Female Aaroniella badonelli, copyright Barbara Thurlow.

Belongs within: Peripsocoidea.

The Philotarsidae are a group of barklice best studied in the Australasian region (New & Lienhard 2007).

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Fore wing length ca 2.2–3.8 mm. Lacinial apex bicuspid, outer cusp broad. Tarsi two- or three-segmented; claws with subapical tooth; pulvillus slender. Macropterous or occasionally brachypterous. Fore wing with areola postica free; margin and veins setose; M+Cu usually with one rank of setae; at least some hind wing veins setose; marginal setae of both wings may cross in opposing ranks. Abdomen without ventral eversible vesicles. Male with hypandrium simple, without paired lateral lobes; aedeagus rounded at apex; external parameres not or scarcely protruding beyond tip of aedeagal arch. Female subgenital plate with simple apical lobe; gonapophyses complete, external valve large and setose.

<==Philotarsidae [Philotarsinae]
|–Abelopsocus Schmidt & New 2008 SN08
|    |–*A. fenestratus (Schmidt & Thornton 1993) [=Latrobiella fenestrata, Philotarsopsis fenestrata] SN08
|    |–A. basipunctatus (Thornton, Wong & Smithers 1977) (see below for synonymy) SN08
|    |–A. cruciclypeus (New & Thornton 1981) (see below for synonymy) SN08
|    |–A. pardus (Thornton, Wong & Smithers 1977) [=Aaroniella parda, Latrobiella parda, Philotarsopsis parda] SN08
|    `–A. truganiniae Schmidt & New 2008 SN08
|–Philotarsus Kolbe 1880 L02
|    |–*P. picicornis (Fabricius 1793) M93 (see below for synonymy)
|    |–P. flaviceps (Stephens 1836) Y02, M93 (see below for synonymy)
|    |–P. kwakiuti Mockford 1951 M93
|    |–P. parviceps Roesler 1954 G74
|    |–P. quercicola Y02
|    |–P. sinensis Li 1997 L02
|    |–P. zangdaicus Li 2002 L02
|    `–P. zangxiaoicus Li 2002 L02
|–Haplophallus Thornton 1959 SN08
|    |–*H. orientalis Thornton 1959 SN08
|    |–H. chinensis Li 1995 L02
|    |–H. comptoni Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989 NL07
|    |–H. cubitalis New & Thornton 1976 NL07
|    |–H. leopardina (Williner 1943) [=Philotarsus leopardina] B86
|    |–H. oblongatus Thornton & Smithers 1977 NL07
|    |–H. rhabdocladus Li 2002 L02
|    |–H. separatus Thornton & Smithers 1977 NL07
|    |–H. sinus Thornton & New 1977 SN08
|    |–H. subclarus Mockford 2003 M03
|    |–H. talilus Thornton & New 1977 NL07
|    `–H. trachopetalus Li 1999 L03, L02 [=H. trachopterus (l. c.) L03]
|–Philotarsopsis Tillyard 1923 [incl. Latrobiella Thornton 1981] SN08
|    |–P. guttata (Tillyard 1923) (see below for synonymy) SN08
|    |–P. alticola (Thornton & Smithers 1977) NL07
|    |–P. bundoorensis [=*Latrobiella bundoorensis] NL07
|    |–P. elongata (Thornton & Smithers 1977) NL07
|    |–P. hellyeri Schmidt & New 2008 SN08
|    |–P. kaindiensis (Thornton & Smithers 1977) NL07
|    |–P. manus (Thornton & New 1977) NL07
|    |–P. paraguttata (Thornton & New 1977) [=Haplophallus paraguttatus, Latrobiella paraguttata] SN08
|    |–P. pseudosigma (Thornton & Smithers 1977) NL07
|    |–P. setosa (Thornton & Smithers 1977) NL07
|    |–P. sigma (Thornton & Smithers 1977) NL07
|    |–P. sigmoides (Thornton & Smithers 1977) NL07
|    `–P. stigmata (Thornton & Smithers 1977) NL07
`–Aaroniella Mockford 1951 SN08
|–*A. maculosa (Aaron 1883) M93 [=Elipsocus maculosus SN08, Philotarsus maculosus M93]
|–A. achrysa (Banks 1941) [=Graphocaecilius achrysus] M93
|–A. antennata Thornton & Smithers 1977 NL07
|–A. badonneli (Danks 1950) [=Philotarsus badonneli; incl. A. eertmoedi Mockford 1979] M93
|–A. bakeri Thornton 1981 NL07
|–A. curtifurca Li 2002 L02
|–A. flexa Li 2002 L02
|–A. grandiocula Li 2002 L02
|–A. gressitti Thornton, Lee & Chui 1972 NL07
|–A. guttulata (Banks 1916) NL07
|–A. gyratigra Li 2002 L02
|–A. kepongensis New & Lee 1992 NL07
|–A. lobata Vaughan, Thornton & New 1989 NL07
|–A. lombokensis Thornton 1981 NL07
|–A. multipunctata Li 1995 L02
|–A. nebulosa Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991 NL07
|–A. pardina Li 1999 L02
|–A. pedunculata Thornton & Smithers 1977 NL07
|–A. pulchra Thornton 1959 NL07, L02
|–A. rawlingsi Smithers 1969 SN08
|–A. spenceri Thornton 1981 NL07
|–A. sudarmani Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991 NL07
`–A. ternata Li 1999 L02

Abelopsocus basipunctatus (Thornton, Wong & Smithers 1977) [=Aaroniella basipunctata, Latrobiella basipunctata, Philotarsopsis basipunctata] SN08

Abelopsocus cruciclypeus (New & Thornton 1981) [=Haplophallus cruciclypeus, Latrobiella cruciclypeus, Philotarsopsis cruciclypeus] SN08

Philotarsopsis guttata (Tillyard 1923) [=Philotarsis guttatus, Haplophallus guttatus, Latrobiella guttata; incl. *Philotarsopsis delicata Tillyard 1923, Philotarsis greyi Edwards 1950] SN08

Philotarsus flaviceps (Stephens 1836) Y02, M93 [=Psocus flaviceps M93, Caecilius flaviceps M93, Elipsocus flaviceps M93]

*Philotarsus picicornis (Fabricius 1793) M93 [=Hemerobius picicornis L02, Psocus picicornis M93; incl. Philotarsus flaviceps var. fuscoguttata Enderlein 1901 G74, Caecilius irroratus Curtis 1837 M93, Psocus lasiopterus Burmeister 1839 M93, C. lasiopterus M93, Mesopsocus poecilopterus Navás 1913 M93, Psocus pusillus Zetterstedt 1840 non Hemerobius pusillus Müller 1776 M93, Philotarsus picicornis var. stigma Kolbe 1880 G74, Ps. striatulus Stephens 1836 non Latreille 1795 M93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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