Pinus subgenus Strobus

Bristlecone pine Pinus longaeva, copyright Jim Morefield.

Belongs within: Pinaceae.

The subgenus Strobus of the genus Pinus includes the white and soft pines, in which a single fibrovascular bundle is present in each needle.

<==Pinus subg. Strobus
    |--+--+--P. (subsect. Nelsoniae) nelsoniiEH06
    |  |  `--P. subsect. BalfourianaeEH06
    |  |       |--P. aristataEH06
    |  |       `--+--P. balfourianaEH06
    |  |          |    |--P. b. ssp. balfourianaH93
    |  |          |    `--P. b. ssp. austrinaH93
    |  |          `--P. longaevaEH06
    |  `--P. subsect. CembroidesEH06
    |       |--+--P. (subsect. Rzedowskianae) rzedowskiiEH06
    |       |  `--+--P. maximartineziiEH06
    |       |     `--P. pinceanaEH06
    |       `--+--P. cembroidesEH06
    |          |--+--P. discolorEH06
    |          |  `--P. johannisEH06
    |          `--+--P. edulisEH06
    |             `--P. monophyllaEH06 [incl. P. californiarumH93]
    `--+--+--P. (subsect. Krempfianae) krempfiiEH06
       |  `--P. subsect. GerardianaeEH06
       |       |--P. bungeanaEH06
       |       `--P. gerardianaEH06
       `--P. sect. StrobusEH06
            |--P. peuceEH06
            `--+--+--P. strobus Linnaeus 1753EH06, CD07
               |  `--+--P. lambertianaEH06
               |     `--P. strobiformisEH06
               `--+--+--P. flexilisEH06
                  |  `--P. monticolaEH06
                  `--+--P. albicaulisEH06
                     `--+--P. parvifloraEH06
                        `--+--P. armandiiEH06
                           |--P. cembraEH06
                           |--P. koraiensisEH06
                           |--P. kwangtungensisEH06
                           |--P. pumilaEH06
                           `--P. wallichianaEH06
                                |--P. w. var. wallichianaSN88
                                `--P. w. var. manangensis Ohba & Suzuki in Suzuki & Noshiro 1988SN88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[EH06] Eckert, A. J., & B. D. Hall. 2006. Phylogeny, historical biogeography, and patterns of diversification for Pinus (Pinaceae): phylogenetic tests of fossil-based hypotheses. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 40 (1): 166–182.

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