Subterranean millipedes Stygiochiropus, from The Telegraph.

Belongs within: Eugnatha.
Contains: Rhachodesmidae, Pyrgodesmidae, Polydesmoidea, Xystodesmoidea, Platyrhacidae, Catharosoma, Australiosomatini, Antichiropus.

The Polydesmida, flat-backed millipedes, are a diverse group of millipedes commonly bearing distinct lateral keels on the body segments. These keels are directed nearly ventrally in members of the family Sphaeriodesmidae, which are capable of volvation (rolling into a ball); in members of the remaining, non-volvating families they are directed more horizontally (Hoffman 1990).

Characters (from Hoffman 1990): Body of adults with 18 to 20 segments, the segmental sclerites fused into a single solid ring usually without trace of sutures. Ocelli absent. Gonopores formed from anterior leg-pair of seventh segment.

<==Polydesmida [Merocheta, Proterospermophora]
    |    |--PyrgodesmidaeH90
    |    |--Macrosternodesmidae [Nearctodesmidae, Trichopolydesmoidea]H90
    |    |    |  i. s.: ‘Polydesmus’ cavicolus Packard 1877S10
    |    |    |--Ergodesmus remingtoniH90
    |    |    |--Ophiodesmus albonanusH90
    |    |    |--OodedesmusH90
    |    |    |--PhreatodesmusH90
    |    |    |--HarpagonopusH90
    |    |    |--TidesmusH90
    |    |    |--NearctodesmusH90
    |    |    `--KepolydesmusH90
    |    `--PolydesmoideaH90
    |    |--XystodesmoideaH90
    |    |--PlatyrhacidaeH90
    |    `--Sphaeriodesmidae [Cyclodesmidae, Desmonidae, Sphaeriodesminae, Sphaerodesmoidea]H90
    |         |--Colobodesmus triramus Kraus 1954K54
    |         |--DesmonusH90
    |         |--DesmoniellaH90
    |         `--SphaeriodesmusK54
    |              |--S. angustatusK54
    |              |--S. bukowinus Chamberlin 1952K54
    |              |--S. digitatusK54
    |              |--S. longiramus Kraus 1954K54
    |              `--S. nodulosus Kraus 1954K54
    `--Paradoxosomatide [Paradoxosomatidea, Strongylosomatidea, Strongylosomidae]H90
         |  i. s.: CatharosomaK55
         |         Oxidus gracilis (Koch 1847)CWH13 (see below for synonymy)
         |         Orthomorpha coarctata (Saussure 1860)K55, K54 [=Polydesmus coarctatusK54, Asiomorpha coarctataJG19]
         |           |--O. c. coarctataA27
         |           `--O. c. gigas Attems 1927A27
         |         Chondrodesmus Silvestri 1897K54
         |           |--C. acuticollis Attems 1931K54
         |           |--C. alidensK54
         |           |--C. montanus (Pocock 1909) [=Dirhabdophallus montanus]K54
         |           |--C. orientalis Kraus 1954K54
         |           `--C. panamenusK54
         |         HabrodesmusK55
         |           |--H. acollae Kraus 1955K55
         |           |--H. (Titschackia) andinus (Verhoeff 1941) [=Titschackia andina]K55
         |           |--H. llaguenicus Kraus 1954K55
         |           |    |--H. l. llaguenicusK55
         |           |    `--H. l. taulisensis Kraus 1955K55
         |           |--H. semirugosus (Pocock 1888)K54
         |           `--H. uncinatus Kraus 1954K54
         |         Solaenodolichopus Verhoeff 1924 [=Solänodolichopus]CH14
         |           |--S. pruvoti (BRolemann 1931)CWH13
         |           |--S. teres (Verhoeff 1924) [=Antichiropus (Solaenodolichopus) teres]CH14
         |           `--S. vittatus (Verhoeff 1924) [=Antichiropus (Solaenodolichopus) vittatus]CH14
         |                |--S. v. vittatusCH14
         |                `--S. v. dorsalis (Verhoeff 1924) [=Antichiropus (Solaenodolichopus) vittatus dorsalis]CH14
         |         Haplochiropus Attems 1944CH14
         |           `--*H. pustulosus (Attems 1944) [=Antichiropus (*Haplochiropus) pustulosus]CH14
         |         Akamptogonus novarae (Humbert & de Saussure 1869)CWH13
         |         HylomusLH62
         |         CentrodesmusLH62
         |         PratinusLH62
         |    |--Onciurosoma Silvestri 1932S32
         |    |    |--*O. neotropicum Silvestri 1932S32
         |    |    `--O. acisternum Silvestri 1932S32
         |    `--StrongylosomaB13
         |         |--S. innotatum (Karsch 1881) [=Polydesmus (Strongylosoma) innotatum]B13
         |         |--S. novarrae (von Humboldt & Sauss. 1869) [=Polydesmus (Strongylosoma) novarrae]B13
         |         |--S. rubripes (Koch 1867) [=Polydesmus (Strongylosoma) rubripes]B13
         |         |--S. sagittarium (Karsch 1881) [=Polydesmus (Strongylosoma) sagittarium]B13
         |         `--S. semoni Attems 1898B13
              |  i. s.: Mjoebergodesmus Verhoeff 1924CH13
              |         Hoplatessara Verhoeff 1928CH13
              |         Dicladosomella Jeekel 1982CH13
              |         Oncocladosoma Jeekel 1985CH13
              |         Somethus Chamberlin 1920CH13
                   |--Helicopodosoma Verhoeff 1924CWH13
                   |--Notodesmus Chamberlin 1920CWH13
                   `--Stygiochiropus Humphreys & Shear 1993CWH13
                        `--S. communisHH95
Polydesmida incertae sedis:
    |--Tridontomus Loomis & Hoffman 1962LH62
    |    `--*T. procerus Loomis & Hoffman 1962LH62
    `--Aenigmopus Loomis & Hoffman 1962LH62
         `--*A. alatus Loomis & Hoffman 1962LH62
  Eustrongylosoma Silvestri 1896B13
    |--*E. fasciatum (Silvestri 1894) [=Strongylosoma fasciatum]B13
    `--E. transversefasciatum Silvestri 1897B13
  Docodesmus [Chytodesmidae]RB93
    `--D. brodzinskyi Shear 1981RB93

Oxidus gracilis (Koch 1847)CWH13 [=Fontaria gracilisK55, Orthomorpha (Kalomorpha) gracilisS96, K55, Paradesmus gracilisS96]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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