Plagiochila deltoidea, from here.

Belongs within: Jungermanniales.

Plagiochila is a cosmopolitan genus of leafy liverworts; with over 1200 species, it is the largest of the recognised liverwort genera. Members of the genus are very diverse in superficial appearance, including both trailing epiphytic species and forms with reduced leaves.

Characters (from Hong 1992): Dioicous gametangia; gemmae absent; creeping rhizomatous stems; branching of lateral-intercalary and Frullania types; rhizoid generally absent; succubous, obliquely inserted, long decurrent leaves; vestigial underleaves; strongly laterally compressed perianths; perigynium absent; oval-globose capsules (four-valved at base); bispiral elaters.

    |--P. acanthodaJ87
    |--P. adiantoidesJ87
    |--P. ambustaE03
    |--P. angulataE03
    |--P. angusticedensJ87
    |--P. angustispinaJ87
    |--P. annotinaM49
    |--P. ansata Hooker & Taylor 1847 [=Jungermannia ansata Hooker & Taylor 1844]E03
    |--P. arbusculaM49
    |--P. asplenioidesM08
    |--P. barbadensisJ87
    |--P. bidensJ87
    |--P. bifariaJ87
    |--P. bispinosa Lindenb. 1858E03
    |--P. boissieriJ87
    |--P. bursataJ87
    |--P. circinalisE03
    |--P. conjugataM49
    |--P. corticolaG06
    |--P. crispataJ87
    |--P. cristataJ87
    |--P. cuspidataG06
    |--P. debilisG06
    |--P. deltoideaM49
    |--P. denticulataG06
    |--P. devexaG06
    |--P. drueliiG06
    |--P. duraE03
    |--P. duricaulis Hooker & Taylor 1847 [=Jungermannia duricaulis Hooker & Taylor 1844]E03
    |--P. elataD03
    |--P. elegansG06
    |--P. fagicolaE03
    |--P. fasciculataM49
    |--P. flexicaulisD03
    |--P. flexuosaG06
    |--P. fruticosaG06
    |--P. fuegiensisE03
    |--P. gayanaD03
    |--P. giganteaM49
    |--P. gracilisG06
    |--P. gregariaM49
    |--P. heteromallaE03
    |--P. hirtaE03
    |--P. hyadesianaE03
    |--P. hypnoidesJ87
    |--P. jacquinotiiE03
    |--P. jamesoniiJ87
    |--P. kroneanaJ87
    |--P. latifronsD03
    |--P. lechleriE03
    |--P. longissimaD03
    |--P. lyalliiM49
    |--P. macvicariiJ87
    |--P. mundaliensisG06
    |--P. neesianaE03
    |--P. nepalensisG06
    |--P. obcuneataE03
    |--P. patagonicaE03
    |--P. perrottetianaJ87
    |--P. pleurotaM49
    |--P. porelloidesM08
    |--P. pseudorenitensG06
    |--P. ramosissimaM49
    |--P. rectangulataE03
    |--P. remotidensE03
    |--P. retrospectansSF01
    |--P. robustaE03
    |--P. rufescensD03
    |--P. savatieranaE03
    |--P. sciophilaG06
    |--P. secretifoliaG06
    |--P. semidecurrensG06
    |--P. sinclairiiM49
    |--P. solitariaJ87
    |--P. stephensonianaSF01
    |--P. subpectinataE03
    |--P. subsimilisC82
    |--P. subtropicalG06
    |--P. superbaJ87
    |--P. tenuisJ87
    |--P. tristisD03
    `--P. uncialisE03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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