Examples of Carpenteria proteiformis, from Cushman (1921).

Belongs within: Rotaliida.
Contains: Acervulinidae, Planorbulinidae, Cibicididae.

The Homotrematidae are a group of attached Foraminifera known from the Upper Cretaceous to the present day (Loeblich & Tappan 1964b).

    |--Acervulinina [Acervulinacea, Acervulinoidea]M13
    |    |--AcervulinidaeLT64a
    |    |--Menaella Cherchi & Schroeder 2005 [Menaellidae, Menoellidae]M13
    |    `--Homotrematidae [Homotrematinae]M13
    |         |--Homotrema Hickson 1911C40
    |         |    `--*H. rubrum (Lamarck 1816) [=Millepora rubra]C40
    |         |--Sporadotrema Hickson 1911LT64b
    |         |    `--*S. cylindricum (Carter 1880) [=Polytrema cylindricum]C40
    |         `--Miniacina Galloway 1933 [incl. Pustularia Gray 1858 non Swainson 1840]LT64b
    |              |--*M. miniacea (Pallas 1766)LT64b [=Millepora miniaceaC40, Polytrema mineaccumLT64a]
    |              `--*Pustularia’ rosea Gray 1858LT64b
    `--Planorbulinina [Planorbulinacea, Planorbulinoidea]M13
         |--Stichocibicides Cushman & Bermúdez 1936C40 [StichocibicididaeM13]
         |    `--*S. cubensis Cushman & Bermúdez 1936C40
         |--Annulocibicides Cushman & Ponton 1932C40 [AnnulocibicididaeM13]
         |    `--*A. projectus Cushman & Ponton 1932C40
         |--Stensioina Brotzen 1936LT64b [StensioeinidaeM13, Stensioinidae]
         |    |--*S. exsculpta (Reuss 1860) [=Rotalia exsculpta]LT64b
         |    `--S. clementianaG-B87
         |    |--Epiannularia Caudri 1974B-F08
         |    `--Eoannularia Cole & Bermúdez 1944B-F08
         |         `--*E. eocenica Cole & Bermúdez 1944LT64b
         |--Planulinidae [Planulininae]M13
         |    |--Cibicidina Bandy 1949LT64b
         |    |    `--*C. walli Bandy 1949LT64b
         |    `--Planulina d’Orbigny 1826C40
         |         |--*P. ariminensis d’Orbigny 1826C40
         |         |--P. ornataC40
         |         |--P. renziH90
         |         `--P. wuellerstorfiB49
              |--Rupertininae [Rupertiidae]M13
              |    |--Rupertina Loeblich & Tappan 1961 [=Rupertia Wallich 1877 non Gray 1865]LT64b
              |    |    `--*R. stabilis (Wallich 1877) [=*Rupertia stabilis]LT64b
              |    `--Biarritzina Loeblich & Tappan 1964 [=Columella Halkyard 1918 non Westerlund 1878]LT64b
              |         `--*B. carpenteriaeformis (Halkyard 1918) [=*Columella carpenteriaeformis]LT64b
              |    |--Korobkovella Hagn & Ohmert 1971B-F08
              |    |--Victoriella Chapman & Crespin 1930C40
              |    |    `--V. conoidea (Rutten 1914) (see below for synonymy)LT64b
              |    |--Maslinella Glaessner & Wade 1959LT64b
              |    |    `--*M. chapmani Glaessner & Wade 1959LT64b
              |    `--Eorupertia Yabe & Hanzawa 1925 (see below for synonymy)LT64b
              |         |--*E. boninensis (Yabe & Hanzawa 1922) [=*Uhligina boninensis]LT64b
              |         |--E. incrassata [incl. E. incrassata var. laevis]B-F08
              |         |--E. magna (Le Calvez 1949) [=*Gyroidinella magna]LT64b
              |         `--‘Gyroidina’ protea Cushman & Bermúdez 1937 [=*Neogyroidina protea]LT64b
                   |--Neocarpenteria Cushman & Bermúdez 1936B-F08
                   |    `--*N. cubana Cushman & Bermúdez 1936 [=Carpenteria cubana]LT64b
                   `--Carpenteria Gray 1858LT64b (see below for synonymy)
                        |--*C. balaniformis Gray 1858C40
                        |--*Rhaphidodendron’ album Möbius 1876 (n. d.)LT64b
                        |--C. conica (Belford 1960) [=*Haerella conica]LT64b
                        |--C. monticularisVV77
                        |--C. proteiformisC40
                        |--C. rotaliformisQ72
                        |--C. truncata (Bermúdez 1949) [=*Carpenterella truncata, *Bermudezella truncata]LT64b
                        `--C. utricularisC40

Carpenteria Gray 1858LT64b [incl. Bermudezella Thalmann 1951LT64b, Carpenterella Bermúdez 1949 nec Collenette 1933 nec Theon & Harris 1941 (ICBN)LT64b, Haerella Belford 1960LT64b, Rhaphidodendron Möbius 1876C40, LT64b]

Eorupertia Yabe & Hanzawa 1925 [=Uhligina Yabe & Hanzawa 1922 non Schubert 1899; incl. Gyroidinella Le Calvez 1949, Neogyroidina Bermúdez 1949]LT64b

Victoriella conoidea (Rutten 1914) [=Carpenteria conoidea; incl. C. proteiformis var. plecte Chapman 1921, *Victoriella plecte]LT64b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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