Unixenus corticolus, from Short & Huynh (2011).

Belongs within: Diplopoda.

The Polyxenoidea are a group of pincushion millipedes with thirteen (rarely eleven) pairs of legs, and small or no lateral expansions on the palp of the gnathochilarium. Members of the family Lophoproctidae are commonly eyeless and unpigmented, with increased numbers of sensilla on the enlarged apical segment of the antenna (Condé & Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin 2008).

| i. s.: Alloproctoides dawydoffi (Attems 1938)CND-J08
| |--Trichoproctus Silvestri 1899CND-J08
| |--Ancistroxenus Schubart 1947CND-J08
| |--LophoproctusCND-J08
| | |--L. jeanneli (Brölemann 1910)CND-J08
| | `--L. pagesi Condé 1981CND-J08
| `--Lophoturus Brolemann 1931 (see below for synonymy)CS13
| |--*L. obscurus (Brolemann 1931) [=Lophoproctus (*Lophoturus) obscurus]CS13
| `--L. madecassus (Marquet & Condé 1950) [=Alloproctus madecassus]CS13
| i. s.: SchindalmontusP92
|--Hypogexenus Silvestri 1903 [Hypogexenidae, Hypogexeninae]CND-J08
| `--*H. pusillus Silvestri 1903CND-J08
| |--Propolyxenus Silvestri 1948CND-J08
| |--Typhloxenus Condé 1954CND-J08
| `--Polyxenus Latreille 1802CND-J08, L02 [=PollyxenusCND-J08]
| |--*P. lagurus (Linnaeus 1758)L02, L58 [=Scolopendra laguraL02]
| |--P. albus Pocock 1894CND-J08
| |--P. conformis Koch & Berendt 1854RB93
| `--P. fasciculatusRS10
| |--Macroxenus Brolemann 1917CND-J08
| | `--*M. rubromarginatus (Lucas 1946)CND-J08
| |--Chilexenus Silvestri 1948CND-J08
| | `--*C. rosendinus (Silvestri 1903)CND-J08
| |--Macroxenodes Silvestri 1948CND-J08
| | |--*M. meinerti (Silvestri 1898)CND-J08
| | `--M. bartschi (Chamberlin 1922)CND-J08
| `--Afraustraloxenodes Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin 2003CND-J08
| |--*A. namibiensis Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin 2003CND-J08
| `--A. hulleyi Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin 2003CND-J08
|--Monographis Attems 1907CND-J08
| `--M. pauliani Condé & Jacquemin 1962CND-J08
| |--M. mootyi Condé 1951CND-J08
| `--M. schubarti Jacquemin & Condé 1964CND-J08
`--Unixenus Jones 1944CND-J08, CS13 [=Monoxenus Jones 1937 non Kolbe 1893CS13]
|--*U. padmanabhii (Jones 1937) [=*Monoxenus padmanabhii]CS13
|--U. attemsi Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin & Condé 1967CS13
|--U. barrabaensis Short & Huynh 2013CS13
|--U. broelemanni (Condé & Jacquemin 1962)CND-J08
|--U. carnarnovnensis Short & Huynh 2013CS13
|--U. corringlensis Short & Huynh 2013CS13
|--U. corticolus Short & Huynh 2011CS13
|--U. karajinensis Short & Huynh 2011CS13
|--U. mjoebergi (Verhoeff 1924) [=Monographis mjoebergi]CS13
`--U. myallensis Short & Huynh 2013CS13

Lophoturus Brolemann 1931 [incl. Alloproctinus Jeekel 1963, Alloproctus Silvestri 1948 non Bergroth 1924, Oroxenus Chamberlin 1955]CS13

*Type species of generic name indicated


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