Pale-billed woodpecker Campephilus guatemalensis, copyright Dominic Sherony.

Belongs within: Picidae.
Contains: Picoidini, Melanerpes, Celeus, Piculus, Colaptes, Picus, Campethera.

The Picinae, true woodpeckers, are a group of birds adapted for using their straight, pointed bills for chiseling bark and wood. They have short legs with strong claws, and their tails have stiff, pointed feathers that are used to prop the bird when it clings upright to vertical surfaces. Most species are insectivores though some feed on sap or hard fruits.

<==Picinae [Colaptini, Dendrodrocopinae, Dryocopini, Hemicircini, Picini, Psilorhinae]B94
    |--+--Nesoctites Hargitt 1890BKB15, B94 [Nesoctitini]
    |  |    `--N. micromegasBKB15
    |  `--Hemicircus Swainson 1837BKB15, B94
    |       |--H. canenteBKB15
    |       `--H. concretusJT12
       |  |  `--+--MelanerpesBKB15
       |  |     `--+--‘Melanerpes’ striatusBKB15
       |  |        `--Sphyrapicus Baird 1858BKB15, S05
       |  |             |--S. thyroideusBKB15
       |  |             `--+--S. varius (Linné 1766)JT12, S05 [=Picus variusS05, P. (Dendrocopus) variusS05, Sphyropicus variusS05]
       |  |                `--+--S. nuchalisJT12
       |  |                   `--S. ruberJT12 [incl. S. daggettiS70]
       |  `--+--+--BlythipicusBKB15
       |     |  |    |--B. pyrrhotisBKB15
       |     |  |    |    |--B. p. pyrrhotisVP89
       |     |  |    |    `--B. p. sinensisVP89
       |     |  |    `--B. rubiginosusBKB15
       |     |  `--+--Reinwardtipicus validusBKB15
       |     |     `--Chrysocolaptes Blyth 1843BKB15, B94 [Chrysocolaptini]
       |     |          |--C. festivusJT12
       |     |          |--C. guttacristatusRN72
       |     |          |--C. lucidusBKB15
       |     |          `--C. sultaneus [incl. C. strictus]S89
       |     `--Campephilus Gray 1840BKB15, B94 [Campephilini]
       |          |  i. s.: C. albirostrisSS66
       |          |         C. robustusJT12
       |          |--C. haematogasterBKB15
       |          `--+--+--C. imperialisBKB15
       |             |  `--C. principalisBKB15
       |             |       |--C. p. principalisFP64
       |             |       `--C. p. bairdiiFP64
       |             `--+--C. magellanicusBKB15
       |                `--+--+--C. leucopogonBKB15
       |                   |  `--C. rubricollisBKB15
       |                   `--+--C. pollensBKB15
       |                      `--+--C. guatemalensisBKB15
       |                         `--+--C. gayaquilensisBKB15
       |                            `--C. melanoleucosBKB15
          |  |  `--+--PiculusBKB15
          |  |     `--ColaptesBKB15
          |  `--Dryocopus Boie 1826BKB15, B94
          |       |  i. s.: D. galeatusJT12
          |       |         D. hodgeiJT12
          |       |         D. javensisJT12
          |       |           |--D. j. javensisI92
          |       |           `--D. j. richardsi Tristram 1879I92
          |       |         D. schulziJT12
          |       |--+--D. lineatusBKB15
          |       |  |    |--D. l. lineatusE52
          |       |  |    `--D. l. nuperusE52
          |       |  `--D. pileatusBKB15
          |       `--+--D. martius (Linnaeus 1758)BKB15, I92
          |          `--MulleripicusBKB15
          |               |--M. funebrisBKB15
          |               `--M. pulverulentusJT12
             |  `--+--CampetheraBKB15
             |     `--+--‘Campethera’ cailliautiiBKB15
             |        `--GeocolaptesBKB15
             |             |--G. aratorS66
             |             `--G. olivaceusBKB15
             `--+--+--‘Celeus’ brachyurusBKB15
                |  `--Meiglyptes Swainson 1837BKB15, B94 [Meiglyptini]
                |       |--M. jugularisJT12
                |       |--M. tristisBKB15
                |       `--M. tukkiBKB15
                   |    |--G. grantiaBKB15
                   |    `--G. viridisJT12
                   `--Dinopium Rafinesque 1814BKB15, B94 [incl. Tiga Kaup 1836B94; Tigini]
                        |--D. benghalenseJT12
                        |--‘Tiga’ intermediaS89
                        |--D. javanenseBKB15 [=T. javanensisS89]
                        |--D. rafflesiiJT12
                        `--D. shoriiBKB15

*Type species of generic name indicated


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