Euzoniella cuneifolia, from Hooker (1844).

Belongs within: Rhodomelaceae.

The Polyzonieae are red algae with a bilaterally branching thallus bearing trichoblasts only on the determinate laterals (Womersley 2003).

Characters (from Womersley 2003): Thallus partly or largely prostrate, or erect, with indeterminate axes bearing determinate laterals in a regular pattern, these laterals often foliose and jungermanniaceous. Indeterminate apices dorsiventrally organised, with a large, usually curved, apical cell, with 6 (or 7) pericentral cells; ecorticate or becoming corticated below; determinate laterals with three pericentrals, occasionally absent. Determinate laterals arise exogenously, usually from alternate segments of the axes and in two slightly displaced ranks, may be simple, branched, or foliose. Lateral indeterminate axes arise endogenously and subapically, at regular intervals or not. Trichoblasts absent or present on determinate laterals. Attachment by rhizoids (usually paired, not cut off parent cells, and with digitate haptera) or by fibrous holdfasts. Procarps borne on basal cells of trichoblasts or directly on determinate laterals; carposporophytes with terminal carposporangia; cystocarps on determinate laterals, ovoid, pericarp ecorticate or corticate. Spermatangial organs spoon-shaped or tri-radiate, developed from determinate laterals, with marginal sterile cells to flanges. Tetrasporangia occuring in indeterminate axes or in special lateral indeterminate branches, cut off from lateral pericentral cells, relatively large, with three cover cells which divide to form corticating layer over tetrasporangia.

    |--Leveillea Decaisne 1839W03, HL09
    |    `--L. jungermannioides (Hering & Martens) Harvey 1855 (see below for synonymy)HL09
    |--Cliftonaea (Harvey) Harvey 1863 [=Cliftonia Harvey 1859 (preoc.)]W03
    |    `--*C. pectinata Harvey 1859W03
    |--Echinosporangium Kylin 1956W03
    |    `--*E. semipennatum (Lamouroux) Kylin 1956 (see below for synonymy)W03
    |--Polyzonia Suhr 1834W03
    |    `--P. elegansW03
    |--Dasyclonium Agardh 1894W03
    |    |--*D. incisum (Agardh) Kylin 1956 (see below for synonymy)W03
    |    |--D. flaccidum (Harvey) Kylin 1956 (see below for synonymy)W03
    |    `--D. harveyanum (Decaisne) Kylin 1956 (see below for synonymy)W03
         |--E. adiantiformis (Desne) Falkenberg 1901 [=Polyzonia adiantiformis]L27
         |--E. bipartita (Hooker & Harvey) Falkenberg 1901 [=Polyzonia bipartita]L27
         |--E. cuneifolia (Montagne) Falkenberg 1901 [=Polyzonia cuneifolia]L27
         |--E. flabellifera (Agardh) Laing 1909 [=Polyzonia flabellifera]L27
         `--E. ovalifolia (Hooker & Harvey) Falkenberg 1901 [=Polyzonia ovalifolia]L27

Dasyclonium flaccidum (Harvey) Kylin 1956 [=Polyzonia flaccida Harvey 1855, Euzoniella flaccida (Harvey) Falkenberg 1901; incl. Dasya archeri Harvey 1859, Heterosiphonia archeri (Harvey) de Toni 1903]W03

Dasyclonium harveyanum (Decaisne) Kylin 1956 [=Polyzonia harveyana Decaisne ex Harvey 1849, Euzoniella harveyana (Decaisne) Falkenberg 1901, P. incisa var. harveyana (Decaisne) Agardh 1863]W03

*Dasyclonium incisum (Agardh) Kylin 1956 [=Polyzonia incisa Agardh 1841, Euzoniella incisa (Agardh) Falkenberg 1901; incl. Dasyclonium acicarpum Agardh 1894, Polyzonia australis Lenormand ex Kützing 1865, Polyzonia colensoi Hooker & Harvey ex Harvey 1849, Polyzonia elegans var. incisa Kützing 1849, Polysiphonia inversa Sonder 1845, Polysiphonia pecten Areschoug 1854, Polyzonia incisa var. sonderi Agardh 1863, Polyzonia sonderi Harvey 1849]W03

*Echinosporangium semipennatum (Lamouroux) Kylin 1956 [=Amansia semipennata Lamouroux ex Poiret 1810, Cliftonaea semipennata (Lamouroux) Agardh 1863; incl. Cliftonaea imbricata Agardh 1855, Cliftonia lamourouxii Harvey 1859, Cliftonaea lamourouxii]W03

Leveillea jungermannioides (Hering & Martens) Harvey 1855 [=Amansia jungermannioides Hering & Martens in Martens & Hering 1836]HL09

*Type species of generic name indicated


[HL09] Huisman, J. M., F. Leliaert, H. Veerbruggen & R. A. Townsend. 2009. Marine benthic plants of Western Australia’s shelf-edge atolls. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 77: 50–87.

[L27] Laing, R. M. 1927. A reference list of New Zealand marine algae. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 126–185.

[W03] Womersley, H. B. S. 2003. The Marine Benthic Flora of southern Australia. Rhodophytapart IIID. CeramialesDelesseriaceae, Sarcomeniaceae, Rhodomelaceae. Flora of Australia Supplementary Series 18. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra, and the State Herbarium of South Australia: Adelaide.

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