Northern slimy salamander Plethodon glutinosus, copyright Andrew Hoffman.

Belongs within: Plethodontidae.

Plethodon is a genus of lungless salamanders found in woodlands of North America.

<==Plethodon Tschudi 1838FG06
| i. s.: P. oconalufteeCM07
|--+--+--P. larselli Burns 1953PW11, W08
| | `--+--P. idahoensisPW11
| | `--P. vandykeiPW11
| `--+--P. neomexicanus Stebbins & Riemer 1950PW11, W08
| `--+--+--P. dunniPW11
| | `--P. vehiculum (Cooper 1860)PW11, W08
| `--+--P. asupakPW11
| `--+--P. elongatusPW11
| `--P. stormiPW11
`--+--+--P. serratusPW11 [=P. cinereus serratusW92]
| `--+--+--P. virginiaPW11
| | `--+--P. cinereus (Green 1818)PW11, W08
| | | |--P. c. cinereusW92
| | | `--P. c. polycentratusW92
| | `--P. shenandoahPW11
| `--+--P. hoffmanni Highton 1972PW11, W08
| `--+--P. nettingiPW11
| `--+--P. hubrichtiPW11
| `--+--P. electromorphusPW11
| `--P. richmondiPW11
`--+--+--P. websteri Highton 1979PW11, W08
| `--+--+--P. punctatusPW11
| | `--P. wehrlei Fowler & Dunn 1917PW11, W08
| `--+--P. welleriPW11
| | |--P. w. welleriLH78
| | `--P. w. ventromaculatumLH78
| `--+--P. angusticlaviusPW11 [=P. dorsalis angusticlaviusLH78]
| `--+--P. dorsalisPW11
| `--P. ventralisPW11
`--+--P. petraeus Wynn et al. 1988PW11, W08
`--+--+--+--+--P. amplusPW11
| | | `--P. meridianusPW11
| | `--+--P. metcalfi Highton & Peabody 2000PW11, W08
| | `--P. montanusPW11
| `--+--+--P. chattahoochee Highton et al. 1989PW11, W08
| | `--+--P. chlorobryonis Mittleman 1951PW11, W08
| | `--P. variolatus (Gilliams 1818)PW11, W08
| `--+--P. glutinosus (Green 1818)PW11, W08
| `--+--P. cylindraceus (Harlan 1825)PW11, W08
| |--P. teyahalee Hairston 1950PW11, W08
| `--+--P. aureolus Highton 1984PW11, W08
| `--P. cheoahPW11
`--+--+--P. caddoensisPW11
| `--+--P. fourchensisPW11
| `--P. ouachitae Dunn & Heinze 1933PW11, W08
`--+--P. kentucki Mittleman 1951PW11, W08
`--+--P. jordaniPW11
`--+--P. yonahlossee Dunn 1917PW11, W08
`--+--P. shermaniPW11
`--+--+--P. kiamichi Highton et al. 1989PW11, W08
| `--P. mississippi (Highton 1989)PW11, W08
`--+--+--P. albagula Grobman 1944PW11, W08
| `--P. seqouyah Highton et al. 1989PW11, W08
`--+--P. grobmani (Allen & Neill 1949)PW11, W08
|--P. kisatchiePW11
`--+--P. ocmulgee (Highton 1989)PW11, W08
`--P. savannahPW11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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