Physodactylus fleutiauxi, copyright V. Hanzlik.

Belongs within: Elateridae.

The Physodactylinae are a group of click beetles with falciform mandibles (Bouchard 2014).

<==Physodactylinae [Physodactylini, Toxognathinae]
    |--Antoligostethus Blackburn 1911C96
    |    `--*A. lucidus Blackburn 1911C96
    |--Nullarborica Blackburn 1911C96
    |    `--*N. concinna Blackburn 1911C96
         |--P. fleutiauxiB14
         |--P. oberthuri Fleutiaux 1892B14
         `--P. testaceusB14

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B14] Bouchard, P. (ed.) 2014. The Book of Beetles: A lifesize guide to six hundred of nature’s gems. Ivy Press: Lewes (United Kingdom).

[C96] Calder, A. A. 1996. Click beetles: genera of the Australian Elateridae (Coleoptera). CSIRO Australia: Collingwood.

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