Drepanotrema sp., copyright Mil Marques.

Belongs within: Hygrophila.
Contains: Ancylini, Ferrissia, Planorbini, Helisomatini, Segmentina.

The Planorbidae are a diverse, cosmopolitan group of air-breathing freshwater snails. Members vary between the high-spired Miratestinae, planispiral Planorbinae and limpet-like Ancylinae.

<==Planorbidae [Ancylidae, Ancyloplanorbidae, Hydrophila, Planorbia, Planorbina, Wladislaviidae]
    |–Ancylinae [Ancylina] BR17
    |    |–Ancylini BR17
    |    `–Laevapicini [Gundlachiinae, Laevapecinae, Laevapicidae, Laevapicinae] BR17
    |         |–Laevapex Walker 1903 BR05
    |         |    |–*L. fuscus (Adams 1840) [=Ancylus fuscus] BR17
    |         |    `–L. fragilis B68
    |         `–Gundlachia Pfeiffer 1849 BR17, RGG06
    |              |–‘Ancylus’ radiatus Guilding 1829 (see below for synonymy) BR05
    |              |–G. californica C64
    |              |–G. lucasi Suter 1905 P61
    |              |–G. neozelanica Suter 1905 P61
    |              |–G. petterdi Johnston 1878 P79
    |              `–G. ticaga (Marcus & Marcus 1962) RGG06
    |–Miratestinae [Ferrissiidae, Ferrissiinae, Ferrissinae, Miratestidae, Miratestini] BR17
    |    |–Ferrissia BR05
    |    |–Miratesta Sarasin & Sarasin 1897 BR05
    |    |    `–*M. celebensis Sarasin & Sarasin 1897 BR17
    |    |–Ancylastrum Bourguignat 1853 [Ancylastridae, Ancylastrinae, Ancylastrini, Ancylastruminae] BR05
    |    |    `–*A. cumingianum (Bourguignat 1853) BR17 [=Ancylus cumingianus BR17, Ancylus (*Legrandia) cumingianus L79]
    |    |–Protancylus Sarasin & Sarasin 1897 [Protancylidae, Protancylinae] BR05
    |    |    `–*P. adhaerens Sarasin & Sarasin 1897 BR17
    |    |–Amerianna Strand 1928 [=Ameria Adams 1861; Amerianneae, Ameriannini] BR05
    |    |    `–*A. carinata (Adams 1861) [=Physa carinata, *Ameria carinata] BR17
    |    |–Patelloplanorbis Hubendick 1957 [Patelloplanorbidae] BR05
    |    |    `–*P. tigiensis Hubendick 1957 BR17
    |    |–Bayardella Burch 1977 BR17, BR05 [Bayardellini]
    |    |    `–*B. johni (Burch 1977) BR17 [=Plesiophysa (Bayardella) johni KKW12]
    |    |–Physastra Tapparone Canefri 1883 [Physastreae, Physastrinae] BR05
    |    |    |–*P. vestita (Tapparone Canefri 1883) [=Physa vestita] BR17
    |    |    |–P. oconnori (Cumber 1941) P61
    |    |    `–P. variabilis (Gray 1843) (see below for synonymy) P61
    |    `–Kincaidilla Hannibal 1912 PB27
    |         |–*K. fragilis [=Ancylus fragilis] PB27
    |         |–K. equeefensis (Walker 1924) [=Gundlachia equeefensis, Ancylus (Ferrissia) equeefensis] PB27
    |         |–K. farquhari (Walker 1924) [=Gundlachia farquhari] PB27
    |         `–K. lhotelleriei (Bourguignat in Walker 1914) [=Gundlachia lhotelleriei] PB27
    `–Planorbinae BR05
         |–Planorbini BR05
         |–Helisomatini BR17
         |–Segmentina BR05
         |–Camptoceras Benson 1843 BR05 [Camptocerateae, Camptoceratinae, Camptoceratini BR17, Camptocerinae]
         |    `–*C. terebra Benson 1843 BR17
         |–Planorbarius Duméril 1806 (see below for synonymy) BR05
         |    |–*P. corneus (Linnaeus 1758) BR17 (see below for synonymy)
         |    `–P. villatoyensis E99
         |–Neoplanorbini [Neoplanorbidae, Neoplanorbinae] BR17
         |    |–Amphigyra dalli (White 1883) TTE93
         |    |–Neoplanorbis Pilsbry 1906 BR05
         |    |    `–*N. tantillus Pilsbry 1906 BR17
         |    `–Payettia Dall 1924 [Payettiidae, Payettiinae, Payettinae] BR05
         |         `–*P. dalli (White 1882) [=Latia dalli] BR17
         `–Drepanotrema Crosse & Fischer 1880 BR05 [Drepanotrematinae, Drepanotrematini BR17, Drepanotremeae]
              |–*D. yzabalense (Crosse & Fischer 1879) [=Planorbis yzabalensis] BR17
              |–D. anatinum (d’Orbigny 1835) RGG06
              |–D. cimex (Moricand 1839) RGG06
              |–D. depressissimum (Moricand 1839) RGG06
              |–D. esperanzense (Tryon 1866) [=Planorbis esperanzensis] BR17
              |–D. heloicum (d’Orbigny 1835) RGG06
              |–D. kermatoides (d’Orbigny 1835) RGG06
              |–D. nordestense (Lucena 1953) [=Tropicorbis nordestensis] B59
              `–D. lucidum (Pfeiffer 1839) RGG06

Planorbidae incertae sedis:
  Antillorbis Harry & Hubendick 1963 RGG06
    `–A. nordestensis (Lucena 1954) RGG06
  Anisancylus Pilsbry 1924 RGG06
    `–A. obliquus (Broderip & Sowerby 1832) RGG06
  Hebetancylus Pilsbry 1913 RGG06
    `–H. moricandi (d’Orbigny 1837) RGG06
  Uncancylus Pilsbry 1913 RGG06
    `–U. concentricus (d’Orbigny 1835) RGG06
  Planorbella AG88
    |–*P. corpulenta (Say 1824) A79, P88 [=Planorbis corpulentus A79, Helisoma corpulentum C64]
    `–P. magnifica (Pilsbry 1903) [=Planorbis magnificus] AG88
  Isidorella Tate 1896 KKW12
    |–I. egregia (Preston 1906) [=Limnaea (Bulinus) egregia, Glyptophysa egregia] KKW12
    `–I. newcombi (Adams & Adams 1864) KKW12
  Anisopsis Sandberger 1875 TTE93, B91
    |–*A. calculus (Sandberger 1875) B91, TTE93
    `–A. cherusca Huckriede 1967 B91
  Palaeancylus radiatus Yen 1948 TTE93
  Australorbis R64
    |–A. glabratus R64
    `–A. odhner NG13
  Tropicorbis R64
    |–T. albicans R64
    `–T. obstructus R64

‘Ancylus’ radiatus Guilding 1829 [incl. *Gundlachia ancyliformis Pfeiffer 1850, A. havanensis Pfeiffer 1839] BR05

Physastra variabilis (Gray 1843) [incl. Isidora antipodea, P. lirata conferta, P. hochstetteri, P. lirata, P. tabulata moesta, P. novaezelandiae, P. tabulata] P61

Planorbarius Duméril 1806 [=Coretus Gray 1847; Coretina, Coretinae, Coretini, Planorbariinae, Planorbariini] BR05

*Planorbarius corneus (Linnaeus 1758) BR17 [=Helix cornea BR17, *Coretus corneus BR17, Planorbis corneus G40; incl. Helix nana G40, Planorbis purpureus G40, Planorbis similis G40]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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