Sapphire damsel Pomacentrus pavo, copyright Scott Mills.

Belongs within: Chrysiptera.

Pomacentrus is an Indo-West Pacific genus of damselfishes with a serrate preopercle and biserial teeth at the front of the jaws (Allen 1975).

Characters (from Allen 1975): Greatest body depth 1.7–2.6 in SL; margin of suborbital usually serrate, occasionally entire; margin of preopercle usually with distinct serrae, occasionally weak; usually a prominent notch between preorbital and suborbital, occasionally much reduced; dorsal spines XIII to XIV; preorbital usually naked, rarely scaled; suborbital usually naked, rarely scaled posteriorly; teeth biserial anteriorly; snout scaled to about level of nostrils or beyond.

<==Pomacentrus Lacépède 1802AE09 [incl. Brachypomacentrus Bleeker 1877M28, Parapomacentrus Bleeker 1877S60]
    |--P. brachialis Cuvier 1830TMH04, A01
    `--+--P. vaiuli Jordan & Seale 1906TMH04, MM09
       `--+--+--P. moluccensis Bleeker 1853TMH04, M58 (see below for synonymy)
          |  `--+--P. bankanensis Bleeker 1853TMH04, S60 [incl. P. delurus Jordan & Seale 1905A75, P. dorsalis Gill 1859A75]
          |     `--P. chrysurus Cuvier & Valenciennes 1830TMH04, M28
          `--+--P. auriventris Allen 1991TMH04, MM09
             `--P. (Pomacentrus)A75
                  |--*P. (P.) pavo (Bloch 1878)AE09, A01 (see below for synonymy)
                  |--P. (P.) australis Allen & Robertson 1973A75
                  `--P. (P.) coelestis Jordan & Starks 1901TMH04, S60
Pomacentrus incertae sedis:
  P. adelus Allen 1991MM09
  P. albicaudatus Baschieri-Salvadori 1955S60
  P. albimaculus Allen 1975A01
  P. albolineatus Montalban 1928M28
  P. alexanderae Evermann & Seale 1907 [=P. nigromanus Weber 1913]A75
  P. alleni Burgess 1981A01
  P. amboinensis Bleeker 1868M58
  P. armillatus Allen 1993A01
  P. azuremaculatus Allen 1991A01
  P. bintanensis Allen 1999A01
  P. burroughi Fowler 1918 [incl. P. cranei Herre 1935]A75
  P. caeruleoluteus Lienard 1836S60
  P. caeruleus Q & G 1824S60
  P. colini Allen 1991A01
  P. cuneatus Allen 1991A01
  P. elongatus Seale 1909M28
  P. emarginatus Cuvier 1830A01
  P. fakfakensis Allen & Erdmann 2009AE09
  P. flavicauda Whitley 1928A75
  P. geminospilus Allen 1993A01
  P. grammorhynchus Fowler 1918M28
  P. imitator (Whitley 1964)A01 [=Pseudopomacentrus imitatorA75]
  P. insolitus Whitley 1928M58
  P. javanicus Allen 1991A01
  P. komodoensis Allen 1999A01
  P. limosus Allen 1992A01
  P. luteobrunneus Smith 1960S60
  P. madagascariensis Sauvage 1882S60
  P. melanochir Bleeker 1877S60
  P. milleri Taylor 1964A01
  P. nagasakiensis Tanaka 1917A01
  P. nigromarginatus Allen 1973MM09
  P. ovoides Cartier 1873M28
  P. partitusB96
  P. philippinus Jordan & Seale 1907A75 [incl. Po. sufflavus Whitley 1927A75, Pseudopomacentrus sufflavusM58]
  P. polyspinus Allen 1991A01
  P. popei Evermann & Seale 1907M28
  P. pulcherrimus Smith 1960S62
  P. rectifraenum Gill 1862M58
  P. saksonoi Allen 1995A01
  P. semifasciatus Günther 1881M58
  P. similis Allen 1991A01
  P. simsiang Bleeker 1856A01
  P. stigma Fowler & Bean 1928A01
  P. sulfureus Klunzinger 1871 (see below for synonymy)S60
  P. tablasensis Montalban 1928M28
  P. taeniometopon Bleeker 1852A01
  P. trichourus Gunther 1866 [incl. P. trichopterus Playfair in Sauvage 1891]S60
  P. ‘trimaculatus’ Cuvier & Valenciennes 1830 non Rüppell 1828 [=Dichistodus trimaculatus]M28
  P. tripunctatus Cuvier 1830A01 (see below for synonymy)
  P. wardi Whitley 1927AE09, M58
  P. xanthosternus Allen 1991A01
  P. (Lepidopomacentrus Allen 1975)A75
    `--P. (*L.) lepidogenys Fowler & Bean 1928A75
  P. (Pseudopomacentrus Bleeker 1877)A75, M28
    |--P. (*P.) littoralis Cuvier 1830A75, A01
    |--P. (P.) melanopterus Bleeker 1852M58, S60 [incl. Pseudopomacentrus rainfordi Whitley 1935A75]
    |--P. (P.) opisthostigma Fowler 1918A75, M28
    |--P. (P.) reidi Fowler & Bean 1928A75, A01
    `--P. (P.) smithi Fowler & Bean 1928A75, A01

Pomacentrus moluccensis Bleeker 1853TMH04, M58 [=P. (Pseudopomacentrus) moluccensisM58; incl. P. hebardi Fowler 1918M28, P. tropicus Seale 1909A75]

Pomacentrus sulfureus Klunzinger 1871 [incl. P. grandidieri Steindachner 1892, P. pikei Bliss 1883, P. scintillans Smith 1955]S60

Pomacentrus tripunctatus Cuvier 1830A01 [incl. Po. agassizi Bliss 1883S60, Po. biocellatus Ruppell 1835S60, Po. dimidiatus Duncker & Mohr 1931M58, Po. katunko Bleeker 1862M28, Po. macleayi Whitley 1928A74, Pseudopomacentrus wardi macleayiA74, Po. obscurus Alleyne & Macleay 1877 non Thiollière 1857A75, Po. punctatolineatus Cartier 1873M28, Po. (Pseudopomacentrus) trilineatus Cuvier & Valenciennes 1830M58, S60, Po. vanicolensis Cuvier 1830A75]

*Pomacentrus (Pomacentrus) pavo (Bloch 1878)AE09, A01 [=Chaetodon pavoS60; incl. Po. furcatus Thiollière 1857M58, Po. notatus DeVis 1884M58, Po. polynemaA75, *Parapomacentrus polynemaA75]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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