Male Calotarsa pallipes, copyright William Donald Newton.

Belongs within: Cyclorrhapha.
Contains: Phoridae.

The Platypezoidea are a clade of small, humpbacked flies supported by molecular phylogenetic analyses. Members of the Platypezidae, flat-footed flies, often have the hind tarsi modified, such as being enlarged and flattened in females or bearing processes in males (Chandler 2010). The Ironomyiidae are small flies restricted in the modern fauna to Australia though fossil representatives are more widespread in the Cretaceous (Grimaldi & Engel 2005).

<==Platypezoidea [Clythioidea, Phoroidea]WT11
| i. s.: Opetiala shatalkaniGE05
|--Opetiidae [Opetiinae]WT11
| |--Lithopetia hirsutaGE05
| `--Opetia nigraWT11
| |--PhoridaeWT11
| `--IronomyiidaeWT11
| |--Palaeopetia laiyangensis Zhang 1987GE05, RJ93
| |--HermaeomyiaGE05
| |--EridomyiaGE05
| |--Cretonomyia pristinaGE05
| |--Sinolesta [Sinolestinae]GE05
| `--Ironomyia [Ironomyiinae]WT11
| `--I. nigromaculataWT11
`--Platypezidae [Clythiidae]WT11
| i. s.: Maritulus sospesGC99
| Parnasos firmipesGC99
| ProplatypezaGE05
| |--P. amabilisGC99
| `--P. parvaGC99
| Lebambromyia Grimaldi & Cumming 1999GE05, GC99
| `--*L. acrai Grimaldi & Cumming 1999GC99
| PromittorGE05
| OloplatypezaGE05
| BolopusC10
| PamelamyiaK87
| OrthovenaK87
| MesopetiaGC99
| Oppenheimiella balticaP92
|--Electrosania Grimaldi & Cumming 1999GC99
| `--*E. cretica Grimaldi & Cumming 1999GC99
`--+--Melanderomyia [Melanderomyiinae]C10
| `--M. kahliK87
| |--Platypezina diversaK87
| `--Grossoseta pacificaK87
|--Microsania Zetterstedt 1842B89 [MicrosaniinaeC10]
| |--M. australisCM91
| |--M. imperfectaC10
| `--M. stigmaticalisC10
| |--Bertamyia notataC10
| |--ChydaeopezaC10
| |--CallomyiaC10
| | |--C. callaC10
| | `--C. gilloglyorumK87
| `--AgathomyiaC10
| |--A. bella (Williston 1903) [=Callomyia bella]C10
| `--A. canadensisC10
|--Metaclythia curraniK87
|--Polyporivora polyporiK87, C10
|--Seri dymkaK87
| |--P. coraxaK87
| `--P. velutinaWT11
| |--P. califormicaK87
| `--P. modestaK87
| |--P. agariciRD77
| |--P. brunnescensC10
| `--P. consobrinaK87
|--Lindneromyia [incl. Grossovena, Penesymmetria, Plesioclythia, Symmetricella]C10
| |--L. agarici [=Plesioclythia agarici]C10
| |--‘Grossovena’ carbonariaK87
| |--‘Symmetricella’ mogollonensisK87
| `--‘Penesymmetria’ umbrosaK87
|--C. durangoensis Kessel & Young 1974C10
|--C. insignisC10
|--C. mexicana Kessel & Young 1974C10
`--C. pallipesC10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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