Bastilla vitiensis, from here.

Belongs within: Erebinae.

Bastilla is a diverse genus of moths found in Indo-Australia and Africa, with larvae mostly feeding on Euphorbiaceae (Holloway & Miller 2003).

Buzara is a genus of moths characterised by reduced male hind wings, with larvae feeding on Euphorbiaceae (Holloway & Miller 2003).

<==Poaphilini [Poaphilidae]LS13
    |--Achaea Hübner 1823 [Achaeini]Z21
    |    |--A. catellaHM03
    |    |--A. janata (Linnaeus 1758) [incl. A. melicerta Drury 1773]Z21
    |    |--A. mezentiaHM03
    |    |--A. oedipodinaHM03
    |    `--A. serva Fabricius 1775Z21
    |--Gondysia pertorridaLS13, HM03
    |--Ophisma gravata Guenée 1852Z21
    |    |--*P. bistriarisHM03
    |    |--P. arctotaeniaHM03
    |    |--P. constrictaP27
    |    |--P. rigidistriaHM03
    |    `--P. triplocymaHM03
    |    |--*G. geometrica [=Noctua geometrica]HM03
    |    |--G. ammoniaWM66
    |    |--G. diagarmmaHM03
    |    |--G. justaHM03
    |    |--G. mygdonWM66
    |    |--G. ocellataHM03
    |    |--G. oculicolaHM03
    |    `--G. pulcherrimaHM03
    |--Dysgonia Hübner 1823LS13, FL05 [Dysgoniidae]
    |    |--*D. algira [=Noctua algira]HM03
    |    |--D. constrictaHM03
    |    |--D. latifasciaHM03
    |    |--D. orbataHM03
    |    |--D. senexHM03
    |    |--D. stuposaHM03
    |    `--D. torrida [incl. D. properans]HM03
    |--Bastilla Swinhoe 1918LS13, Z21 [incl. Naxia (preoc.)HM03, XianaHM03]
    |    |--B. hamatilis [=Naxia hamatilis; incl. Ophiusa redunca, *Bastilla redunca]HM03
    |    |--B. absentimacula [=*Naxia absentimacula, *Xiana absentimacula]HM03
    |    |--B. acutaHM03
    |    |--B. amygdalisHM03
    |    |--B. angularisHM03
    |    |--B. arcuataHM03
    |    |--B. axiniphoraHM03
    |    |--B. binatang Holloway & Nielsen 2003HM03
    |    |--B. copidiphoraHM03
    |    |--B. crameri [incl. B. analis]HM03
    |    |--B. cuneilineata (Warren 1915) [=Ophiusa cuneilineata]HM03
    |    |--B. dentilineaHM03
    |    |--B. derogansHM03
    |    |--B. dicoelaHM03
    |    |--B. duplicata (Robinson 1975) [=Parallelia duplicata]HM03
    |    |--B. expediensHM03
    |    |--B. flavipurpureaHM03
    |    |--B. flexilinea (Warren 1915) [=Ophiusa flexilinea]HM03
    |    |--B. fulvotaeniaHM03
    |    |--B. insularum (Orhant 2002) [=Dysgonia insularum]HM03
    |    |--B. joviana (Stoll in Cramer 1782) (see below for synonymy)HM03
    |    |    |--B. j. jovianaHM03
    |    |    `--B. j. curvisecta (Prout 1919) [=Parallelia curvisecta]HM03
    |    |--B. koroensisHM03
    |    |--B. lateriticaHM03
    |    |--B. marquesanusHM03
    |    |--B. maturataHM03
    |    |--B. maturescensHM03
    |    |--B. missionarii (Hulstaert 1924) [=Parallelia missionarii]HM03
    |    |--B. myops (Guenée 1852) [=Ophiusa myops; incl. O. myops var. affinis Guinée 1852]HM03
    |    |--B. nielseni Holloway & Miller 2003HM03
    |    |--B. palpalisHM03
    |    |--B. praetermissaHM03
    |    |--B. proximaHM03
    |    |--B. rectilimes Warren 1915HM03
    |    |--B. simillimaHM03
    |    |--B. solomonensis (Hampson 1913) [=Parallelia solomonensis]HM03
    |    |    |--B. s. solomonensisHM03
    |    |    |--B. s. biacuminata (Holloway 1979) [=Parallelia solomonensis biacuminata]HM03
    |    |    |--B. s. hebridesia (Holloway 1979) [=Parallelia solomonensis hebridesia]HM03
    |    |    |--B. s. jovia (Gaede ex Strand 1938) [=Parallelia joviana jovia]HM03
    |    |    `--B. s. papuana (Holloway 1979) [=Parallelia solomonensis papuana]HM03
    |    |--B. subacuta (Bethune-Baker 1906) [=Ophiusa subacuta]HM03
    |    |    |--B. s. subacutaHM03
    |    |    `--B. s. juncta (Prout 1922) [=Parallelia subacuta juncta]HM03
    |    |--B. tahitiensis (Orhant 2002) [=Dysgonia solomonensis tahitiensis]HM03
    |    `--B. vitiensis (Butler 1886) (see below for synonymy)HM03
    |--Buzara LS13 [incl. CaranillaHM03]
    |    |--*B. chrysomelaHM03
    |    |--B. circumductaHM03
    |    |--B. feneratrix [=Caranilla feneratrix]HM03
    |    |--B. forceps [=Caranilla forceps]HM03
    |    |--B. frontinus [=Caranilla frontinus]HM03
    |    |--B. infractafinis [=Caranilla infractafinis]HM03
    |    |--B. lageos [=Caranilla lageos]HM03
    |    |--B. latizona [=Caranilla latizona]HM03
    |    |--B. lua [=Caranilla lua]HM03
    |    |--B. luteipalpis [=Caranilla luteipalpis]HM03
    |    |--B. onelia [=Naxia onelia, *Caranilla onelia]HM03
    |    |--B. propyrrha [=Caranilla propyrrha]HM03
    |    `--B. roulera [=Caranilla roulera]HM03
    |--Euphiusa harmonicaLS13, HM03
    |--Macaldenia Moore 1885Z21 [=Pasipeda (preoc.)HM03; incl. ParalleluraHM03]
    |    |--M. palumba [=Halodes palumba]HM03
    |    `--M. palumbioides [=Ophiusa palumbioides]HM03
    |--Pindara Moore 1885Z21
    |    |--*P. illibata [=Noctua illibata]HM03
    |    |--P. eclipsiferaHM03
    |    |--P. priscaHM03
    |    `--P. serratilineaHM03
    |--Tabwecala Zilli 2021Z21
    |    `--*T. robinsoni Zilli 2021Z21
    `--Poaphila Guenée 1852FL05

Bastilla joviana (Stoll in Cramer 1782) [=Phalaena (Noctua) joviana; incl. Dysgonia jovis Hübner 1823, Noctua sinuata Fabricius 1781 (preoc.)]HM03

Bastilla vitiensis (Butler 1886) [=Ophiusa vitiensis; incl. Parallelia cuneifascia Hulstaert 1924, P. prouti Hulstaert 1924]HM03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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