrisensis Kurt, Kunt & Gücel 2022KKG22
    |    `--B. macrina (Roewer 1956)K14
    `--Rafalskia Staręga 1963ZZ12
         |--R. olympica (Kulczyński 1903)K14 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--R. o. olympicaK14
         |    `--*R. o. bulgarica (Staręga 1963)C92, K14 [=Paropilio (*Rafalskia) bulgaricusC92]
         `--R. cretica (Roewer 1923)K14
  Stephanobunus Dunlop & Mammitzsch 2010DM10
    `--*S. mitovi Dunlop & Mammitzsch 2010DM10
Nomina nuda: Dicranopalpus nipponensis Kishida 1934TM00
             Oligolophus obsoletus Anon. in Roewer 1923 [=Opilio obsoletus]R23

*Bidentolophus bidens (Simon 1880)C92, MDP15 [=Acantholophus bidensMDP15, Egaenus bidensTTL00a, Euphalangium bidensS03, Lacinius bidensMDP15; incl. Opilio hexaspinulatus Saitô 1936S03, O. koreanus Charitonov 1957S03, O. peipingensis Wang 1941S03, O. tchangi Wang 1941S03, Phalangium nordenskioeldi var. transbaicalica Kulczyński 1901ZSK99, Euphalangium nordenskioldi var. transbaicalicumR23, TTL00a, Homolophus transbaicalicusZSK99]

Bunochelis canariana (Strand 1911)S03 [=Phalangium canarianumS84, Metaphalangium canarianumS84, M. canariarum (l. c.)S84; incl. Bunochelis altenai Spoek 1959S84, Opilio kochi Rambla 1956S03, O. leiobuniformis Koch 1872 (n. n.)R23, Paropilio leiobuniformis Roewer 1911KM20]

Bunochelis spinifera (Lucas 1839)S84 [=Phalangium spiniferumS84, Metaphalangium spiniferumS84, Opilio spiniferusS84, Phalangium spinipesR12; incl. Bunochelis brevipes Roewer 1923S84, O. canariensis Koch 1872S84, *Bunostomum crassipes Roewer 1911C92, Bunochelis longipes Roewer 1923S84]

*Dacnopilio armatus Roewer 1911S84 [incl. D. armatus obscurior Roewer 1958S84, Opilio punctatissimus Roewer 1959S03]

Dicranopalpus Doleschall 1852R57 [incl. Dichranochirus Simon 1909C92, Egaenasser Roewer 1953C92, Fagea Dresco 1949 non Buen 1940C92, Liodes Koch 1869 nec Heyden 1826 nec Erichson 1845C92, Prosalpia Koch 1872C92; DicranopalpinaeD04]

*Dicranopalpus gasteinensis Doleschall 1852C92 [incl. Leiobunum bibrachiatum Koch 1869D04, *Liodes bibrachiatusC92, *Prosalpia bibrachiataC92; incl. D. fraternus Szalay 1950D04]

Dicranopalpus ramiger (Koch & Berendt 1854)S02 [=Opilio ramigerS02; incl. O. corniger Menge in Koch & Berendt 1854S02, Dicranopalpus cornigerD04, D. palmnickensis Roewer 1939S02]

*Gricenkovia potanini (Gricenko 1979) [=Opilio potanini non Phalangium potanini Simon 1895 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.)]S18

Guruia africana (Karsch 1878) [=Zacheus africanus, Egaenus africanus; incl. *Guruia frigescens Loman 1902, Rhampsinitus lettowi Roewer 1923, G. leucobunus Roewer 1917, G. levis Loman 1902, G. matengona Roewer 1956, G. mecutinea Roewer 1956, Phalangium montanum Sørensen 1910, Rhampsinitus montanus, Guruia mossambica Lawrence 1957, G. nigra Roewer 1912, G. obsti Roewer 1912, Phalangium (Guruia) palmatimanus Pocock 1902, G. palmatimana, G. palpinalis Roewer 1911, G. tetea Roewer 1956, G. ukrewia Roewer 1956]S84

