Flat-backed millipede Polydesmus angustus, copyright Charles J. Sharp.

Belongs within: Polydesmida.

The Polydesmoidea are a group of polydesmidan millipedes characterised by a moderately sized, transverse-ovoid gonopod aperture and subquadrate, laterally enlarged gonocoxae.

<==Polydesmoidea H90
    |--Prosopodesmus [Haplodesmidae] H90
    |    `--P. jacobsoni H90
    `--Polydesmidae MG00
         |--Serradium semiaquaticum Enghoff et al. 1998 AGM03
         |--Scytonotus H90
         |--Pseudopolydesmus branneri H90
         |--Bidentogon H90
         |--Speodesmus H90
         |--Utadesmus H90
         |--Uniramidesmus Golovatch 1979MG00
         |    `--U. perplexus Mikhaljova 1984 MG00
         |--Schizoturanius Verhoeff 1931MG00
         |    |--S. clavatipes (Stuxberg 1876) [=Polydesmus clavatipes] MG00
         |    |--S. dmitriewi (Timotheew 1897) MG00
         |    |--S. salairicus (Gulička 1963) [=Turanodesmus salairicus] MG00
         |    `--S. tabescens (Stuxberg 1876) [=Polydesmus tabescens] MG00
         |--Polydesmus Latreille 1802 L02
         |    |--*P. complanatus [=Julus complanatus] L02
         |    |--P. angustus Latzel 1884 TKM93
         |    |--P. barberii Latzel 1889 L89
         |    |--P. coriaceus GD00
         |    |--P. denticulatus KAA-W00
         |    `--P. troglobius Latzel 1889 L89
         |--Pandirodesmus Silvestri 1932 [Pandirodesminae] S32
         |    `--*P. disparipes Silvestri 1932 S32
         `--Trachelodesmus [Trachelodesminae] S32

*Type species of generic name indicated


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