Pleurostomella subnodosa, copyright AMNH, Invertebrate Paleobiology.

Belongs within: Polymorphinida.

The Pleurostomellidae are a group of Foraminifera known from the Lower Cretaceous (possibly Jurassic) to the present, characterised by the presence of an internal siphon running between the apertures of successive chambers (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964): Early stage triserial or biserial, later uniserial, or uniserial throughout; aperture a curved narrow slit, lateral or terminal, with internal siphon between those of adjacent chambers.

Pleurostomellidae [Pleurostomellacea]
| |--Wheelerella Petters 1954LT64
| | `--*W. magdalenaensis Petters 1954LT64
| `--Bandyella Loeblich & Tappan 1962LT64
| `--*B. greatvalleyensis (Trujillo 1960) [=Pleurostomella greatvalleyensis]LT64
| |--Pazdroella Gawor-Biedowa 1987G-B87
| | `--*P. olgae Gawor-Biedowa 1987G-B87
| |--Triaperturina Gawor-Biedowa 1987G-B87
| | `--*T. polonica Gawor-Biedowa 1987G-B87
| `--Quadriaperturina Gawor-Biedowa 1987G-B87
| `--*Q. varsoviensis Gawor-Biedowa 1987G-B87
| i. s.: Daucina Bornemann in Erman 1855LT64
| `--*D. ermaniana Bornemann in Erman 1855LT64
| Pinaria Bermúdez 1937C40
| `--*P. heterosculpta Bermúdez 1937C40
| Ellipsodimorphina Silvestri 1901LT64
| `--*E. subcompacta Silvestri 1901LT64
| Ellipsoidella Heron-Allen & Earland 1910LT64
| `--*E. pleurostomelloides Heron-Allen & Earland 1910LT64
| Czarkowyella Gawor-Biedowa 1987M13
| `--*C. czarkowyensis Gawor-Biedowa 1987G-B87
| Delphinoidella Popescu 1992M13
| Neopleurostomella Srinivasan & Rai 1992M13
| Obesopleurostomella Hayward in Hayward et al. 1992M13
| Ossaggittia Hayward & Kawagata in Hayward et al. 1992M13
|--Pleurostomella Reuss 1860 [=Ellipsodentalina Franke 1928; incl. Pleurostomellina Schubert 1911]LT64
| |--*P. subnodosa (Reuss 1851) [=Dentalina subnodosa, Ellipsonodosaria (*Ellipsodentalina) subnodosa]LT64
| |--P. alternansJW99
| |--P. barroisi Berthelin 1880 [=*Pleurostomellina barroisi]LT64
| |--P. brevisLT64
| |--P. clavataC40
| |--P. copiosaBL79
| |--P. mirabilisBL79
| |--P. obtusaBL79
| |--P. pleurostomellaC40
| |--P. reussiRC02
| |--P. subbotinaeBL79
| `--P. wadowicensisG-B87
`--+--Ellipsobulimina Silvestri 1903C40
| `--*E. seguenzai Silvestri 1903C40
|--Ellipsopolymorphina Silvestri 1901LT64 [incl. Ellipsopleurostomella Silvestri 1903C40, LT64]
| |--*E. fornasinii Galloway 1933LT64
| |--‘Ellipsopleurostomella’ curtaC40
| `--E. schlichti (Silvestri 1903) [=*Ellipsopleurostomella schlichti]LT64
`--+--Ellipsolingulina Silvestri 1907C40
| |--*E. impressa (Terquem 1882) [=Lingulina impressa]LT64
| `--E. silvestriiLT64
|--Nodosarella Rzehak 1895C40 [incl. Ellipsonodosaria Silvestri 1900LT64]
| |--*N. tuberosa (Gümbel 1870) [=Lingulina tuberosa]LT64
| |--N. coalingensisC40
| |--N. rotundata (d’Orbigny 1846) [=Lingulina rotundata, *Ellipsonodosaria rotundata]LT64
| |--N. salmojraghiiC40
| `--‘Ellipsonodosaria’ subconicaB49
`--Ellipsoglandulina Silvestri 1900C40
|--*E. laevigata Silvestri 1900C40
|--E. labiataC40
`--E. velascoensisC40

*Type species of generic name indicated


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