Phthiracarus (Archiphthiracarus)

Phthiracarus borealis, copyright Macromite.

Belongs within: Phthiracaridae.

The subgenus Archiphthiracarus of the genus Phthiracarus is a cosmopolitan group of phthiracarid box mites (Subías 2004).

Characters (from Balogh & Balogh 1992): Body surface not heavily sculptured. Interlamellar setae long and smooth; the majority of notogastral setae of the same type. Ano-adanal plates with five pairs of setae.

<==Phthiracarus (Archiphthiracarus Balogh & Mahunka 1979) (see below for synonymy)S04
    |--P. (A.) peristomaticus Willmann 1951S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. (A.) aegypticus (Al-Assiuty, Bayoumi & Abdel-Hamid 1984) [=Archiphthiracarus aegypticus]S04
    |--P. (A.) aliquantus Niedbała 1988S04
    |--P. (A.) anonymus Grandjean 1933S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. (A.) armatus (Mahunka 1986) [=Hoplophorella armata]S04
    |--P. (A.) assimilis Niedbała 1983S04
    |--P. (A.) atlanticus (Pérez-Íñigo 1987) [=Archiphthiracarus atlanticus]S04
    |--P. (A.) atratus (Niedbała 2000) [=Notophthiracarus atratus]S04
    |--P. (A.) australis (Aoki 1980) [=Paraphthiracarus australis]S04
    |--P. (A.) baloghi Feider & Suciu 1957S04 [=Paraphthiracarus baloghiA80]
    |--P. (A.) borealis (Trägardh 1910)S04 [=Hoploderma borealeS04, Paraphthiracarus borealisA80]
    |--P. (A.) brevisetae Jacot 1930 [incl. P. restrictus Jacot 1937]S04
    |--P. (A.) bryobius Jacot 1930S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. (A.) bulbiferus (Mahunka 1996) (see below for synonymy)S04
    |--P. (A.) cadizi Niedbała 1986S04
    |--P. (A.) cavernosus (Wallwork 1977) [=Hoplophthiracarus cavernosus]S04
    |--P. (A.) clavatus Parry 1979S04
    |--P. (A.) cognatus Niedbała 1988S04
    |--P. (A.) comatus Niedbała 1983S04
    |--P. (A.) crassus Niedbała 1983S04
    |--P. (A.) crispus Hammer 1972S04
    |--P. (A.) curiosus Niedbała 1998S04
    |--P. (A.) curtulus Berlese 1923S04
    |--P. (A.) dissonus Niedbała 1983S04
    |--P. (A.) dominiaki Niedbała 1984S04
    |--P. (A.) endroedrii (Mahunka 1984) [=Archiphthiracarus endroedrii]S04
    |--P. (A.) eupalineus Mahunka 2001S04
    |--P. (A.) falciformis Morell & Subías 1991S04
    |--P. (A.) flagellatus Wallwork 1977S04
    |--P. (A.) flexipilus Calugar & Vasiliu 1981S04
    |--P. (A.) fraternus Niedbała 1998S04
    |--P. (A.) furvus Niedbała 1983S04
    |--P. (A.) gibber (Aoki 1980) [=Paraphthiracarus gibber]S04
    |--P. (A.) globifer Hammer 1962S04
    |--P. (A.) globosus (Koch 1841)S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. (A.) imbecilis (Mahunka 1989) [=Archiphthiracarus imbecilis]S04
    |--P. (A.) inacessus Niedbała 1998S04
    |--P. (A.) inornatus Niedbała 1984S04
    |--P. (A.) invenustus Niedbała 2000S04
    |--P. (A.) largus Niedbała 1984S04
    |--P. (A.) ligneus Willmann 1931S04 [=Paraphthiracarus ligneusA80; incl. Ph. sellnicki Feider & Suciu 1957S04]
    |--P. (A.) liparus Niedbała 1984S04
    |--P. (A.) mediocris Niedbała 1984S04
    |--P. (A.) modestus Niedbała 1988S04
    |--P. (A.) montanus Pérez-Íñigo 1969S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. (A.) murphyi Harding 1976S04, NB-P09, S04
    |--P. (A.) neonominatus Subías 2004 [=Microphthiracarus baloghi Mahunka 1982 non P. baloghi Feider & Suciu 1957]S04
    |--P. (A.) nitidus Niedbała 1986S04
    |--P. (A.) obscurus Niedbała 1986S04
    |--P. (A.) occultus Niedbała 1981S04
    |--P. (A.) ochthus Niedbała 2001S04
    |--P. (A.) opacus Niedbała 1986S04
    |--P. (A.) ornatus Mahunka 1991S04
    |--P. (A.) papillosus Parry 1979S04
    |--P. (A.) parabaloghi Niedbała 1983S04
    |--P. (A.) parabotrichus Feider & Suciu 1957S04 [=Paraphthiracarus parabotrichusA80]
    |--P. (A.) paraglobosus Niedbała 1982S04
    |--P. (A.) parapocsi Niedbała 2001S04
    |--P. (A.) paratubulus Niedbała 1991S04
    |--P. (A.) parmatus (Nakatamari 1985) [=Paraphthiracarus parmatus]S04
    |--P. (A.) paucus Niedbała 1991S04
    |--P. (A.) pellucidus Ramsay 1966S04 [=Paraphthiracarus pellucidusA80]
    |--P. (A.) persimilis Niedbała 1998S04
    |--P. (A.) plenus Niedbała 1998S04
    |--P. (A.) puylaerti (Niedbała 2001) [=Notophthiracarus puylaerti]S04
    |--P. (A.) pygmaeus Balogh 1958 (see below for synonymy)S04
    |--P. (A.) robertsi Sheals 1965S04 [=Notophthiracarus robertsiN86]
    |--P. (A.) sangumburiensis (Niedbała 2002) [=Hoplophthiracarus sangumburiensis]S04
    |--P. (A.) sanvicensis Subías & Gil-Martín 1990S04
    |--P. (A.) schauenbergi (Mahunka 1988) [=Archiphthiracarus schauenbergi]S04
    |--P. (A.) scitus Niedbała 1983S04
    |--P. (A.) similis Niedbała 1981S04
    |--P. (A.) stramineus (Koch 1841) [=Hoplophora straminea]S04
    |--P. (A.) subdolus Niedbała 1983S04
    |--P. (A.) subiasi Niedbała 1986S04
    |--P. (A.) sudamericanus (Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1993) [=Archiphthiracarus sudamericanus]S04
    |--P. (A.) torosus Willmann 1939S04 [=Paraphthiracarus torosusA80]
    |--P. (A.) tubulus (Hammer 1972)S04, N91 [=Hoplophthiracarus tubulusN86]
    `--P. (A.) ‘wallworki’ Niedbała 1984 non Austrophthiracarus wallworki Balogh & Balogh 1983S04

