White-margined moonbeam Philiris ziska, copyright Bob Miller.

Belongs within: Lycaenidae.

Philiris is a genus of butterflies found in Indo-Australian rain forests (Braby 2000).

Characters (from Braby 2000): Underside of wings plain white, silver or grey, frequently with black median spot near dorsum and additional black terminal spots at ends of veins of hind wing. Antenna more than half as long as costa of fore wing; eye smooth; fore wing with 11 veins, with radial branches R4 and R5 fused into single vein R4+5; hind wing with termen rounded, lacking tails or tornal lobe; male lacking sex-scales. Larva flattened. Pupa clothed with short dense hairs.

<==Philiris Rober 1891B00
    |--P. azula Wind & Clench 1947B00
    |--P. diana Waterhouse & Lyell 1914B00
    |    |--P. d. dianaB00
    |    `--P. d. papuanus Wind & Clench 1947B00
    |--P. fulgens (Grose-Smith & Kirby 1897)B00
    |    |--P. f. fulgensB00
    |    `--P. f. kurandae Waterhouse 1903B00
    |--P. innotatus (Miskin 1874) [incl. P. innotatus evinculis Wind & Clench 1947]B00
    |--P. nitens (Grose-Smith 1898) [incl. P. kamerungae Waterhouse 1903]B00
    |    |--P. n. nitens [incl. P. nitens restricta Tite 1963]B00
    |    `--P. n. lucina Waterhouse & Lyell 1914B00
    |--P. sappheira Sands 1980 [=P. nitens sappheira]B00
    |    |--P. s. sappheiraB00
    |    `--P. s. manskiei Ring & Olive 1997B00
    `--P. ziska (Grose-Smith 1898)B00

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B00] Braby, M. F. 2000. Butterflies of Australia: their identification, biology and distribution vol. 2. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood (Victoria).

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