Emperor newt Tylototriton shanjing, copyright Spark.

Belongs within: Salamandridae.
Contains: Triturus.

The Pleurodelinae, newts, are a Holarctic group of salamanders with lives typically alternating between a terrestrial breeding and aquatic non-breeding phase.

| i. s.: Brachycormus [incl. Oligosemia]M00
| ProcynopsM00
| | `--Pleurodeles Michahelles 1830PW11, FG06
| | |--P. waltl Michaelles 1830PW11, W08
| | `--+--P. nebulosusPW11
| | `--P. poiretiPW11
| `--+--Chelotriton Pomel 1853M00, RB05
| | `--C. pliocenicus Bailon 1989B89
| |--Echinotriton Nussbaum & Brodie 1982PW11, FG06
| | |--E. andersoniPW11
| | `--E. chinhaiensisPW11
| `--Tylototriton Anderson 1871PW11, FG06
| | i. s.: T. andersoni (Boulenger 1892)I92
| | T. weigeltiM00
| |--T. asperrimusPW11
| `--+--T. wenxianensisPW11
| `--+--T. taliangensis Liu 1950PW11, L50
| `--+--T. shanjingPW11
| `--+--T. kweichowensis Fang & Chang 1932PW11, L50
| `--T. verrucosus Anderson 1871PW11, L50 [=T. verrocosaL50, T. verrucosaL50]
`--+--+--Notophthalmus Rafinesque 1820PW11, FG06
| | |--N. meridionalisPW11
| | `--+--N. perstriatusPW11
| | `--N. viridescens (Rafinesque 1820)PW11, W08 [=Triturus viridescensKSM06]
| `--Taricha Gray 1850PW11, FG06
| |--T. rivularisPW11
| `--+--T. granulosaPW11
| `--T. torosaPW11
`--+--Lissotriton Bell 1838PW11, FG06
| |--L. boscaiPW11
| `--+--+--L. helveticusPW11
| | `--L. italicusPW11
| `--+--L. montandoniPW11
| `--L. vulgaris (Linnaeus 1758)PW11, W08 [=Triturus vulgarisFG06]
| |--L. v. vulgarisK08
| `--‘Triturus’ v. meridionalisK08
`--+--Koaliella genzeli Herre 1950M00, M93
| | `--CalotritonPW11
| | |--C. arnoldiPW11
| | `--C. asper Dugès 1852PW11, FG06 [=Euproctus asperFG06]
| `--+--Ommatotriton Gray 1850PW11, FG06
| | |--O. ophryticus (Berthold 1846)PW11, W08 [=Triturus vittatus ophryticusW08]
| | `--O. vittatus (Jenyns 1835)PW11, RB05 [=Triturus vittatusFG06]
| `--Neurergus Cope 1862PW11, FG06
| |--N. strauchiiPW11
| `--+--N. kaiseriPW11
| `--+--N. crocatusPW11
| `--N. microspilotusPW11
`--+--Euproctus Gené 1838PW11, FG06 [incl. Megapterna Savi 1838FG06]
| |--E. montanus (Savi 1838)W08
| `--E. platycephalus (Gravenhorst 1829)W08
`--+--Ichthyosaura alpestrisPW11
|--Mesotriton Bolkay 1927FG06
| `--M. alpestris (Laurent 1768)FG06, W08 [=Triton alpestrisK08, Triturus alpestrisFG06]
`--+--Laotriton laoensisPW11
`--+--Pachytriton Boulenger 1878PW11, FG06
| |--P. brevipesPW11
| `--P. labiatusPW11
`--+--Cynops Tschudi 1838PW11, FG06
| |--+--C. ensicaudaPW11
| | `--C. pyrrhogaster (Boie 1826)PW11, W08
| `--+--C. cyanurusPW11
| `--+--C. orientalisPW11
| `--C. orphicusPW11
`--Paramesotriton Chang 1935PW11, FG06
|--+--P. caudopunctatusPW11
| `--P. zhijinensisPW11
`--+--P. chinensisPW11
`--+--P. hongkongensisPW11
`--+--P. deloustaliPW11
`--+--P. fuzhongensisPW11
`--P. guangxiensisPW11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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