Dermocarpa sp, with largest cells showing internal fission, from Phycokey.

Belongs within: Cyanobacteriia.

The Pleurocapsales are blue-green algae reproducing via multiple fission of a parental cell to form small, spherical cells (baeocytes) that are released en masse via rupture of the parent’s fibrous outer wall (Castenholz 2001).

|--Myxosarcina Printz 1921C01 [ChroococcidiaceaeA90]
| |--Hyella gigasC01
| `--Eohyella campbelliae Zhang & Golubic 1987E93
| |--PleurocapsaA90
| `--Palaeopleurocapsa Knoll, Barghoorn & Golubić 1975E93, G79
| |--*P. wopfnerii Knoll, Barghoorn & Golubić 1975G79
| `--P. kelleri Krylov & Sergeev 1987E93
|--Polybessurus bipartitus Fairchild 1975E93
`--Dermocarpa Crouan 1858 (n. d.)C01
|--*D. violacea Crouan 1858 (n. d.)C01
`--D. olivaceaK98

Pleurocapsales incertae sedis:
Xenococcus Thuret 1880C01
Solentia sanguineaC01
Stanieria Komárek & Anagnostidis 1986L02, C01
`--S. cyanosphaeraL02 [=Chroococcidiopsis cyanosphaeraC01]
Cyanocystis Borzi 1982C01
`--C. violacea (Crouan) Komárek & Anagnostidis 1986C01
Dermocarpella Lemmermann 1907 [incl. Chamaecalyx Komárek & Anagnostidis 1986]C01
`--*D. incrassata Lemmermann 1907C01
Myxomorpha jenecekii Muir 1976E93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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