Pleurotomoides luisae, copyright Joop Trausel & Frans Slieker.

Belongs within: Clathurellidae.

Pleurotomoides is a fossil genus of conoids known from the Miocene to Pliocene of the North Atlantic and Mediterranean (Powell 1966).

Characters (from Powell 1966): Moderate sized, 10–20 mm, Glyphostoma-like but without apertural processes. Protoconch paucispiral, 2–2.5 smooth whorls, with strong submedian carina developing on second whorl. Adult whorls more or less medially angulated, sculptured with prominent axial folds, overridden by crisp spiral cords or threads. Outer lip with thin crenulated edge, strengthened behind by heavy rounded varix. Sinus subsutural, moderately deep, U-shaped, upper edge drawn forward suturally to moderate parietal callus pad. Anterior canal short, slightly obliquely twisted and distinctly notched.

<==Pleurotomoides Bronn 1831BW80 [=Defrancia Millet 1827 non Bronn 1825BR05, Lora Gistel 1848BR05; Lorinae]
    |--*P. pagoda (Millet 1827)P66, BR17 [=*Defrancia pagodaBR05, *Lora pagodaBR05]
    |--‘Bela’ albrechti Krause 1885 [=Lora albrechti]O27
    |--‘Lora’ alitakensis Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ althorpensis Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ amiata Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ antipoda Dall 1919D19
    |--‘Lora’ arctica Adams 1855O27
    |--‘Lora’ assimilisD19
    |--‘Lora’ babylonia Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ beckii Möller 1842O27
    |--‘Lora’ bicarinata Couthouy 1838O27
    |    |--L. b. bicarinataO27
    |    `--L. b. exserta Aurivillius 1885O27
    |--‘Lora’ brachis Dall 1919D19
    |--‘Lora’ casentina Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ chiachiana Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ colpoica Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Defrancia’ convexa Jeffreys 1882 (n. d.)BW80
    |--‘Lora’ diegensis Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ elegans Möller 1842O27
    |--‘Lora’ equatorialis Dall 1919D19
    |--‘Lora’ exarata Möller 1842O27
    |--P. fascellina (Dujardin 1837) [=Pleurotoma fascellina]P66
    |--‘Fusus’ fidicula Gould 1849O27 [=F. (Bela) fidiculaC64, Lora fidiculaO27]
    |--‘Lora’ fiora Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ galgana Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ gouldiiD19
    |--‘Lora’ grippii Dall 1908O27
    |--‘Lora’ halitropa Dall 1919D19
    |--‘Bela’ harpa Dall 1884D19 (see below for synonymy)
    |--‘Lora’ harpularia Couthouy 1838O27
    |--‘Lora’ healyi Dall 1919O27
    |--P. hordeacea (Millet 1826) [=Defrancia hordeacea]P66
    |--‘Bela’ incisula Verrill 1882 [=Lora incisula]O27
    |--‘Lora’ inequita Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ kyskana Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ laevigata Dall 1871O27
    |--‘Defrancia’ leufroyiN79
    |--‘Defrancia’ linearisN79
    |--‘Lora’ lotta Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ luetkeni Dall 1919O27
    |--P. luisae (Koenen 1872) [=Defrancia luisae]P66
    |--‘Lora’ lutkeana Krause 1885O27
    |--‘Lora’ maurellei Dall & Bartsch 1910O27
    |--‘Bela’ metschigmensis Krause 1885 [=Lora metschigmensis]O27
    |--P. milletii (Millet 1826) [=Defrancia milletii]P66
    |--‘Lora’ miona Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ mitrata Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ moerchi Leche 1878O27
    |--‘Lora’ monterealis Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ murdochiana Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ nobilis Möller 1842O27
    |--‘Defrancia’ nodulosa Jeffreys 1882 (n. d.)BW80
    |--‘Bela nodulosa’ Krause 1886 non Defrancia nodulosa Jeffreys 1882 [=Lora nodulosa]O27
    |--‘Lora’ novaiasemliensis Leche 1878O27
    |--‘Lora’ pavlova Dall 1919O27
    |--P. perrisi (Peyrot 1932) [=Mangilia perrisi]P66
    |--‘Lora’ pitysa Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ popovia Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ pribilova Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Defrancia’ purpureaN79
    |--‘Lora’ pyramidalisK92
    |--‘Lora’ quadra Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ rassina Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ regulus Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Defrancia’ reticulataN79
    |--‘Lora’ rosea (Sars 1846) [=Bela harpularia rosea]O27
    |--‘Bela’ rugulata Möller in Troschel 1866D19 [=Lora rugulataO27]
    |    |--B. r. rugulataO27
    |    `--‘Lora’ r. spitsbergensis Friele 1886O27
    |--P. scalaria (Cristofori & Jan 1832) [=Pleurotoma scalaria]P66
    |--‘Lora’ scalaris Möller 1842O27
    |--‘Lora’ simplex Middendorff 1849O27
    |--P. ‘simplex’ Sorgenfrei 1958 non Lora simplex Middendorff 1849P66
    |--‘Lora’ sixta Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ solida Dall 1886O27
    |--P. strombillus (Dujardin 1837) [=Pleurotoma strombillus]P66
    |--P. subcostellata (Orbigny 1852) [=Pleurotoma subcostellata]P66
    |--‘Lora’ surana Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Defrancia’ suturalis Millet 1826P66
    |--‘Mangilia’ tabulata Carpenter 1865 [=Lora tabulata]O27
    |--‘Defrancia’ tenella Jeffreys 1882 (n. d.)BW80
    |--‘Lora’ tenuilirata Dall 1871O27 [=Bela tenuilirataD19; incl. B. simplex Sars 1878 non Middendorff 1849D19]
    |    |--L. t. tenuilirataO27
    |    `--L. t. cymata Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Lora’ tenuissima Dall 1919O27
    |--‘Defrancia’ teresN79
    |--‘Lora’ turricula Montagu 1803O27
    |--‘Defrancia’ variabilis Millet 1826P66
    |--‘Lora’ violacea Mighels & Adams 1842O27
    |--‘Defrancia’ viridula [=Lora viridula]O27
    `--‘Lora’ woodiana Möller 1848O27

‘Bela’ harpa Dall 1884D19 [=Lora harpaO27, B. turpa (l. c.)D19; incl. Mangilia (Bela) plicifera Schmidt 1872 non Clavatula plicifera Wood 1848D19, B. schmidti Friele 1886D19]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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