Dioedus punctatus, copyright Chris Rorabaugh.

Belongs within: Tenebrionidae.

The Phrenapatinae are tenebrionid beetles with clubbed antennae, striate mandibles and simple tarsi (Matthews & Bouchard 2008).

Characters (from Matthews & Bouchard 2008): Antennae clubbed. Mandibular scissorial lobe usually apically tridentate, mola finely striate. Corpotentorium present, flat or strongly arched. Eyes small, entire. Elytral striae nine or more, without scutellary striole. Wing with radial cell absent, large apical membrane and reduced posterior venation. Mesepimeron not reaching mesocoxal cavities. Tarsomeres not expanded or lobed. Abdomen with membrane visible after ventrites 3 and 4, hinging tenebrionoid. Defensive glands absent. Outer edge of last ventrite with broad groove to receive elytral edges. Ovipositor greatly reduced, without gonostyles. Bursa copulatrix present, spermatheca not bursa derived, attached to base of accessory gland. Aedeagus without alae, with basal piece much shorter than apical.

    |--Archaeoglenes Broun 1893 [=Archeoglenes (l. c.); Archaeoglenini]MB08
    |    |--*A. costipennis Broun 1893MB08
    |    `--A. australis Lawrence 1979MB08
    |    |--DelognathaB14
    |    `--PhrenapatesB14
    |         |--P. benettiR13
    |         `--P. dux Gebien 1910B14
         |--Archeophthora Kaszab 1978MB08
         |    `--*A. tasmanica (Carter 1919) [=Brachycilibe tasmanica]MB08
         |--Clamoris Gozis 1886 [incl. Phthora Dejean 1834]AT02
         |    `--C. americana (Horn 1874)AT02
         |--Tagalinus Kaszab 1977MB08
         |    |--*T. lifuanus (Montrouzier 1860) [=Uloma lifuana]MB08
         |    `--T. australis Matthews & Lawrence 2005MB08
         |--Pseudophthora Kaszab 1970MB08
         |    |--*P. laena Kaszab 1970MB08
         |    `--P. wilsoni Kaszab 1978MB08
         |--Scolytocaulus Fairmaire 1896 [incl. Picnotagalus Kaszab 1939, Platycilibe Carter 1911]MB08
         |    |--*S. bouchardi Fairmaire 1896MB08
         |    |--S. brevis (Carter 1911) [=*Platycilibe brevis]MB08
         |    |--*Picnotagalus’ horni Kaszab 1939MB08
         |    |--S. integricollis (Carter 1920) [=Platycilibe integricollis]MB08
         |    `--S. wilsoni (Carter 1929) [=Platycilibe wilsoni]MB08
         `--Dioedus LeConte 1862 [incl. Arrhabaeus Champion 1886, Brachycilibe Carter 1911, Tagalus Gebien 1914]MB08
              |--*D. punctatus LeConte 1862MB08
              |--D. antennatus (Carter 1911) [=*Brachycilibe antennata]MB08
              |--D. araucariae (Lea 1929) [=Brachycilibe araucariae]MB08
              |--*Arrhabaeus’ convexus Champion 1886MB08
              |--‘Arrhabaeus’ guadeloupensis Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890 (see below for synonymy)FS90
              |--*Tagalus’ impressicollis Gebien 1914MB08
              `--D. tibialisO09

‘Arrhabaeus’ guadeloupensis Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890 [incl. A. guadeloupensis var. minor Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890]FS90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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