Chlamydatus pullus, copyright AfroBrazilian.

Belongs within: Miridae.

The Phylinae are a group of usually small (2–3 mm) mirids that usually lack a pronotal collar. They possess setiform parempodia and pulvilli arising from the ventral surface of the claw (Carver et al. 1991).

| i. s.: Cephalocapsidea stali Girault 1937Gi37
| |--HallodapusCGW91
| `--AcrorrhiniumCGW91
| |--PilophorusCGW91
| | |--P. cinnamopterusR13
| | `--P. confususH01
| |--ParamixiaCGW91
| `--Anthropophagiotes Kirkaldy 1908K08
| `--*A. thanatopharus Kirkaldy 1908K08
| |--Leucophoroptera philippinensisMC94
| |--Tytthus mundulusCGW91
| `--SejanusCGW91
| |--S. albisignatusMC13
| `--S. ecnomiosMC94
|--Campylomma lividaCGW91
| |--P. betuletiH01
| `--P. seriatusGa37
| |--P. albipennisH01
| `--P. chrysanthemiH01
|--C. pulicariusH01
|--C. pullusH01
`--C. saltitansH01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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