Phthiracarus (Archiphthiracarus Balogh & Mahunka 1979) [incl. Archiphthiracarella Mahunka 1996, Microphthiracarus Mahunka 1982, Paraphthiracarus Aoki 1980, Peridromotritia Jacot 1923]S04

Phthiracarus (Archiphthiracarus) anonymus Grandjean 1933S04 [=Paraphthiracarus anonymusA80; incl. Ph. anonymus amicus Jacot 1938S04, Archiphthiracarus hauseri Mahunka 1988S04, A. pocsi Mahunka 1983S04]

Phthiracarus (Archiphthiracarus) bryobius Jacot 1930S04 [=Ph. setosellum bryobiusS04; incl. Ph. crinitosimilis Willmann 1939S04, Archiphthiracarus gobiensis Mahunka 1981S04, A. hungaricus Balogh & Mahunka 1979S04, Phthiracarus lanatus Feider & Suciu 1957S04, *Paraphthiracarus lanatusA80, Ph. pilosus Sergienko 1987S04]

Phthiracarus (Archiphthiracarus) bulbiferus (Mahunka 1996) [=Archiphthiracarella bulbifera; incl. A. baloghorum Mahunka 1997, Phthiracarus insularis Balogh 1964 non Jacot 1934, P. minor Niedbała 2001 non P. pavidus minor Krivolutsky 1975]S04

Phthiracarus (Archiphthiracarus) globosus (Koch 1841)S04 [=Hoplophora globosaS04, Hoploderma globosumS22; incl. Phthiracarus globus Parry 1979S04, P. rotundus Ewing 1908S04, *Peridromotritia rotundaB65, Hoplophora sphaerula Banks 1895S04, P. subglobosus Berlese 1923S04]

Phthiracarus (Archiphthiracarus) montanus Pérez-Íñigo 1969S04 [=Paraphthiracarus montanusA80, incl. P. rectisetosus Parry 1979S04, Archiphthiracarus tzanoudakisi Mahunka 1979S04]

Phthiracarus (Archiphthiracarus) peristomaticus Willmann 1951S04 [=Paraphthiracarus peristomaticusA80; incl. Archiphthiracarus hammeni Balogh & Mahunka 1979S04, *A. variabilis Balogh & Mahunka 1979S04]

Phthiracarus (Archiphthiracarus) pygmaeus Balogh 1958 [incl. Archiphthiracarus foveolatus Mahunka 1988, A. minutissimus Balogh & Mahunka 1980, Phthiracarus passimpunctatus Balogh 1988, P. serrula Balogh & Mahunka 1977]S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A80] Aoki, J. 1980. A revision of the oribatid mites of Japan. I. The families Phthiracaridae and Oribotritiidae. Bulletin of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Yokohama National University 6 (2): 1–89.

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