Himalphalangium spinulatum (Roewer 1911)ZZ12 [=Opilio spinulatusS03; incl. O. nigerrimus Schenkel 1953S03, O. pentaspinulatus Suzuki 1950S03]

Lacinius dentiger (Koch 1848)MDP15 [=Acantholophus dentigerD04; incl. A. annulipes Koch 1867D04, Bidentolophus bavaricus Roewer 1957D04, Lacinius chelodentatus Hadži 1973D04, L. labacensis Hadži 1931D04]

Lacinius ephippiatus (Koch 1835)MDP15 [=Opilio ephippiatusD04, Acantholophus ephippiatusD04, Oligolophus ephippiatusD04; incl. Odiellus hungaricus Kolosvary 1941D04, Lacinius oligodentatus Hadži 1931D04, Odiellus rucneri Hadži 1973D04, Opilio vittiger Meade 1855D04, Ol. vittigerD04]

*Lacinius horridus (Panzer 1794)C92 [=Phalangium horridumD04, Acantholophus horridusD04, Opilio horridusD04; incl. A. bellicosus Sørensen in Lendl 1894KM20, Lacinius horridus bulgaricus Šilhavý 1965D04, Lacinius dorsogranulatus Morin 1931D04, L. gallipoliensis Roewer 1923D04, A. hermanni Simon 1879D04, Opilio hispidus Herbst 1798D04, *A. hispidusC92, Lacinius hispidusD04, Phalangium hispidumD04, Acantholophus kochi Simon 1879D04, A. lemniscatus Simon 1882D04, Lacinius parisii Trossarelli 1934D04, L. regisalexandri Kratochvíl 1934KM20, Acantholophus spinulosus Koch 1839D04, Odiellus toscanus Roewer 1923M78, Lacinius toscanusM78, L. zavalensis Hadži 1973N05]

*Leptobunus (Leptobunus) californicus Banks 1893C84 [=Leptobrunus (l. c.) californicusC84; incl. *Liomitopus laevis Schenkel 1951C92]

Lophopilio palpinalis (Herbst 1799)N05 [=Opilio palpinalisD04, Acantholophus palpinalisD04, Odiellus palpinalisD04, Odius palpinalisD04, Oligolophus palpinalisD04, Phalangium palpinaleR23; incl. Opilio fuscatus Koch in Hahn & Koch 1848R23, *Emonia labacensis Hadži 1973C92, Phalangium spinulosum Hermann 1804D04, Odiellus sublaevis Caporiacco 1940M78, Acantholophus terricola Koch 1836D04, Oligolophus terricolaD04, Opilio terricolaD04, Phalangium terricolaR23, *Lophopilio tridentatus Hadži 1931C92, Megabunus trispinifrons Morin 1931D04]

Megabunus diadema (Fabricius 1779)DM10 [=Phalangium diademaD04; incl. M. grouvellei Simon 1881D04, *M. insignis Meade 1855C92]

Metadasylobus echinifrons (Simon 1879)D04 [=Dasylobus echinifronsD04, Phalangium echinifronsS73; incl. Dentizacheus zuluetai Rambla 1959D04]

*Metadasylobus fuscoannulatus (Simon 1883)C92 [=Dasylobus fuscoannulatusS84; incl. *Dentizacheus tinerfensis Rambla 1956C92]

Mitopus glacialis (Heer 1845)D04 [=Opilio glacialisD04, Oligolophus morio var. glacialisD04, *Parodiellus glacialisC92, *Strandibunus glacialisC94]

