Feeding Phlebotomus papatasi, photographed by Frank Collins.

Belongs within: Psychodoidea.

The Phlebotominae, sand flies, are a group of small flies with soil-dwelling larvae and blood-sucking adults. They are characterised by a four-branched Rs vein in the wing, and mouthparts much longer than the height of the head (Quate & Vockeroth 1981).

<==Phlebotominae GE05
    |–Phlebotomites GE05
    |–Libanophlebotomus lutfallahi GE05
    |–Chinius WI-B09
    |–Sergentomyia WI-B09
    |–Brumptomyia mesai WI-B09
    |–Warileya [incl. Hertigia] WI-B09
    |–Edentomyia WI-B09
    |–Lutzomyia QV81
    |    |–L. cruciata WI-B09
    |    |–L. longipalpis WT11
    |    `–L. vexator QV81
    `–Phlebotomus WT11
         |–P. argentipes A71
         |–P. ariasi A71
         |–P. capensis de Meillon 1955 S61
         |–P. duboscqui WT11
         |–P. longipalpis A71
         |–P. major A71
         |–P. orientalis A71
         |–P. papatasi NJ91
         |–P. parfiliewi A71
         |–P. perniciosus A71
         |–P. sergenti A71
         `–P. verrucarum A71

*Type species of generic name indicated


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