Milk moonsnail Polinices lacteus, copyright Deb Devers.

Belongs within: Naticidae.

Polinices is a genus of mostly white moon snails found in the Indo-Pacific oceans. They possess a brown corneous operculum, a medium to thick parietal callus and a partially to completely filled umbilicus.

Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell oval or suboval, solid, smooth, spire short, sharp; aperture semicircular, inner lip oblique, callous, callus extending into umbilicus. Operculum corneous. Colour usually white, sometimes coloured but not banded or spotted.

<==Polinices Montfort 1810 [incl. Uber Humphreys 1797 (nom. inv.); Poliniceinae, Polinicina, Polynicidae]W93
    |--P. hepaticus (Röding 1798)S11
    `--+--P. lacteus (Guilding 1833)S11
       `--P. uberinus (Orbigny 1842)S11
Polinices incertae sedis:
  P. albumen (Linnaeus 1758) [=Nerita albumen]H09
  P. ambiguus Suter 1913 (n. d.)F27b
  P. bifasciataC64
  ‘Uber’ carlei Finlay 1927 [=Natica callosa Sowerby 1840 non Cristofori & Jan 1832]F27b
  P. duplicatus (Say 1822)F77
  ‘Uber’ firmus [=Euspira firma]A27
  P. hacketti Marincovich 1975BC01
  P. herosB68
  P. huttoni (v. Ihering 1907)M49, F27b [=Uber huttoniF27b, Natica gibbosa Hutton 1886 non Lea 1833F27b]
  ‘Uber’ ingrata Wilckens 1922F27a
  P. intracrassus Finlay 1924 (see below for synonymy)F27b
  P. kummeli Sohl 1960BS00
  ‘Uber’ laxus Finlay 1926F27a
  P. limi Pilsbry 1931 [=P. rapulum limi]BC01
  ‘Uber’ lobatusA27
  P. mellosus Hedley 1924WG71
  P. nanus Moller 1842O27
  ‘Uber’ obstructus Marwick 1924F27b
  P. oneroaensis Powell & Bartrum 1929PB29
  P. otis [=Natica otis; incl. P. fusca]C64
  ‘Natica ovata’ Hutton 1873 (n. d.) non Klipstein 1843F27b
  ‘Uber’ ovuloides Marwick 1924F27b
  P. perspicuaC64
  ‘Uber’ pontis [=Neverita pontis]A27
  P. pseudoredemptusJB12
  ‘Uber’ schepmani Finlay 1927 [=Natica crassa Schepman 1909 non N. subinfundibulum var. crassa Tate 1893]F27b
  ‘Uber’ selwyniana Wilckens 1922F27a
  ‘Uber’ subsolida (d’Orb. 1852) (see below for synonymy)F27b
  P. triseriata (Say 1826)W78
  P. uberO27
  P. unisulcatusPB29
  P. vavaosi (Reeve 1855)WBS-S15
  ‘Uber’ vitreus [=Lunatia vitrea]F27a
  P. (Polinices)W93
    |--*P. (P.) albus Montfort 1810BR17 [=Nerita albaW93, Natica albaH09]
    |--P. (P.) aurantius (Röding 1798)W93 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. (P.) ayresi Gabriel 1961W93
    `--P. (P.) mammilla (Linnaeus 1758)W93 (see below for synonymy)
  P. (Glossaulax Pilsbry 1929)W93
    |--P. (*G.) reclusianusW93
    |--P. (G.) didyma (Röding 1798)W93 [=Albula didymaH09; incl. P. ephebus Hedley 1915W93]
    `--P. (G.) incei (Philippi 1851)W93 [=Natica incei H09; incl. P. fibula Reeve 1855W93]
  P. (Polinella Beu & Maxwell 1990)BS00
    |--P. (*P.) finlayi (Marwick 1924) [=Uber finlayi]BS00
    |--P. (P.) ganae (Philippi 1887) (see below for synonymy)BS00
    |--‘Polinella’ lobataM49
    `--‘Polinella’ scalptaB70

Polinices intracrassus Finlay 1924 [=Uber intracrassus, Natica callosa Hutton 1873 nec Cristofori & Jan 1832 nec Sowerby 1840]F27b

Polinices (Polinella) ganae (Philippi 1887) [=Natica ganae; incl. N. araucana Philippi 1887, N. australis Orbigny 1842 non Bosc 1801, N. oliviformis Philippi 1887]BS00

Polinices (Polinices) aurantius (Röding 1798)W93 [=Albula aurantiumH09; incl. P. mellosum Hedley 1924W93, P. straminea Récluz 1844W93, P. sulphurea Récluz 1844W93]

Polinices (Polinices) mammilla (Linnaeus 1758)W93 [=Nerita mamilla H09; incl. P. albula Récluz 1851W93, P. cygnea Philippi 1852W93, Nerita mamilla var. lacteaR43, P. ponderosa Philippi 1852W93, P. pyriformis Récluz 1844W93, P. tumidus Swainson 1840W93]

‘Uber’ subsolida (d’Orb. 1852) [=Natica subsolida, N. solida Sowerby 1846 non Blainville 1825, N. darwini Hutton 1886]F27b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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