*Mitopus morio (Fabricius 1779)C92 [=Phalangium morioD04, Oligolophus morioD04; incl. Opilio affinis Koch 1848D04, Op. albescens Koch 1848D04, Op. albipes Doleschall 1852D04, Op. alpinus Herbst 1799D04, Mitopus alpinusD04, M. morio var. alpinaD04, Oligolophus alpinusD04, Phalangium alpinumD04, Mitopus alpinus var. borealis Thorell 1876R23, M. morio borealisD04, Oligolophus alpinus var. borealisR23, Ol. morio var. borealisD04, Opilio canescens Koch 1839D04, Op. cinerascens Koch 1839D04, Mitopus morio cinerascensHS89, Oligolophus cinerascensD04, Op. cryptarum Koch 1836D04, Mitopus dorsalis Banks 1900CH18, Nitopus (l. c.) dorsalisCH18, Oligolophus dorsalisCH18, Parodiellus dorsalisCH18, Strandibunus dorsalisCH18, Mitopus morio var. ericaeus Jennings 1982D04, Op. fasciatus Koch 1835 non Herbst 1798D04, Op. grossipes Herbst 1799D04, Phalangium grossipes non Müller 1776D04, Op. inermis Doleschall 1852D04, Oligolophus kulczynskii Strand 1900D04, Ol. montanus Banks 1893R23, Mitopus montanusD04, Phalangium palliatum Latreille 1798D04, Ol. morio var. palliataD04, Ol. palliatusD04, Phalangium palliatusD04, Opilio petrensis Koch 1861D04, Op. rhododendri Koch 1869D04, Op. rufescens Koch 1848D04, Op. scabripes Walker 1860CH18, Op. serripes Koch 1848D04, Op. similis Koch 1848D04, Phalangium urnigerum Hammer in Hermann 1804KM20, Oligolophus vagans Strand 1900D04]

Odontobunus Roewer 1910SS08 [incl. Chelibunus Roewer 1915C92, Cheops Sørensen 1910C92, Ruandella Roewer 1956C92; Odontobuninae]

Odontobunus armatus (Sørensen 1910)S84 [=*Cheops armatusC92; incl. *Chelibunus africanus Roewer 1915 non O. africanus Roewer 1910C92, Cheops albidorsum Roewer 1915S84, Cheops laevipes Roewer 1913S84, Cheops minor Roewer 1913S84]

Odontobunus punctatus (Roewer 1956) [=Odontosoma punctatum; incl. Odontosoma albofasciatum Roewer 1956, Odontosoma lossidanum Roewer 1956]S84

Oligolophus aspersus Karsch 1881ZZ12 [=Lacinius aspersusTT05, Odiellus aspersusTT05; incl. Nelima melanodorsum Roewer 1911ST83, Mitopus striatipes Roewer 1957ST83]

Oligolophus hanseni (Kraepelin 1896)ZZ12 [=Acantholophus hanseniiD04, A. ephippiger Hansen 1884 non Oligolophus ephippiger Simon 1879D04]

*Oligolophus tridens (Koch 1835)C92, K08 [=Opilio tridensBH09, Acantholophus tridensD04; incl. Oligolophus tridens f. obscura Lohmander 1945M78]

*Paroligolophus agrestis (Meade 1855)C92 [=Opilio agrestisBH09, Acantholophus agrestisD04, Lophopilio agrestisD04, Oligolophus (Paroligolophus) agrestisD04; incl. Ol. ephippiger Simon 1879D04]

Rafalskia olympica (Kulczyński 1903)K14 [=Platybunus strigosus olympicusC92, Metaplatybunus olympicusR23; incl. Phalangium werneri Kulczynski 1904R23]

Scleropilio armatus (Roewer 1911) [=Opilio armatus; incl. Scutopilio diadema Gritsenko 1975, Scleropilio diadema]CL02

Scleropilio insolens (Simon 1895)S03 [=Egaenus insolensCL02; incl. Scutopilio elenae Gritsenko 1975TTL00b, Scleropilio elenaeTTL00b, Egaenus rugosus Schenkel 1963S03, *Udezatus spinosus Nakatsudi 1943TTL00b]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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