Appleberry Billardiera scandens, copyright Harry Rose.

Belongs within: Apiales.
Contains: Pittosporum.

The Pittosporaceae are a group of trees, shrubs and lianes widespread in the Old World, members of which produce fruits with seeds covered in a sticky pulp. Representative include Billardiera, appleberries or bluebell creepers, a genus of subshrubs or lianas producing more or less succulent berries.

Characters (from Allan 1961): Trees, shrubs or lianes with alternate or whorled simple exstipulate leaves. Flowers pentamerous, usually perfect, regular, solitary or in cymes or panicles; sepals free or connate near base, imbricate; petals imbricate, clawed; stamens alternating with petals; anthers usually introrse, opening by pores or slits. Ovary superior, 2–5-loculed; placentae parietal or axile, ovules numerous. Fruit usually a loculicidal capsule; seeds usually immersed in viscid pulp, embryo minute, endosperm copious.

<==Pittosporaceae [Pittosporeae]
    |--+--Hymenosporum flavumDK-DW00
    |  |--PittosporumDK-DW00
    |  `--BursariaDK-DW00
    |       |--B. incanaB00
    |       |--B. occidentalisG04a
    |       `--B. spinosaM08
    `--+--Sollya heterophyllaDK-DW00, H93 [incl. S. fusiformisH93]
            |--B. bicolorK90
            |    |--B. b. var. bicolorK90
            |    `--B. b. var. lineataK90
            |--B. coriaceaG04b
            |--B. drummondianaGK00
            |--B. erubescensGK00
            |--B. fusiformisCFH05
            |--B. longifloraK03
            |--B. parvifloraGK00
            |--B. scandensC08
            |--B. sericeaOS04
            `--B. variifoliaRL05
Pittosporaceae incertae sedis:
    |--C. multiflorusB96
    `--C. pauciflorusK03
    |--C. filifoliaG04a
    `--C. preissianaK90
  Bentleya diminutaG04b
  Billardierites longistylus Caspary 1881CBH93
    |--A. resinosaLK14
    `--A. rhombifoliaM08
    |--M. bicolorOS04
    |--M. candidusGK00
    |--M. erubescensOS04
    `--M. procumbensB96
  Cheiranthus linearisB96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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