Orange sponge Mycale armata, copyright J. Hoover.

Belongs within: Heteroscleromorpha.
Contains: Microcionidae, Acarnidae, Mycalidae, Guitarridae, Cladorhizidae, Coelosphaeridae, Hymedesmiidae, Tedaniidae, Myxillidae, Chondropsidae.

The Poecilosclerida is a group of demosponges with discrete organic and inorganic skeletons, with discrete siliceous spicules (Hooper & Van Soest 2002).

Characters (from Hooper & Van Soest 2002): Skeleton composed of discrete siliceous spicules; main skeleton composed of megascleres (monactinal, diactinal or both) and spongin fibres in various stages of development; both fibre and mineral skeletons showing regional differentiation such that megascleres are often differentiated into distinct ectosomal and choanosomal components; microscleres including meniscoid forms such as chelae, sigmas and sigmancistra-derivatives, and other diverse forms such as toxas, raphides, microxeas and discate microrhabds. Reproduction usually viviparous with incompletely ciliated parenchymella larva; rarely oviparous.

    |  i. s.: AcantheuryponMC15
    |         EchinodictyinaeMC15
    |           |--AmphinomiaMC15
    |           |--EchinodictyumFS14
    |           |    |--E. cancellatum (Lamarck 1814)MG-H11
    |           |    |--E. clathrioides Hentschel 1911FS14
    |           |    `--E. mesenterinum (Lamarck 1814)FS14
    |           `--CantabrinaMC15
    |         Trachytedania Ridley 1881SU21
    |    |--MicrocionidaeMG-H11
    |    `--AcarnidaeMC15
    |--Latrunculiidae [Latrunculina]MC15
    |    |--SceptrellaMG-H11
    |    |--CyclacanthiaMC15
    |    |--StrongylodesmaMC15
    |    |--TsitsikammaMC15
    |    `--Latrunculia du Bocage 1869SU21
    |         `--L. apicalisPP15
    |    |--MycalidaeMG-H11
    |    |--GuitarridaeFA10
    |    |--CladorhizidaeMC15
    |    |--IsodictyidaeMC15
    |    |    |--Coelocarteria singaporensis (Carter 1883)FS14
    |    |    `--IsodictyaMC15
    |    |--EsperiopsidaeMC15
    |    |    |--Esperiopsis digitataF79
    |    |    |--Amphilectus pilosusMC15, K96
    |    |    |--SemisuberitesMC15
    |    |    `--Ulosa digitataMC15
    |    `--PodospongiidaeMC15
    |         |--DiplopodospongiaMC15
    |         |--NegombataMC15
    |         |--NeopodospongiaMC15
    |         |--PodospongiaMC15
    |         |--SceptrintusMC15
    |         |--SigmosceptrellaMC15
    |         `--DiacarnusMC15
    |              |--*D. spinipoculumMC15
    |              `--D. bismarckensisMC15
         |    |--EchinostylinosMC15
         |    `--Phelloderma Ridley & Dendy 1886SU21
         |    |--Crambe crambeF79
         |    |--Monanchora unguiculata (Dendy 1922)FV09
         |    `--DiscorhabdellaMC15
         |    |--CrellaPP15
         |    |    |--C. elegansPP15
         |    |    `--C. (Yvesia) spinulata (Hentschel 1911)FS14
         |    |--AnisocrellaMC15
         |    |--CrellastrinaMC15
         |    |--CrellomimaMC15
         |    `--SpirorhabdiaMC15
         |    |--FibuliaMG-H11
         |    |--DendoricellaMC15
         |    |--PylodermaMC15
         |    `--TylodesmaBJ06
         |         |--T. inornataPP64
         |         `--T. microstrongyla Hentschel 1912BJ06
         |    |--Desmapsamma vervoorti Van Soest 1998MC15, V12
         |    |--Sideroderma navicelligerumK96
         |    `--DesmacidonB30
         |         |--D. aegagropilaB30
         |         |--D. fragilis Kieschnick 1896K96
         |         |--D. fruticosaK96
         |         |--D. nodosus Kieschnick 1896K96
         |         `--D. ternatensis Kieschnick 1896K96
                   |--I. baculifera Ridley 1884MG-H11
                   |--I. coccinea (Carter 1886)FV09
                   `--I. purpurea (Bowerbank 1875)BJ06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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