Phlebia radiata, copyright Jacy.

Belongs within: Polyporales.

Phlebia is a genus of corticioid (crust-like) fungi with basidia forming a dense palisade on the hymenium, and associated with a white rot (Binder et al. 2005).

    |  i. s.: P. albida RS99
    |         P. merismoides B14
    |         P. subochracea BH05
    |–+–+–P. chrysocreas BH05
    |  |  `–P. uda BH05
    |  `–+–P. subserialis BH05
    |     `–+–P. livida BH05
    |        `–+–‘Mycoacia’ aurea BH05
    |           `–Phlebiella HB02
    |                |–P. griseofulva HB02
    |                `–P. pseudotsugae BH05
    `–+–+–Climacodon septentrionalis BH05
       |  `–‘Candelabrochaete’ septocystidia HB02
       `–+–P. tremellosa BH05
          `–+–P. radiata BH05
             `–+–+–P. acerina BH05
                |  `–P. rufa BH05
                `–+–P. lindtneri BH05
                   `–P. rufa BH05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BH05] Binder, M., D. S. Hibbett, K.-H. Larsson, E. Larsson, E. Langer & G. Langer. 2005. The phylogenetic distribution of resupinate forms across the major clades of mushroom-forming fungi (Homobasidiomycetes). Systematics and Biodiversity 3 (2): 113–157.

[B14] Bouchard, P. (ed.) 2014. The Book of Beetles: A lifesize guide to six hundred of nature’s gems. Ivy Press: Lewes (United Kingdom).

[HB02] Hibbett, D. S., & M. Binder. 2002. Evolution of complex fruiting-body morphologies in homobasidiomycetes. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B—Biological Sciences 269: 1963–1969.

[RS99] Rossman, A. Y., G. J. Samuels, C. T. Rogerson & R. Lowen. 1999. Genera of Bionectriaceae, Hypocreaceae and Nectriaceae (Hypocreales, Ascomycetes). Studies in Mycology 42: 1–248.

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