Platynus sp., copyright Nick Block.

Belongs within: Platynini.

The Platynina are a group of ground beetles in which females have a fringe of setae along the apex of the penultimate segment of the gonostylus. The widespread genus Agonum, found in Eurasia, Africa and North America, is mostly found alongside standing or flowing water though some species are forest dwellers and the North American A. placidum is found in dry pastures (Ball & Bousquet 2001).

Platynina [Agonini]R-JC01
|--+--Incagonum lineatupunctatumOM08, R-JC01
| `--Agonum Bonelli 1810OM08, BB01
| | i. s.: A. decorumL88
| | A. dorsalisVPB11
| | A. elongatulumL88
| | A. moestum (Dufts 1812)VPB11
| |--A. (Agonum) (see below for synonymy)BB01
| | |--A. (A.) belleri (Hatch 1933)BB01
| | |--A. (A.) collareBB01
| | |--A. (A.) cupripenneBB01
| | |--A. (A.) excavatumBB01
| | |--A. (A.) marginatus (Linnaeus 1758)BB01, L58 [=Carabus marginatusL02, Harpalus (A.) marginatusG20]
| | |--A. (A.) melanariumBB01
| | |--A. (A.) muelleri (Herbst 1784)BB01
| | |--A. (A.) octopunctatumBB01
| | `--A. (A.) placidum (Say 1823)BB01
| |--A. (Deratanchus Casey 1920)BB01
| | `--A. (D.) quadrimaculatum (Horn 1885)BB01
| |--A. (Europhilus Chaudoir 1859)BB01
| | |--A. (E.) retractum LeConte 1848BB01
| | `--A. (E.) sordensBB01
| |--A. (Micragonum Casey 1920) [incl. Circinalidia Casey 1920]BB01
| | |--A. (M.) limbatum Motschulsky 1845BB01
| | `--A. (M.) nutansBB01
| |--A. (Olisares Motschulsky 1865) [incl. Circinalia Casey 1920]BB01
| |--A. (Platynomicrus Casey 1920)BB01
| | |--A. (P.) bicolorBB01
| | `--A. (P.) nigriceps LeConte 1848BB01
| |--A. (Stereagonum Casey 1920)BB01
| | `--A. (S.) errans (Say 1823)BB01
| `--A. (Stictanchus Casey 1920)BB01
| `--A. (S.) extensicolleBB01
`--+--Liagonum xantholomaOM08, B55
`--Platynus Bonelli 1810OM08, BB01
| i. s.: P. assimilisC01
| P. atratusC01
| P. dolensC01
| P. gracilipesC01
| P. gracilisC01
| P. hypolithosOM08
| P. impressusC01
| P. marginellusB90
| P. obscurusC01
| P. sexpunctatusC01
| P. versutusC01
| P. viduus [incl. P. viduus var. moestus]C01
| P. (Batenus Motschulsky 1865) [incl. Paranchomenus Casey 1920, Platynidius Casey 1920]BB01
| |--‘Agonum’ hypolithosBB01
| `--P. (B.) mannerheimii (Dejean 1828)BB01
| P. (Glyptolenopsis Perrault 1991)BB01
| `--P. (G.) ovatulus (Bates 1884)BB01
| P. (Microplatynus Barr 1982)BB01
| `--P. (M.) pecki Barr 1982BB01
|--P. alternansL88
|--P. lherminieriL88
`--+--+--P. ellipticusL88
| `--P. pseudellipticusL88
`--+--+--P. amoneL88
| `--+--P. wollaL88
| `--+--+--P. acuniaiL88
| | `--P. cubensisL88
| `--+--P. laevicepsL88
| `--+--P. marcusL88
| `--P. ramoniL88
`--+--P. cinchonaeL88
|--P. constricticepsL88
`--+--P. calathinusL88
`--+--+--P. stricticollisL88
| `--+--P. rastafariusL88
| `--+--P. faberL88
| `--P. jamaicaeL88
`--+--P. robustusL88
`--+--P. jaegeriL88
|--+--P. subcordensL88
| `--P. tipotoL88
`--+--P. cychrinusL88
`--+--P. christopheL88
`--+--P. biramosusL88
`--P. transcibaoL88

Agonum (Agonum) [incl. Melanagonum Casey 1920, Paragonum Casey 1920, Punctagonum Gray 1837, Taphranchus Casey 1920]BB01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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