Saemundssonia lari, from the Spencer Entomological Collection.

Belongs within: Phthiraptera.
Contains: Columbicola, Austrogoniodes.

The Philopteridae are a group of lice parasitic on birds, characterised by paired claws on the legs, a smoothly curved front margin on the clypeus, and a cylindrical last antennal segment (Richards & Davies 1977).

|–Saemundssonia Timmermann 1936 GE05, HPP80
|    |–S. africana CM91
|    |–S. calva A71
|    |–S. celidoxa A71
|    |–S. cephalus (Denny 1842) (see below for synonymy) P04
|    |–S. desolata Timmermann 1959 HPP80
|    |–S. fraterculae A71
|    |–S. gaini (Neumann 1913) HPP80
|    |–S. grylle A71
|    |–S. lari (Fabricius 1780) HPP80
|    |–S. lockleyi Clay 1949 HPP80
|    |–S. merguli A71
|    |–S. platygaster CM91
|    |–S. stammeri Timmermann 1959 HPP80
|    `–S. stresemanni Timmermann 1949 HPP80
`–+–Austrogoniodes GE05
`–+–Trabeculus Rudow 1866 GE05, HPP80
|    |–T. flemingi GE05
|    `–+–T. hexakon (Waterston 1914) GE05, HPP80
|       `–T. schillingi Rudow 1866 GE05, HPP80
`–+–Harrisoniella GE05
|    |–H. densa RD77
|    `–H. hopkinsi GE05
`–Halipeurus Thompson 1936 GE05, HPP80
|–H. consimilis Timmermann 1960 GE05, HPP80
`–+–H. pelagicus GE05
`–+–H. falsus GE05
|    |–H. f. falsus HPP80
|    `–H. f. pacificus Edwards 1961 HPP80
`–+–H. diversus (Kellogg 1896) GE05, HPP80
`–H. spadix GE05

Philopteridae incertae sedis:
Anatoecus CM91
|–A. dentatus CM91
`–A. pygaspis (Nitzsch in Giebel 1866) PJ02
Megalipeurus von Kéler 1958 T62
`–M. unicolor (Piaget 1880) (see below for synonymy) T62
Anaticola Clay 1935 HPP80
|–A. crassicornis (Scopoli 1763) HPP80
|–A. ewingi (Qadri 1935) [=Columbicola ewingi] T62
`–A. phoenicopteri (Coinde 1859) PJ02
Turturicola Clay & Meinertzhagen 1937 T62
|–*T. salimalii Clay & Meinertzhagen 1937 T62
`–T. sudanicus (Mjöberg 1910) [=Lipeurus sudanicus, Columbicola sudanicus] T62
Philopterus Nitzsch 1818 HPP80
|–P. atratus A71
|–P. communis [incl. Ricinus emberizae] G20
|–P. corvi A71
|–P. guttatus A71
|–P. ocellatus A71
`–P. turdi (Denny 1842) HPP80
Nesiotinus Kellogg 1903 BP04
`–N. demersus Kellogg 1903 BP04
Columbicola T62
Docophorus K08
|–D. episcopi Kellogg 1908 K08
|–D. icterodes K08
|–D. indicus K08
|–D. platystomus K08
|–D. sphenophorus K08
`–D. unifasciatus K08
Nirmus K08
|–N. furvus K08
|–N. kilimandjarensis Kellogg 1908 K08
|–N. opisthotomus Kellogg 1908 K08
|–N. pileus K08
`–N. signatus K08
Lipeurus CM91
|–L. afer Kellogg 1908 K08
|–L. bifasciatus K08
|–L. caponis CM91
|–L. hebraeus K08
|–L. heterographus RD77
|–L. platalearum K08
|–L. secretarius K08
`–L. versicolor K08
Brueelia Kéler 1936 HPP80
|–B. cyclothorax (Burmeister 1838) HPP80
`–B. merulensis (Denny 1842) HPP80
Dahlemhornia CM91
Cuclotogaster heterographus CM91
Goniocotes Burmeister 1838 CM91, BP04
|–G. bidentatus RD77
`–G. gallinae CM91
Degeeriella rufa RD77, T62
Ardeicola Clay 1935 HPP80
`–A. pilgrimi Tandan 1972 HPP80
Docophoroides Giglioli 1864 HPP80
|–D. brevis RD77
|–D. harrisoni Waterston 1917 HPP80
|–D. murphyi (Kellogg 1914) HPP80
`–D. simplex (Waterston 1914) HPP80
Haffneria Timmermann 1966 HPP80
`–H. grandis (Piaget 1880) HPP80
Naubates Bedford 1930 HPP80
|–N. prioni (Enderlein 1908) HPP80
`–N. pterodromi Bedford 1930 HPP80
Paraclisis Timmermann 1965 HPP80
|–P. diomedeae (Fabricius 1775) HPP80
`–P. obscura (Rudow 1869) HPP80
Pectinopygus Mjöberg 1910 HPP80
|–P. dispar (Piaget 1880) HPP80
`–P. gyricornis (Denny 1842) HPP80
Pelmatocerandra Enderlein 1908 HPP80
`–P. setosa (Giebel 1876) HPP80
Perineus Harrison 1936 HPP80
`–P. circumfasciatus Kéler 1957 HPP80
Pseudonirmus Mjöberg 1910 HPP80
`–P. gurli (Taschenberg 1882) HPP80
Quadraceps Clay & Meinertzhagen 1939 HPP80
|–Q. coenocoryphae Timmermann 1955 HPP80
|–Q. punctatus (Burmeister 1838) HPP80
`–Q. sellatus (Burmeister 1838) HPP80

Megalipeurus unicolor (Piaget 1880) [=Lipeurus unicolor, Oxylipeurus unicolor; incl. Lipeurus piageti Taschenberg 1882, Columbicola longiceps piageti] T62

Saemundssonia cephalus (Denny 1842) [incl. Docophorus atlanticus Kellogg 1914, Philopterus atlanticus, Saemundssonia atlantica] P04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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