Diagnostic features of Pashokia yamadai, from Martens (1977).

Belongs within: Assamiidae.

The Polycoryphinae are a group of assamiid harvestmen found in southern Asia and central and eastern Africa. They are characterised by the presence of chitinous projections concealing the spiracles, and of a frontal spine on the anterior margin of the carapace (Santos & Prieto 2010).

Characters (from Santos & Prieto 2010): Anterior margin of carapace bearing frontal spine; spiracles concealed by chitinous projections; femur of pedipalp with short ventral teeth; distitarsus I two-segmented; metatarsus II undivided; tarsi III and IV with smooth claws.

    |--Villiersiella coxalisR59
    |--Polycoryphus Loman 1902SP10
    |    `--*P. asper Loman 1902S92
    |--Pykara Roewer 1929R35
    |    `--P. coxalis Roewer 1929R35
    |--Kodaika Roewer 1929R35
    |    `--K. escheri Roewer 1929R35
    |--Koyna Roewer 1915R35
    |    `--K. spinulata Roewer 1915R35
    |--Oppalnia Roewer 1927R35
    |    `--O. brevipes Roewer 1927R35
    |--Phalcochina Roewer 1927R35
    |    `--P. albistriata Roewer 1928R35
    |--Anaimalus Roewer 1929R35
    |    `--A. gibbulus Roewer 1929R35
    |--Panchganius Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--*P. blatteri Roewer 1935R35
    |--Mormuga Roewer 1927R35
    |    `--M. uncifrons Roewer 1927R35
    |--Mudumalus Roewer 1929R35
    |    `--M. partialis Roewer 1929R35
    |--Kavalaica Roewer 1927R35
    |    `--K. atroscutata Roewer 1927R35
    |--Maracandinus Roewer 1912SP10 [=Maracandus Pavesi 1895 non Simon 1879K85]
    |    `--*M. rubrofemoratus (Pavesi 1895) [=Maracandus (Assamia) rubrofemoratus]S92
    |--Harpenna Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--*H. denticulata Roewer 1935R35
    |--Gulufia Roewer 1935SP10
    |    `--*G. frontalis Roewer 1935S92
    |--Thomecola Roewer 1927SP10
    |    `--*T. quadrispina (Roewer 1927) [=Santhomea quadrispina]S92
    |--Palmanella Roewer 1927SP10
    |    `--*P. tigrina Roewer 1927S92
    |--Henriquea Roewer 1927SP10
    |    `--*H. spinigera Roewer 1927S92
    |--Santhomea Roewer 1927SP10
    |    `--*S. scabra Roewer 1927S92
    |--Bueana Roewer 1927SP10
    |    `--*B. ephippiata Roewer 1927S92
    |--Sonega Roewer 1935R35
    |    `--*S. scututa Roewer 1935R35
    |--Binderella Roewer 1935SP10 [incl. Tengelinia Roewer 1935S92]
    |    `--*B. bistriata Roewer 1935R35 [incl. *Tengelinia paradoxa Roewer 1935R35, S92]
    |--Parakodaika Goodnight & Goodnight 1944SP10
    |    `--*P. angolae Goodnight & Goodnight 1944S92
    |--Ayenea Santos & Prieto 2010SP10
    |    `--*A. trimaculata Santos & Prieto 2010SP10
    |--Montalenia Santos & Prieto 2010SP10
    |    `--*M. forficula Santos & Prieto 2010SP10
    |--Niefanga Santos & Prieto 2010SP10
    |    `--*N. spinosa Santos & Prieto 2010SP10
    |--Pulchrandrus Kauri 1985SP10
    |    `--*P. longimanus Kauri 1985S92
    |--Uviranus Kauri 1985SP10
    |    `--*U. echinops Kauri 1985S92
    |--Maracandellus Roewer 1923R35
    |    |--*M. rhinoceros (Thorell 1889) [=Maracandus rhinoceros]R35
    |    `--M. bidentatus Suzuki 1985SP10
    |--Senarba Roewer 1927R35
    |    |--*S. rudicoxa Roewer 1927KM20
    |    `--S. acanthicoxa Roewer 1927R35
    |--Maracandus Simon 1879R35
    |    |--*M. macei Simon 1879KM20
    |    `--M. monhoti Simon 1879R35
    |    |--P. fuscus Suzuki 1976S82
    |    `--P. sexdentatus Suzuki 1985SP10
    |--Procoryphus Roewer 1950SP10
    |    |--*P. multispinatus Roewer 1950S92
    |    `--P. straeleni Roewer 1952S92
    `--Pashokia Roewer 1927R35
         |--P. laeviscutum Roewer 1927R35
         |--P. maxima Martens 1977M77
         |--P. mutatrix Martens 1977M77
         |--P. silhavyi Martens 1977M77
         `--P. yamadai Suzuki 1970M77
Nomen nudum: Bueana quadridentata Prieto 1999SP10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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