Greater plantain
Plantago major, copyright Robert Flogaus-Faust.

Belongs within: Plantaginaceae.

Plantago, plantains, is a cosmopolitan genus of wind-pollinated herbs.

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual or perennial. Stem decumbent to erect. Leaves simple with longitudinal ribs; stipules absent. Inflorescence a spike; flowers each subtended by a bract. Flowers generally bisexual; calyx deeply four-lobed; corolla radial, sometimes bilateral, lobes 4, scarious, persistent; stamens colorless, alternate corolla lobes, epipetalous; ovary superior, ovules several per chamber, style 1, stigma long, hairy. Fruit a capsule, circumscissile more or less at or below middle. Seeds 2–many, gelatinous when wet.

<==Plantago Linnaeus 1753 A61
|–P. afra PT98
|–P. albicans Y98
|–P. aristata H93
|–P. asiatica MH98
|–P. aucklandica Hooker 1844 A61
|–P. barbata A61
|–P. bellardii BR65
|–P. coronopus BR65
|–P. cretica PT98
|–P. debilis GK00
|–P. elongata [incl. P. bigelovii, P. elongata ssp. pentasperma] H93
|–P. erecta [incl. P. bigelovii ssp. californica, P. hookeriana var. californica, P. erecta ssp. rigidior] H93
|–P. eriopoda H93
|–P. erosa O88
|–P. exilis GK00
|–P. hirtella C06
|–P. hispidula G04
|–P. indica H93
|–P. lagopus PT98
|–P. lanceolata OP01
|–P. lanigera Hooker 1864 [incl. P. lanigera var. petriei Cheeseman 1906] A61
|–P. major [incl. P. major var. pilgeri, P. major var. scopulorum] H93
|–P. maritima (see below for synonymy) H93
|–P. media HS98
|–P. montana C55
|–P. muelleri A61
|–P. novae-zelandiae Moore in Allan 1961 A61
|–P. ovata [incl. P. insularis var. fastigiata, P. insularis] H93
|–P. patagonica [incl. P. purshii var. oblonga] H93
|–P. picta Colenso 1890 [incl. P. viridis ms] A61
|–P. psyllium BR65
|–P. pusilla H93
|–P. (sect. Mesembrynia) raoullii Decne in DC. 1852 [incl. P. dasyphylla Colenso 1892] A61
|–P. rigida RJ11
|–P. spathulata Hooker 1854 A61
|–P. subnuda [incl. P. hirtella var. galeottiana] H93
|–P. subulata C74
|–P. tasmanica A61
|–P. tibetica SS72
|–P. (sect. Microcalyx) triandra Bergg. 1877 [incl. P. hamiltoni Kirk 1879, P. masonae Cheeseman 1921] A61
|–P. triantha Spreng. 1825 (see below for synonymy) A61
|–P. truncata H93
|    |–P. t. ssp. truncata H93
|    `–P. t. ssp. firma H93
|–P. uniflora Hooker 1854 [=P. triantha var. uniflora (Hooker) Pilger 1937] A61
|–P. varia BR65
|–P. virginica [incl. P. rhodosperma] H93
`–P. weldenii PT98

Plantago maritima [incl. P. maritima var. californica non P. bigelovii ssp. californica, P. maritima var. juncoides] H93

Plantago triantha Spreng. 1825 [incl. P. brownii Rapin 1827, P. carnosa Br. 1810 non Lam. 1791, P. subantarctica Cockayne 1928] A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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