New Holland honeyeater Phylidonyris novaehollandiae, photographed by J. J. Harrison.

Belongs within: Meliphagidae.

Phylidonyris is a genus of slender-bodied and -billed honeyeaters found in Australia and the south-west Pacific. Members of this genus have yellow remige patches, and palatines with broadened incurved pre-palatine stems and raised, attenuately winged transpalatine process (Schodde & Mason 1999).

<==Phylidonyris Lesson 1831 [Phylidonyridae]B94
    |  i. s.: P. notabilisJT12
    |--P. pyrrhopterusJF06, JT12
    |    |--P. p. pyrrhopterusM03
    |    `--P. p. halmaturinaM03
    `--+--P. nigerJF06, JT12
       |    |--P. n. nigerM03
       |    `--P. n. gouldiM03
       `--P. novaehollandiaeJF06
            |--P. n. novaehollandiaeM03
            |--P. n. campbelliM03
            |--P. n. canescensM03
            |--P. n. caudataM03
            `--P. n. longirostrisM03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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